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I’m a huge fan of Studio Seaside! It is honestly one of the best local deals for moms that I know. I’ve talked about it before, and you’ll most likely hear me talk about it again many times to come, because frankly I love it! I especially wanted to tell you about it today though, because their 2012 annual passes are on sale only until Monday, January 15th. (You can still do a monthly membership, or a punch pass after the 15th…so not to fear! It’s just that the annual pass is a great deal!)

Studio Seaside is a little boutique gym in Corona del Mar. Though not so much a gym (there is no equipment) but a studio with LOTS of amazing classes (Barre Burn, Bootcamps, Stroller Clases, Pilates, Yoga…even classes for your kids, just to name a few…).  And childcare for up to 2 children is included with every class!

Even more than being a studio, it truly feels like a supportive community.  The classes are not over packed, most of the teachers are moms as well, your kids are in the same building with you, playing with the most AWESOME childcare staff (in the CLEANEST childcare area I’ve ever seen).

The owners are constantly thinking about their members and offering fun date night studio babysitting, researching and introducing new fitness classes, supporting the community with charitable drives, organizing in-studio evening  classes (like how to designate your children’s legal guardians), helping you train for races with a runners club. Honestly, it’s amazing!

Bet you want to know MY FAVORITE classes? Well maybe you don’t, but this is a blog about favorite things….

To read more about each class, check out Studio Seaside’s class description page.  Here’s my thoughts:

Super Mom Strength Training ~ Basically, it will WORK YOU! This might be one of my most favorite all time classes they offer. I wish I could get to it more often! I especially love it because you do not need any coordination, and you see results quickly.

Beach Bootcamp ~ The description says “Finally! Get the results your bodies have been craving!” They are sooo not kidding! A friend and I took this class last winter  when it first started.  We were both BEYOND impressed. The instructor is very good at gaging what each person is capable of and structuring the hour accordingly. Advanced and beginners get exactly what they need…..You will be beach bikini ready in no time! I especially love that there is a 6A and 8A class.

Pilates Sculpt ~ I’m a huge believer in Pilates. All the things they say it does, IT DOES! And as a mom, I especially love that I’m being worked out, but also gaining flexibility. Helps so much when your kids pull you in 3 directions! And truly, I could have written down any of the Pilates classes because they offer a few different ones. No matter which one I take, my ab muscles (or lack there of) ache for DAYS.

As for the kids classes, there are two that I especially love, love, love!

Pre-Ballet ~ Ms Rachele rocks this class for your kids! (Those are my punks above) It’s a very free spirited, go with the flow class with lots of gentle instruction and loads of fun. All 3 of our girls have attended this all last year – 1, 2, and 3 year olds – and all of them loved it. SUPER relaxed. SUPER fun! We’re heading back for more this year.

Passport to World Art, Culture & Literature ~ This class is out of this world! There are not enough good words to say.  Each week as the mom’s gather to pick up their kids we sit outside the window in amazement as Ms Kelly calmly and skillfully runs the class. The kids read books and do an art project based on the book. And they learn about world cultures ~ Addie is still singing the “continent song” she learned. It could quite possibly be my most favorite hour of the week Addie has. The bonus for me is you drop your kids off. (ages 3-7). I can go for a walk with my other 2, take them to a nearby park, or run a quick errand. LOVE THIS CLASS!

Be sure to check out the schedule though, because there are many, many others. There’s bound to be something that fits in your schedule, and there are loads of classes I have yet to try. WORTH IT is all I have to say! Don’t forget, the 2012 annual passes are only avaiable until Monday, January 15th. Contact Studio Seaside with any questions you may have, or leave a comment below.

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