{local love} clean baby, CLEAN!!

I could just end this post now with …… I AM IN LOVE WITH CLEAN BEE BABY!!

But you probably want to know why….let’s start at the beginning.


Gross to the gazillionth degree!

I really wasn’t kidding when I mentioned how excited I was to see Xpecting’s newsletter a few weeks ago about Clean Bee Baby’s visit to clean the heck out of carseats and strollers.

Truthfully, I was counting down the SECONDS to my appointment.  Not to mention that we had the kids in the car for 20 hours of driving over the holidays…just the basic life of kids in the car had taken it’s toll.  To know there is a company out there that makes regular stops to local baby establishments (Xpecting, Bugaboo, Granola Babies, Milkilicious, Bel-Bambini, Giggle to name a few…) and who will clean your carseats to the most finite degree, without braking the bank is most certainly a favorite in my book. (Psssst ~ little secret, each new customer gets a free upgrade worth $20 from a basic to a standard cleaning on their first item!!)

The pictures really don’t do justice to how YUCK these seats were.

Maybe seeing the mats under the carseats helps make things a little clearer…

The stroller was in need of massive help too. It lives by our front door and makes daily visits to the park, more than often with a variety of snacks which inevitably end up all over the seat (and almost always end up with ants munching the leftover crumbs the following morning….yuck).

But to pull up to Xpecting and see this very happy Clean Bee Baby van and the super sweet girls that arrived in it, was a site for tired eyes!

See?!?  Super sweet girls! And I am not kidding when I say they pay meticulous attention to EVERY part of your stroller & carseat!

Down to the plyers that remove the gunk and yuck that’s collected in the velcro.

My car seats were like brand new!!!  I DID NOT RECOGNIZE THEM! I’ve been enjoying the crazy clean for a week now and they look just as good, and smell just as clean.  Heaven is waiting in my car for me each day.  LOVE!

Spotless! SPOTLESS!!

The clean surpassed anything I could have dreamed or imagined!

Seriously, can you believe this seat? And check out the cup holder??  The car wash doesn’t even get the grownup cup holders that clean!!

And don’t get me started on the stroller…it has a whole new lease on life now!


And then for the deal sealer, with a Standard package or higher, Clean Bee Baby will help you with installing all your carseats again.  Frankly, even if you are the Yoda of car seat installation, having it all double checked and a fresh pair of eyes never hurt anyone. They actually asked if I could leave my car manual so they could check where Piper’s seat was anchored…seriously, thank you!

I don’t even think my husband is this thorough when he’s helping me install the girls seats!

Can we just look at that clean cup holder and seat one more time???

I also highly recommend you sign up for their email newsletter to hear about specials and upcoming events in the Southern California area. Whether you become a regular (and you just might with the addiction to the clean!), or end up like me who manages to get her car washed maybe once every 6 months….do yourself a favor and have the car seats done at the same time. You (and your kids) will be so thankful you did!

{Nothing to disclose. I took advantage of the new customer deal and am a new super happy customer! Had to share the favorite!!}

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