Spring has sprung at South Coast Plaza!

This past Monday, the Littles and I were invited to join South Coast Plaza for some Spring Time Activities.  We made a girl morning out of it as we did at Christmas, with some of the Littles’ cousins.

Loads of Littles.

It’s always an adventure.

It’s always entertaining.

It’s always cause for a glass of wine when we get home! But the memories are worth it!

All that being said, the girls LOVED their Easter morning!  When we walked into the Carousel Court, you couldn’t help but believe you had wandered into the Easter Bunny’s garden…the girls were in wonderland, running around and checking everything out!!

Addie went so far as to pet all the little animals and blow kisses…soooo sweet! I loved that it was all so magical to them!

Then they spotted the bunny tracks and “hopped” along with them until they were standing in the Easter Bunny’s photo line.  Hee, hee…each girls’ 2 feet = 1 bunny foot!

Ohhhhh they were excited!! The photo assistant was wonderful with the girls. Very engaging, asking their names and talking about their dresses. Definitely made waiting easier.

Now OF COURSE when it’s their turn they freeze up and forget how excited they were 2.2 seconds earlier. And then OF COURSE forget how petrified they were when they tell Daddy  that night all about meeting the Easter Bunny…(*sigh*)

The important thing to me is that WHEN they remember meeting him, they remembered it with OVER FLOWING excitement, which chalks it up to a Favorite thing! (BTW – have you ever tried to wrangle in 5 little girls for a photo??  That bunny was a saint!)

Photo packages range from $8 – $48. A basic package that includes either 4 wallets or 1 –   5×7 is $14.

HOWEVER, I didn’t notice this until later, if you pay $8 to use your own camera, you can take up to 3 shots. OR if you buy a package, you can also take 2-3 shots with your own camera. Those are great options, especially if you have a fast camera with a speed setting to try and catch that shot!

Oh the balloons.

I could go on and on about South Coast Plaza’s balloons.

I’m personally in love with this spring garden one right now. I would love to have a dozen of these for Easter morning!  (Doesn’t it kind of remind you of The Pioneer Woman’s Kitchen Aid mixer??).

Ohhhh, what have we here??

The balloon man spoiled the kids with “My Own Pet Balloon”.  A turtle, purple bunny, and white bunny have been “walking” around our house each day…the kids love to play with them like a pet, I love that they don’t require food or a visit outside!

These balloons are loved I tell ya, LOVED!

Now the bunnies on the Merry Go Round were met with squeals from the Littles as we walked in the doors that morning.  South Coast changes the carousel 2 times a year, during the Holidays with reindeer and at Easter with the bunnies. So fun for the kids!

Piper wasn’t so sure about it all, her legs had a death grip on that bunny. It wasn’t going to  to hop ANYWHERE! The rest of the girls were in Heaven! (Mom was getting dizzy taking photos, hence none of Hay & her cousin…). Carousel rides are $1 each (and come with a discounted voucher to something in SCP ~ normally a restaurant for a kids meal)

In the same Spring Time area, they offer little crafts that the kids can color with washable pens. The girls loved this, and have been taking their pull toys for walks around the house since Monday. There are a few different crafts to choose from. Cute, easy entertainment. Crafts range from $4-$7.

Then we were off to Corner Bakery for lunch. Piper was um, OBVIOUSLY in Heaven! The staff was soooo accommodating and nice. With my crew in tow, I’m sure most resteraunts want to flip out their “Closed for Business” signs. But Corner Bakery took it all in stride and continuously offered assistance. The kids loved their lunches. I had the Asian Wonton Salad, which I would definitely go back for again. Awesome flavors. And my Mother-in-Law was equally as complimentary about the Harvest Salad with All Natural Roasted Chicken.

I have not eaten at Corner Bakery since my corporate office catered lunched days, but was thrilled with the reminder of how good and varied their menu is.  I also loved the memory jog that they cater (you’ll need to enter your location in the link for a menu). Great for grabbing lunches for a play-date, or a birthday party, or maybe family fun night with friends at your house.

Next up is the All Access Suite. This is relatively new to South Coast. It’s located near Saks (which might be my only hesitation with it as it’s a bit off the beaten path for me) but it does have a nice changing and nursing room, computer, meditation room, etc. But I think  the crowd favorite, and that would see the most use, was the Sports Den. A large flat screen showing whatever game needs to be shown and comfy seating. Perfect place for Hubs while you try on one more pair of shoes!

Now as much fun as the day was…

The Easter Bunny





THIS, this might just be my favorite part! At the risk of killing us, while I was driving, had I taken these photos moments earlier, both girls arms were wrapped around their balloons! A very happy ending to a wonderful Spring Day!

Hop on over and check out the Spring Time Activities at South Coast Plaza.

(Pssst – Don’t miss out on the Spring Garden Show coming to South Coast Plaza April 28th ~ May 1st! One of our favorite HGTV hosts is going to be there….squeeeeaaaal!)

(Disclosure: Our family were guests of South Coast Plaza for a Spring Activity Morning, all opinions are my own.

6 thoughts on “Spring has sprung at South Coast Plaza!”

  1. SCP is the place I first fell in love with chocolate croissants – I watched you ‘littles’ ride the merry go round – A full circle moment :)

  2. So did you enter PW’s blender giveaway? I did — I was entry number like around 18,900! And she only allows one entry per person. Can you imagine having that kind of following? Something to aspire to! ;)

  3. I did! But I’m not sure what number I was :-) Yes, crazy, crazy reader numbers!! Definitely something to work towards! Thanks for being an MFE reader!!

  4. OK I love that! Mom and I chatted this AM and agreed it was Vie de France that stared the love :-) I still love their chocolate croissants!!

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