{home & garden} bedroom thoughts?

Not quite sure what angle the kids rooms are going to take yet. I know we’ll re-use what we have, but with a new twist.

Things will switch rooms.

Something from the kitchen may end up in a bedroom, and visa versa.

Spray paint will most likely be used, and I’ll probably be begging my mom to sew pillows. Well not probably, I will be begging/asking/pleading. The only thing I know is that our 4 year old has requested her own room, and our 2 and 3 year olds are so excited to be new roommates.

So cute.

So the images above are few of the thoughts I’ve had for the new shared room. Something bright and happy, but with fun elements, and places to play, oh, and it needs a bit of a modern & grown up edge.

Can’t wait to see where it all goes.

{Photo Credits: Bed decal, Mirror, DIY Dollhouse bookshelf, Twin Bed ~ Land of Nod, Dollhouse DIY ~ Young House Love, fabric images – iPhone at Joann’s, Yellow Bookcase ~ Pinterest,}

3 thoughts on “{home & garden} bedroom thoughts?”

  1. Bright and pretty. So glad your posting again. I know your super busy but always love your post.

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