{home & garden} new favorite dining chairs & table

I sent this photo out on Twitter & Instagram a few weeks ago and was astounded at the number of responses back. I guess I kind of forget that new everyday favorites to me that just seem like a part of life, people want to know about too. Oops. Sorry about that.  I need to get a little better at actually sharing all our daily favorites!!

Anyhoo.  We had some dining chairs that were more traditional. I still love them, and they add a great look to a room. Thinking of painting them an accent color down the road. But there were not serving well as an everyday chair.

These chairs however??  These chairs ROCK our world!!  They do show fingerprints, but that’s OK with me because they are a cinch to clean with a damp rag and a dry rag.  The do not rock forward easily (which I feared) so the kids have never fallen off and split their chins open (something else I feared). The are UBER comfortable for both the grownups and the kids. And they look so much more updated. Also, because of their “ghost like” feature, they don’t seem to take up much “space” in the room allowing your eye to move past them. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them and their versatility and functionality!

I also love that they are from Ikea.  I’ve been eyeing them since last year, but we finally went for it this year. Yea!

I also very much love our table.  It’s Crate & Barrel’s Big Sur Table. A wonderful warm color. Modern and contemporary, yet works great in a traditional setting. We have sanded and refinished it once a year for the past 3 years we’ve owned it (it gets REALLY BEATEN UP with the kids ~ eating, play-doh, art projects, washable pens, crafts, etc.).  And each time we do, it looks like new again.  We may even add the bench to one side one day and leave our “ghost” style chairs on the other 3 sides…

I would buy both the chair and table again in a heart beat!

There you have it.  My FAVORITE Dining Table and Dining Chair.  Would love to know what you have your eye on these days????

3 thoughts on “{home & garden} new favorite dining chairs & table”

  1. Love the table & chairs. Yes, keep sending these fun finds and favorites. Have to ask about the dark floors as my husband and I are doing a remodel of our house. I have heard they show everything but wanted your opinion on it, as I’ve seen the dark floors throughout your house. Thanks!

  2. Dark floors…yeaaaaaa…it’s a love/hate relationship! I love dark floors, love the color, depth, the way they make a room feel, everything! Well, almost everything, dark shows EVERYTHING. If you’re going to have dark floors you need to either be prepared to clean them A LOT! If you don’t have a high traffic home, they could be perfect for you, but in our home with 3 little kids, plus tons of DYI projects that move inside and outside, our floor ends up as a “tell all”. I would choose a wood floor similar to our table color next time for the stage of life we are at right now. Hope this helps!!

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