{OC Local Love} Join me Saturday! Playhouse fun!

How many of you have kids or grandkids?

How many of your kids or grandkids like to dress up and pretend to be princesses, pirates, cowboys…or basically anything under the moon??

How many of them like to pretend they are you and play in “their house”.

Yeah, mine too.

Have you ever visited the AMAZING playhouses from Project Playhouse?? Seriously check these out,  I’ll wait for ya below the photos…..

(Photo Source: Project Playhouse, 2010 Houses)

What did I tell you? Incredible huh??!

I’ve been visiting them in Fashion Island for years now, and most recently at their new display location in Edwards Court in Irvine Spectrum.

Let me tell you, the design of these little homes is beyond awe inspiring! I would move in to most of them!!

This year Project Playhouse will be displaying:





Can you stand it!?!?

OK here’s the thing though, while the playhouses will be on display through November 11, there is only ONE DAY that you can actually go inside them, THIS SATURDAY, OCTOBER 8th. On this special OPEN HOUSE day, along with playing INSIDE the playhouses, visitors will also receive goody bags, samples from Rubio’s, and enjoy the fun of face painters and balloon twisters!

Tickets are $10, children 3 and under are free.

Not to worry, if you can’t make it Saturday, the playhouse village will be on display and available to tour on Fridays 12-4, & Saturdays & Sundays 12-6 through November 11. Tickets for these dates are $2, children 3 and under are free.

To me this is a PERFECT weekend activity with the kiddos, and since I’m flying solo with mine on Saturday, it quickly became the FAVORITE activity for us! (And yes, I’m taking the girls ~ they are 3 & under after all!)

Check out the Project Playhouse for more information on HomeAid OC ~ the nonprofit organization benefiting homeless families in Southern California. You will also find more event info ~ dates, times, ticket prices…oh, and this AWESOME raffle prize of an EXTREME MAKEOVER for your KITCHEN. As well as info on the auction for the playhouses and 20th Anniversary Celebration.

{Psssss….if you can’t make it to the auction, pre-bidding for the playhouses will be hosted at www.FRE.com/HomeAid beginning on October 7 at 5 pm through November 11 at 12 noon….can you imagine THAT Holiday gift for your kids!?!?}

Want to know more about these incredible and over the top little houses, see below (heavy reading, but such amazing details)…Addie is most excited about the rainbow house!

“Dedicated home builders throughout Orange County have donated their talents and resources to construct these imaginative playhouses with working electrical systems, flat screen televisions, and state-of-the-art video game systems. The 2011Project Playhouse® Village will include:”

Little Diamond Head by Nicholson Companies Aloha!  Step into the style of Hawaii and let stories of wind, waves and adventure inspire the spirit of your Keiki (child).  Bright and beachy within, your keiki is sure to be entertained with images of the surf and sand. Complete with an accompanying deck to enjoy lazy days hangin’ in the hammock and Tiki torches to excite the night.   Features include:  Disappearing Walls of Pocketing Glass Doors, Hardwood Flooring, Beamed Ceiling, Built-In Entertainment Wall, Flat Screen TV, DVD Player, Grass Cloth Covered Walls, Black Walnut Hanging lamp, Custom Designer Furnishings, and Removable Exterior Decking.

Tradepartners® Tribute in honor of Chuck Dreyer by Shea Homes Get a little taste of Italy with this lovely Tuscan style playhouse built by Shea Homes in partnership with Tradepartners. The playhouse is a tribute to Chuck Dryer who was our auctioneer for many years and passed away in December 2010. Let your kids curl up next to a warm stone fireplace with a mug of hot cocoa in hand. The little home also has a porch where children can play games or just sit and relax.  Features include: open beam ceilings, wood floors, granite countertops, and a tile roof.

Over the Rainbow Cottage by Team HomeAid Captivate yourself in the Land of Oz from the outside in with this magical playhouse inspired by the famous farmhouse that fell on the Wicked Witch of the East.  Designed and crafted to be a comfortable retreat for your friends made out of tin, straw or fur, this playhouse features a loft, table and chairs, custom window seat, hand painted mural, window treatments, games, books and costumes so everyone can play out their favorite fantasy.  The exterior siding is reclaimed barn wood from the Midwest, perhaps even Kansas, with three porches and a rooster weathervane.

Sir Lyon’s Castle by William Lyon Homes Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there was a mighty fortress big enough to protect and shelter an entire kingdom…. Inspired by the castle lore of yester year, William Lyon Homes, Inc. has designed a playhouse that will captivate children and adults with the essence of royalty. Every little detail embraces the stately atmosphere within. It’s the ultimate space for your budding knights and princesses. Features include: elegant counter tops, a working sink with an attractive rustic faucet, dynamic wood beam ceilings, enchanting light fixtures and charming custom crafted woodwork and cabinetry. A Flat screen TV with DVD and an indoor/outdoor speaker system provide hours of entertainment, while the majestic thrones and electric fireplace invite the young royals to unwind.   William Lyon Homes is proud to be participating in its 20th Annual Project Playhouse.

{Disclosure: The little punks and I will be playing at the playhouse village this Saturday, but we would have gone whether I wrote the story or not…I’m still flying solo, and I truly LOVE these little homes!!  Come play with us!}

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  1. Very cute playhouse.. How I wish I’ll be back to being a child and play with it.. Kids nowadays are so lucky for having such amazing toys..

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