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Wow. It’s here again.What’s here you ask??? BIRTHDAY SEASON!

And what does birthday season mean in our house? Are you ready for it? It means this….

Newborn cousin born last night!

Sister-in-law’s (newborn’s mom) birthday today

Niece on Jan 20

Brother-in-law’s birthday Feb 4

His brother, my other brother-in-law Feb 7

Mine Feb 9

(short break for Piper’s, + 2 cousins’ baptisms)

(short break for Valentines’ Day)

My mother-in-law Feb 14

Hayden Feb 16

Another nephew a few days after that….

Then into the start of March with Piper March 9

And then Addie March 14.


And that’s not to mention all the friend birthday parties on the calendar. Seriously peeps, does everyone really just like “celebrating” the start of summer each year???

So this is about the time in the year that I just put my head down and get er down for birthday season! Christmas feels like a dress rehearsal to me…

I figured it was about time, since it’s been a year, to post about the party last year. Hubs and I decided that each child would have a First Birthday Party to be sure we really celebrated their first year. And so that when each looks back, none will feel they were left out somehow. Addie’s was a Little Einstein Birthday (she’s born on 3/14), then Hayden’s (and Addie’s) was a Sock Hop, and Piper’s (and Addie & Hayden’s) was a Three Ring Circus.

This year we’re doing small individual family parties for each (we’re a little worn out from the past 3 years), plus we really wanted to start doing a smaller, special party for each girl.

But last year’s party was definitely fun! When we were deciding on a theme, a Facebook Follower immediately responded with THREE RING CIRCUS, and we honestly couldn’t think of a better description of our then current life! So we ran with it.

Of course, I was totally behind at the time (About a month before her birthday day, Piper started walking. Prior too she was just my easy hip baby. I always felt like I had 2.1 kids. But when she started to walk……we might as well have had 8 kids under our roof! So I had nothing ready for their party. Frankly nothing in my life was ready).

{image: sandy heit}

But Kim from The TomKat Studio saw my Facebook post about drowning in party details that weren’t done, and offered her team’s assistance. Thank the Heaven’s above, because I promise you, this party would not have happened without them. They quickly customized The TomKat Studio Circus collection of printables for what I needed, and it made the party! I was able to print everything from home onto full 8-1/2 x 11″ label sheets, then cut everything out with a circle punch & scallop punch.

I found a couple cute party napkins at Party City, that I used as a base for patterns. They weren’t meant to be together, but I liked the mix. I made color copies to use in a multitude of ways:

Paper cones for popcorn…

Bunting Flags for our backyard fence & the birthday signage…

Cards to label the food….

A label around a water bottle…

Also, when I use 2 patterns, I usually color copy one pattern on one side, wait a bit for the ink to dry, and then reload the paper on the opposite side to copy the second pattern on the back side.

{image: sandy heit}

My mom made a couple cute tablecloths using a black & white Ikea fabric (figured it was a great basic, which proved right, we’ve used them so many times!)

I chose to use less balloons this time, and instead enlisted the help of my youngest sister and mom. They made LOADS of tissue pom-poms that had a great circus pop and lots of color around the house and yard.

Food was pretty basic ~ Costco frozen corn dogs, trays of chicken nuggets from Chik-fil-A, large warm pretzels from Smart & Final, fresh fruit, bags of chips, and the day of, a friend flew up to Costco to pick up fresh Churros for $1/each.

Then there were the birthday cakes…Susie Cakes. They are so dang yummy, I can’t pass up the chance to eat em! Once again, The TomKat Studio came to the rescue with their free mini bunting flag printable….I thought the cakes were darling! (My dad said he thought I was decorating an ant parade, hilarious!)

{image: sandy heit}

I did 1 cake for each girl. All had a white buttercream exterier. Addie’s was a Vanilla Confetti Cake with Strawberry Buttercream filling, Hay’s was a Vanilla Cake with Lemon Buttercream filling (our family favorite), and Piper’s was a Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter Buttercream filling. (BTW – you know she’s your third child when you order your 1 year old’s cake with peaNUT butter! Oh well, we did and she loved it!)

The kids were all dressed in jeans and these darling number shirts I found from The TomKat Studio, called Picadilly Circus Shirts (I don’t think the shop is open anymore though, so sad!). Suzanne the owner sent her husband from Manhattan Beach the morning of the party with the girls shirts! Amazing!

{image: sandy heit}

{image: sandy heit}

Sandy Heit was thankfully at the party to capture all the fun moments for me too. Her photos always make me smile!! Such a great eye. We even arranged for a super cute photo booth that I’ll share in a separate post. LOVE those photos!!! (And love having parents and a sister that dress in theme for a party….without being asked!)

{image: sandy heit}

Kids were sent home with little colorful buckets that I added The TomKat Studio printable to. I can’t quite remember what was in them now…..but I know they had taffy, colored star sunglasses, & whistles.

{image: sandy heit}

That’s about it. A super fun Three Ring Circus! Now it’s time for me to get my head down again and prep for the next round of birthday parties…wish me luck!

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