{oc local love} little stylings for your little punks

What I want to know is if there are any moms out there like me….

…..lots of little kids, quickly growing through clothes, budding fashionistas, slim budget….

Do I see a few hands?

WHOA…that’s a lot of hands!

So then you can see why a sweet find like Little Stylings makes my heart go pitter-patter! A few days ago I mentioned a little treasure of stores, better known as The Cove….and at the end of that post I promised a little more info on a new favorite.

That new little favorite is Little Stylings.

“Little Stylings is a high-end consignment shop specializing in children’s clothing and maternity.  Founded by Melinda Hovee-Harlan, a budget-friendly and environmentally conscious mother of two girls, Little Styling’s philosophy is simple – Reduce. Reuse. Rewear.”

When asked why Melinda started Little Stylings:

“As a mother of two girls, I have become, like many moms today, an increasingly budget minded and environmentally conscious consumer. I imagined that others shared my love for quality, designer clothing but didn’t want to shop (and pay for) retail. So, Little Stylings became my idea for moms to be economical, fashionable, and live a little lighter on the planet.”

I love the thought of “living a little lighter on the planet” and also on the pocket book.  I think you can walk into consignment stores at times and be overwhelmed at all the stuff you need to sort through, but walking into Little Stylings is like walking into a specialized boutique store. Having someone like Melinda to help “style” your child’s wardrobe just makes the whole expereince iceing on the cake!

But there’s another part we have not even touched on.

Yes, the store is darling.

Yes, the brands they sell are awesome {i.e. Lily Pultizer, Ralph Lauren, Neige, Kingsley, Volcom, Flowers by Zoe, Pink Chicken, Crewcuts, Volcom, Splendid baby, Petit Bateau baby, Neige dresses, Quiksilver hoodies, Kinglsey tee’s, Catimini skirts & tops}.

Yes, the fashion and styling is fantastic.

Yes, customers of Little Stylings are helping to reduce, reuse, & rewear.

But did you pick up on the part that this is a consignment store???  So people like me (and you) with (VERY) quickly growing kids can do a little one stop shoping by selling our kids cute things, and picking up a few fun pieces to go forward with. That’s just a win-win for everyone!

So do a quick looksie at your kids clothes, fold a few things neatly in a bag, and stop by Little Stylings. You don’t need an appointment to drop off anything, and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you find!

Little Stylings:
410 W. Coast Hwy. Suite D
Newport Beach, CA
Facebook ~ Little Stylings

{Disclosure: Got nothing. Little Stylings does not know me, I just think the shop is darling and offers much to Orange County moms with Little Punks. Over and out.}

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