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Now before you close this post because I’m writing it BEFORE Thanksgiving, hear me out.

Thanksgiving is this week, but can anyone tell me when December is??

Let me give you a hint, it’s exactly 1 week after Thanksgiving.  Which means the holidays are in FULL FORCE. This week I saw people all over our neighborhood getting their holiday lights out.

Before we had our little punks, I felt like we could casually roll into these things more easily, but now?? No, NOW life just hits ya from the left, then the right, and then the left again.  There are so many things on the “To Do” list, that being able to delegate one out  kind of feels nice.

We (read = Hubs) have always put up our own Holiday lights.  He pretty much has it down to a science. But this year, having someone else install them was just.so.nice. I can’t show you our own house, but the lights are quite similar to these other homes from the Lights on OC site, except single story, and I love them!!

I prefer our exterior holiday lights classic and white (though we may add a colorful “gum drop” tree). In the past, we’ve used the ceramic white lights, but we also knew we would eventually want to move to LED lights.  Now that you can get some really nice “warm white” LEDs, it seemed like a good year to make the switch.

So I was super excited when Lights on OC contacted us to help with our installation. I loved that Hubs could take this off the list this year. The Lights on OC team was so helpful and able to give us a quote over the phone by looking at Google Earth (and they happily meet in person for those that prefer).

We were emailed a quote that I was able to pay online with a credit card (they can also take checks day of). Lights on OC confirmed all the install information and questions over the phone with me before they arrived on installation day and I didn’t even need to be home when then installed them!

There were lots of options I had not thought about as far as where to run the lights, so I was glad that we had talked about it. Did you know there are all sorts of new easy clips that can be installed to put your lights up just about everywhere??!  We have lights on our roof ridge line for the first time, and they look so nice!

The other thing I love is that Lights on OC can either install your current lights for you, or add to them, or supply new lights.  We choose to update our lights to clear LED warm white.  Lights on OC provided all new LED lights for us, custom cut to the correct lengths for our house (which meant no stringing together 100 sets).  They were provided all the extra extension cords needed, and quietly tucked them away so no one sees how it is all installed.  Our trees are wrapped and look beautiful, and we even added a few “lighted ornament balls” in our front tree.

I love that they have install only packages starting at $150, that you can choose any add on’s you want (with no pressure one way or the other), that the install went so smoothly, that there was no debris left behind, and that all the extension cords were neatly hidden.

I also love that Lights on OC will return to remove everything!

But most of all, I loved that it wasn’t nearly as expensive as I thought it would be. One of those times when it doesn’t hurt to ask the question and get a quote…you’ll probably be surprised at the answer!

ANNNNNNND Lights on OC is offering our fabulous readers 10% off for anyone that books an install by Monday, November 28th (the appointment doesn’t need to occur by then, but you need to schedule your appointment by then.)  They are almost fully booked over the next few weeks, so call now to grab a spot 949.874.3800, or contact them via their site Lights on OC (and get that discount!!!) PROMO CODE: MFE10

Happy Holidays everyone!!

{Disclosure: We purchased all of our new exterior lights, but were given the install in order to facilitate this post. These opinions are my own, and I am so thankful to have the holiday lights task off our list!!}

3 thoughts on “{oc love} lights on oc”

  1. Thanks so much for sharing with us, it us amazing how fast the holidays creep up on year when you have little ones.

  2. I’ve learned start planning before Thanksgiving, seems like once Turkey Day is here the pressure is on!

  3. What an absolute rip-off. He came and placed white bulbs around the front of my roof and on three bushes in my back yard. Total costs? $520.00 Ridiculous.

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