{local love} got a dirty carseat or stroller??

So I’ve never tried this service before, BUT, it’s come highly recommended to me from 2 different sources that I really trust.

One of those sources is Xpecting Maternity (where CleanBeeBaby will be this month).  I’ve written about this awesome Maternity and Post Maternity store before because the owner Stephani is AMAZING! She knows what moms and moms-to-be need.  Stephani helped me get through 3 years of pregnancies before she was ever pregnant, that takes a very special person. The clothing she recommended to me was beyond perfect!  I’ll write more on Xpecting Maternity later, but for now I wanted to give you all a heads up on a newsletter I received from her store (because YES, she is always arranging fun things for both moms-to-be and moms at her store).

When I saw the email above that CleanBeeBaby would be at Xpecting Maternity on Friday, January 27th, I emailed immediately for an appointment.  Their services look incredible, the cleaning process pretty much sold me, and the prices (listed in services) were very reasonable. AND wouldn’t you know it, the owner and founder, Jennifer Beall is another special person that doesn’t have kids yet, but KNOWS what we need!

Plus as a new customer you get a free upgrade on one service. I have 3 carseats that have just traveled to the mountains and back, and a double stroller that needs some cleaning love.  When I checked out the CleanBeeBaby site I was more than impressed.

So stay tuned, I’ll let you know how it goes, but until them, I highly recommend you go out on a limb and book an appt!

I plan on taking before and after photos, and sharing with you all what my personal thoughts are on the service, BUT I also decided I didn’t want to deprive any So Cal locals of the service.

** Update 1.16.12: Just saw that there is a Plum District deal today as well $20 for $40 of service, for new customers. **

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