{Family Fun} Piper’s Teething Tip


It pretty much bites (sorry, had to do it!)

Luckily we’ve never had it REALLY bad.  At least with Addie and Hayden, Hyland Teething Tablets were out and worked WONDERS! Seriously, the kids would instantly stop crying.  But then a recall happened around the time Piper started teething.


(Both in that the others had been using it, and also in that I could no longer use it. We lost in all directions.)

But what it did was make me search for new things that would comfort Miss Piper, as she also seemed to get hit harder in the teething department than her “older” sisters.

Popsicles are a HUGE success!  She’s munching a slow-melt mighty mini pop in these photos. I really like these as a treat for the kids because they are tiny and they melt VERY slowly. Just right for the Littles. But you could also make your own out of just about anything if you’re worried about sugar, etc. (use an ice cube tray, Dixie cup, anything small).  My kids have never really been fans of teething rings and toys, but frozen treats really do the trick!

Other frozen fun that’s good for teething? Frozen banana slices. It’s something nutritious, and helps with those sore gums. Just keep a Ziplock of frozen slices ready to go in the freezer.

Another one? Green smoothies (or any smoothie for that matter) if it’s cold and coming through a straw, Piper is one happy camper! And again, healthy!

A non cold treat? Corn on the cobb. Now I’m not sure if there is a choking hazard with this one, but I do know that all 3 girls GO TO TOWN when corn on the cobb is served with dinner. I cut them in half or thirds for their little hands and they chow down like a dog with a bone.  It actually doesn’t even matter if corn kernals are there are not!  Again, nutritious and helps their painful gums.

But in the end, it’s the popsicle that melts my heart!  Those little frozen rosie cheeks…

Chubby little fingers getting the last of the pop…

Working so hard to enjoy that little frozen sweet nothing…

Cute little baby lips!!

Yep, frozen pops definitely help an aching mouth, but they also make a mama smile!

Tip: Don’t be afraid to think outside the box for teething tricks. Would love to know what works for you in your house??

(Disclosure: Slow-melt Pops doesn’t know me, but my freezer is stocked with them! Couldn’t help but share.)

Aquaphor Winner!

Thank you to everyone that commented and offered their own Aquaphor tips! I love hearing what works for other, and also know we’ve helped a few others out!!

Congratulations Becky! You were the winner…and I’m so glad it is already helping you out!

Comment #16 Becky:
“I just started using this yesterday after I read your other posts about it! My son has very dry skin that forms little bumps and after just 1 use they are getting better already!! And I did the foot thing last night – it works like a charm!! Thanks for the tips!”

Tip of the Day: Aquaphor!

I’m big on muti-tasking, and when people or products can do the same, it’s a big gold star in my book. (If I could find my book….or my roll of gold star stickers….but you get the drift!)

Aquaphor is one of the wonderful, mutli-tasking products for me.  You’re probably all saying I’m preaching to the choir right now, but SERIOUSLY, Aquaphor has saved me more than a few times.

First ~ Do you rememeber my mentioning it HERE? A booty LIFESAVER for long car and plane rides.

Second ~ ESSENTIAL for mom’s cracked heels (did I just tell the internet I have cracked heels??? Oh my…) Ok, I do, or rather I don’t, when I am diligent and slather on some Aquaphor Healing Ointment and my socks at night. Heading into flip flop weather here in Southern California, I urge you to start working on those feet Mommies!

Third ~ Keep a small tube in your purse, when you find you can’t get to your makeup bag, throw a little on your lips….it gives you a smidgen of gloss and helps you feel and look a little refreshed (not to mention it’s moisturizing your lips for smooching!)

Fourth ~ Do you battle Excema at all? All three of our girls suffer from it in varying degrees. Not too over the top thankfully, but enough that a weather shift causes some itchy, dry patches. Rub a little Aqauphor Healing Ointment and you’ll have it gone, and a happy face on your Little, in no time. I also like to use their Gentle Wash & Shampoo, finding that it helps from drying the girls baby skin out, and decreasing the Ecema flare ups.

So that is my tip of the day for you.

