…with the Littles at the pool. Be back next week!

Sorry about the light posting schedule.  We’re on vacation with 10 grandLittles right now. (my Mother-in-Law is a brave, brave woman!)  I had hoped to be able to post a little bit more while we were away (seeing as how I got a little behind the week before we left…) but as luck would have it, where we are staying does not have wireless internet access…

Soooooo…..bare with the absence, please accept my apologies….I’ll be back next week and I’ve definitely got some fun stuff to show you!

Hubs and I are getting a little Staycation time on our own at the end of this week and I can’t wait to share the hotel with you!!

Then Erica and I were finally able to get the wrap up photos done for Getting Mama’s Groove Back. I still have a ways to go, but I’m feeling over the moon with the progress so far! I’ll get those posted next week as well.

Until then, here’s a little tip for ya. When you go on vacation with A LOT of little Littles, pack lots of entertainment and distraction! But that does not mean you need to brake the bank. I loaded up on a ton of different things. One hit was hearts & stars shaped post-it notes. We gave a stack to each Little and told them they could stick them on any wall, anywhere in the condo they wanted.

Post-its can’t hurt the condo walls.

There is no ink, paint, pens, glue, or glitter. Nothing but paper to clean up.

And it will entertain them for at least 20 minutes, if not more……which will let you eat dinner.

I brought a bag of goodies, but nothing super complicated….just new and different, which makes it exciting!  For me, both Michaels and Target tend to be pretty successful places to find cheap treats.

I’m back to the pool now….gotta check on Hubs and the Littles….Happy start of Summer everyone!  See ya next week!!

2 thoughts on “…with the Littles at the pool. Be back next week!”

  1. ooohh..I love the heart post it notes! Super cute idea! They can even stick them on the car windows! Unlike the stickers that won’t come off my CAR windows:(

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