{me time} stolen minutes with house beautiful

Have any of you been having one of those months….you know the ones that still feel like you are at the first day of the next month, when in fact your a WHOLE WEEK IN? And to top it off you feel like you’re feet are walking through mud and getting heavier every time you try to take a new step?

Yeah, I don’t know what I’m talking about either. Never happens to me……I look at the 10 things on my To Do list and sometimes wonder how it will all happen…


Well, I did manage to throw my arms in the air yesterday as ALL OF MY CHILDREN took their naps TOGETHER. (And considering we’ve had way too many nights of interrupted sleep it was a welcome blessing!) So no, I did not wake my children up when they started to sleep past their regular time. I let em sleep. Chalked it up to a time change jet-lag, and convinced myself they all needed it.

And then I made a nice hot cup of coffee and opened my House Beautiful (that may have arrived weeks ago and I was just now sitting down to it…).

I had seen a hint of the cover on Habitually Chic. Do you all follow that blog? My Latte Fairy friend told me about it, and once again, how right she was! Seriously, Heather Lawson (the blog’s writer) is Chic beyond words. I’m loving this “Timeless” post on Paul Newman.

Even though it’s an ad, it still inspires me. While I do not love the Restoration Hardware current furniture lead times and overall in store customer service right now, I do love what their selling, and their customer service on a piece you’ve purchased? AMAZING! Would love a line up of bar stools just like this. Industrial, but functional.

Nothing over the top about this photo, except it looks like a welcoming front door. Love the black with the white painted brick. I picture a nice family living behind it.

Great mix of pieces in this room. From modern to traditional, to down right feels like a comfortable room.

Love the collection of different things that all unify in a welcoming way. Very warm, yet open and inviting.

Now see?? There’s that industrial bar stool look again, and this time in my current favorite color (gray) kitchen! Although I still like the bar stools with the backs from RH. My mommy back would kill me on these sadly.

I WISH my messy office would look this cute messy! Mine instead just looks…well…messy.

Love the single monogram for each person. The trouble with me and Hubs is the sides of the beds we sleep on + our initials, we would have an “S” and an “M”….don’t think so. I might be better off doing a 2 or 3 letter monogram.  But I like the idea!

How about you? What favorite magazines have you stolen a few moments with lately?  Even though it takes me days or weeks to get to it, I truly love my subscription to House Beautiful! It’s a welcome friend each time I see a new one in our mailbox :-)

3 thoughts on “{me time} stolen minutes with house beautiful”

  1. Love House Beautiful…AND I do cartwheels when Coastal Living arrives. I have archives of both going years back. When I need decor or recipe inspiration I peel through them. I recently found my 3.5 year old daughter on the couch with a stack of magazines, carefully paging through each one intently. Like mother like daughter. Cheers!

  2. I still lament the loss of my favorite all time magazine, Domino. Lonny (online magazine by some if Dominos editors) has gotten me thru. If you want to read about women who are amazing and feel awesome about being a girl, read Bust.

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