If you don’t use Aquaphor, go buy some now. And if you do, then I’m sending some gold stars for your book (once I find the Gold Stars…and my book….)

*** GIVEAWAY ***

I love the stuff so much that if you disregard the laundry I was folding in this photo, then I’ll draw a name on Friday and send you a little Aquaphor package.  All you need to do is answer this question in the comments ~~ Do you use Aquaphor? What’s your favorite tip or trick to share?

For more information about Aquaphor’s products visit www.aquaphorhealing.com as well as the Aquaphor “Comfort Zone” Group on BabyCenter Community.

(Disclosure: This post is sponsored by BabyCenter in conjunction with the BabyCenter Blog Network, all opinions are definitely my own!)

3 long weeks….

We are living in snot at our house.

Sorry. That was probably T.M.I.

But it’s true. I feel awful for being a little (a big) MIA around here…but it’s been 3 weeks of colds at the Coady household.

When we see the Little’s Dr, his answer is usually, “Yep, head cold. Not much I can do. But YOUR job is to keep her comfortable and keep the other two from getting it”. Riiiiiiight. We have never, EVER, been able to keep “the other two” from getting said cold.

So the big daddy colds? They last about 3 weeks in our house. 1 week for each Little.

3 weeks of feeling horrible for your babies.

3 weeks of getting maybe 2  hours of sleep each night, usually sitting straight up in bed while you sleep with a Little on you, upright as well to able to breathe.

3 weeks of getting nothing else done because at least one sick Little will need you to sit with her, or carry her on your hip at all times.

3 weeks of big green boogers.

3 weeks of Costco size Kleenex supplies.

3 weeks of persuading the Littles that Mortin will help them feel better and will make that 102 degree fever go down.

3 weeks of just about anything on your clothes.

3 weeks of….well…..just 3.really.long.weeks.

Hope to be back soon…..

Keeping Little Hands out of the Fridge

Such a silly little thing, but keeping the babes from opening the fridge 80 bazillion times a day, makes me feel like I’ve won at least one of the battles, as least some of the time.

Not all standard baby proofing items will work with everyone’s appliances. Sometimes you need to improvise. Don’t be afraid to see what you can rig up.

We’re lucky we have a fridge with open handles at the top as it allows me to tie a sweet little bow just out of reach.

We lift it off the side we want to open.

Then slide it back over the opened side again when were through.

All tied up in a neat little package.

No open, no fridge Kids….but I love ya!

What little favorite baby proofing tricks do you have up your sleeves?

Baby Einstein Discovery Kits

Well someone looks a little excited…

Watcha got there Miss Addie?

I am in total agreement! Those look so cool!!!

Oh look, the World of Color Discovery Kit from Baby Einstein has a little book too, fun!

And off we went to the playroom to watch.  Do you know much about Baby Einstein? Do  you have Littles in your life? Your own Littles? Friends Littles? GranLittles? CuzLittles?? Well THEY know about Baby Einstein, and they most likely really like anything Baby Einstein’s brilliant creators come up with next!

Now I’m not a huge TV person (seriously, it’s only on like 8 hours of the day…). I kid! I kid! But it is on in the morning, and again in the evening. Those are the tough hours for me with 3 kids under 3 years old.  When the new Baby Einstein Discovery Kits first arrived, I was super excited to try something new, especially that  targets all three ages. The girls are pretty set on what shows they want to watch however, so I was curious to see how this would go.  Addie was pretty excited about opening the DVDs….

She quickly grabbed the small companion board book and was hooked!  We watched World of Colors first and she was riveted to the screen.  My other 2 babes were in and out of interest (but they are 9 months and 20 mos, and this DVD was a stage 3 DVD). But what I loved is they never tried to leave the playroom.  As I sat and watched them all, I realized there was beautiful music playing, images filled with different colors were jumping across the screen, and everyone was happy and content….hmmm, maybe Baby Einstein’s onto something here?

My kids are all sitting and playing peacefully, and I was actually enjoying their DVD too! Wonders never cease! Guess I need to read a little more about the kits….

