{me time} favorite planner 50% off, yippee!

Ohhhhhh, now isn’t this fun!! I just received this little update that there is a 50% OFF Flash Sale at momAgenda.com until 10/16 ONLY!

Remember when I talked about momAgenda Here? Well what’s better than getting a few dollars off while Mom gets herself organized?  Ummm, NOTHING! (OK, maybe a few things, but it’s STILL a great perk!!) And it looks like they have the Mini Planner on the Sale for  $20.40 (from $41!!!).

Happy Weekend Everyone!

2 thoughts on “{me time} favorite planner 50% off, yippee!”

  1. Shanna, I was sooo excited to buy one of their products at 50%, I went to check out, and discovered that the item I was buying was just as much as the shipping provided. Needless to say, I emptied my cart. :-(

  2. I had no idea!!! That makes me so mad when shipping is way too expensive! I pretty much wont spend more than $5 on shipping. That really is a let down. I’m sorry. Did you try googling for a free shipping promo code? I try that too when shipping is ridiculous and usually have good luck with retailmenot.com

    Sorry for the let down. I wouldn’t have bought it with high shipping either. :-(

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