Who I am:

My name is Shanna Coady.  I live in Orange County, California.  I’m married to an awesome guy, Mike, and have 3 incredible daughters, Addie 3-1/2 (also known as “Tornaddie”) and Hayden 2-1/2 (or “Giggle Monster”), and our newest addition, Piper 16 months!

In my previous life:

I was an Interior Designer.  I worked for Ralph Lauren Home, Neiman Marcus Visual, owned my own interior design company, and worked for a local Real Estate Developer. Most recently I project managed the residential interior design for a resort in Newport Coast, California.

In the past few years:

I’ve gotten engaged, planned a destination wedding, purchased and remodeled a house in 11 weeks (that most say previously looked like a meth lab), sweat equity style with my fabulously talented husband, had 3 babies 11 months months, and 13 months apart, and worked full time through it all.  Since then, my husband and I have started 2 companies, and added on to our house all the while juggling 3 kids under 3 and keeping our sanity and marriage in tact.

In the past 3 years:

We traveled a lot. I have flown on countless planes, driven endless hours, adjusted time schedules in loads of time zones, pushed single and double strollers, & carried kids in backpacks and Bjorns. These days I try to stick a little closer to home.

My life has been busy. It’s been creative. It’s been mayhem. It’s been awesome.  I wouldn’t change any of it as it’s what brought me to where I am today.  But I’ve tried A LOT of the things. I’ve also found that simplifying amidst the confusion is a big help!

Now to why I decided this blog was a good idea…

When you wake up at 3:00AM one morning and find that for the first time in your life you are not employed, (you’ve been laid off – due to the current weird economy), you have a 17 month old and a 6 month old, and then suddenly find you’re PREGNANT AGAIN (yes, in March 2010 we had 3 kids, 2 years old and younger) and are fairly certain the last pregnancy was immaculate (have you ever had kids 11 months apart?  The third is definitely by IMMACULATE CONCEPTION).  You start to wonder when you will EVER take a shower or sleep again?!!?

So I considered the fact that I hate to say “no” to anything, that my plate is somehow ALWAYS overflowing, that I want to spend time with my family, have a career, be a fabulous wife & mom, and also have time to brush my teeth and eat.  I figured there are probably a lot of moms out there like me trying to do it all and that we could all use a little help in making it all work.

Not that you really want to know what my favorite toilet paper is (Charmin), but I realized that for my entire life my friends have been asking where I buy something, what I like best on a menu, how I plan a party, what towels do I like, how do I organize my closet, what photographer do I use, where do I get my Christmas cards, how long should they cook their lasagna….and I love to give the advice!  So I decided rather than turning to pole dancing, it might be more fun (and WAY less embarrassing – hopefully) to lay it all out there in a blog instead (no one has to see my rear view this way which is NOT very pretty after 3 straight years of pregnancy!).

So that is what this site will do.  I will tell you every little solitary thing that I love, down to my favorite pen BIC Z4+ Needle Point Roller Pen, Extra Fine Point (0.5 mm), Black with the hope that it helps or entertains you in your busy, crazy, and amazing lives.  It’s not to say that I know best, it’s just to say that I like these things….and somehow they make my life work.

I hope we can both be entertained and find some fun new favorites along the way!


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