{family fun} $1 hair bows!!! (yep you read that right…)

This is not the post I had planned for today. But as luck would have it, I forgot my camera that I kinda needed to take the photos to go with the planned (and written) post. Ugh.

But all is OK, because I’ll get that one up later Thursday, and can post instead about some girlie hair bows that I’ve mean meaning to share with your for months!

I have girls.

Did you know that? Yea, 3 of em. Little girls, little heads, little pony tails, little bows.

Have you ever shopped for hair bows?  Or maybe found a super cute one, closed your eyes to what you had to spend, then kicked your car door as you picked up your cute little girl from preschool….missing that cute bow?

Yeah, I’ve never had that happen either.

But if I HAD, HAD that happen, I would be SOOOOO excited to know about these hair bows…..are you ready for it….

THEY ARE ONE DOLLAR EACH. $1…..JUST $1……YEP, UNO DOLLAR-O.  I really love that price tag.

I also love them in little Piper’s hair.  Check out those little ponys!!

I love em from the side.

And I love them from the back of that bowling ball head!

I love that they look super cute no matter the size or style of the pony tail.

I love that I could order a group of 40 bows for these 3 little heads…That I could pick all the colors I wanted…That I could choose 6 of some, 2 of some, 5 of some depending on what I needed….And that I could add slip grips to the clips.

I do not love that my photos are a little blurry, but I LOVE the bows in the girls’ hair.

And they love choosing what fun color to wear each day.  This is seriously a favorite find!!  And to think I found it while searching for how to make my own bows….not likely now that I now about this fabulous little shop…

Check them out, Who Made That Bow? and stock up!  The quality is fantastic, the bows are beautiful, and the price can’t be beat!

5 thoughts on “{family fun} $1 hair bows!!! (yep you read that right…)”

  1. Thanks for the link!! What a great deal on bows! Can you tell me what is added the bow when you ask for “no slip”? My baby girl is 13 months old and I am just getting so bows for her. Thanks!

  2. I honestly meant to order the no slip grips when I placed my order, but forgot. Normally when I’ve seen them in the past, it’s like a little adhesive rubber strip that makes it harder for the metal alligator clip to slide through your little girls hair. But I would check with Who Made That Bow to be sure.

    For what it’s worth, I don’t really have trouble with them slipping, but then I always clip them into their pony tails. I think the no slip is nice when your using a clip on its own. Good Luck!

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