Level 1 ~ Is about the “Experience” phase in an infant to toddlers life (i.e. Baby Mozart)

Level 2 ~ Is the “Explore” phase introducing your toddler to the outdoors (i.e. Wild Animal Safari).

Level 3 ~ Is the “Expression” phase of the older toddlers life (i.e. World of Colors)

Each kit comes with a DVD, a CD, and either a small board book for little hands, or flash cards (that are beautiful I might add!)

Addie was mesmorized from the moment I turned on World of Colors.

Hay started out pretty interested as well, but she started to phase back to her toys after 5 minutes or so. But she is not much of a TV watcher, so hard to gauge her reaction.

I agree with you Mr. Einstein (who by the way shares a birthday with Miss Addie wonder if that’s why she liked the DVDs so much, hmmmm).

This cute little guy plays “host” on World of Color. And Hay thought he was pretty funny!

Addie really loved having the little board book.

She read.

She watched.

She read.

Lots of familiar images, and loads of color.

And even though Piper and Hay weren’t as mesmorized as Addie, they loved just being in the room with the music. Typically when they aren’t watching something, both go exploring outside the room.

So all in all, I’m very happy with the kits. It’s nice to have an option that everyone likes, including mom and I would definitely recommend the kits as a gift for young Littles this season.

IN FACT, Baby Einstein will give one lucky reader 3 kits, 1 for each stage! Yea!! Simply leave a comment below and the winner will be notified Monday.

Addie would wish you luck, but she is a little occupied….

(Disclosure: I received a copy of the kits from Baby Einstein in order to do this review. These are my honest opinions, and in fact we watched again tonight ~ Addie’s choice!)

Piper’s still eating!

We’re still moving through the first foods thing over here. I started making some of my own food with baby #2 (pretty much terrified me), but now with baby #3 it seems like second nature.  I also use Earth’s Best jar food, but I like to make some of my own too.  I’m not a fancy baby food chef, just the simple stuff here.  But it’s really nice to open my freezer and see this bag of Butternut Squash Ice Cubes.  Kinda makes my skirt twirl.

(Mind you, this shelf makes my skirt twirl too…but that’s a post for another day….Greyhound anyone?)

Back to my ice cubes.  All I’ve done here is steamed pre-cut butternut squash from Trader Joe’s.  Threw it in the food processor with a little organic chicken stock (could also use vegetable stock or hot water). And then scooped into ice cube trays.  Let the trays cool, pop em in the freezer, then when there frozen, dump em into Ziplock bags and label em.  I make enough for 2 weeks at a time.

Piper eats 2-3 cubes of veggies for lunch.  Defrost them in the fridge overnight, or in the microwave when you’re ready for the grub.  30 seconds, then 5 seconds at a time until defrosted. Just keep stirring until it looks like this.

Mix up a little Baby Rice or Baby Oatmeal (Piper loves her Baby Oatmeal). Get that Ovaltine consistency….

Sometimes I like to add some of the fruit leftover from breakfast.  See?  Not afraid to use a little jarred food!

Just mix em all together.

Behold, your baby food masterpiece (I’m watching Thomas Crown Affair while I write this BTW, so yes, “masterpiece”!)

Go to town Pipes!

That’s what I’m talking about!

“Dats some grub mama!! Yum!”

Piper, you are one cute kid! So glad you like your food!

Keep eating baby!

piper’s first bites

Here we are, one more year later, and one more baby starting solids.

Man they grow up so, so, so fast! Of all our Littles, Piper is proving to be the easiest to start solid food.  Not sure if after 3 babies I’ve finally got the rice cereal consistency right or what, but she seems to dig it.

I tend to go with the “ice cream and Ovaltine” consistency.  You remember, right? When you were a kid, you dump a few tablespoons of Ovaltine on your ice cream and stir until it resembles a thick milk shake in the bowl, then devour it!?!? (If you never did this, go now to the store and experiment, pretend your 5, or 13, or 40…just try it!)

Yep, that’s the consistency I go for.

Rice cereal tends to thicken as it sits, so if it starts more like watery soup, it’s OK, it’s going to thicken while it’s waiting for you to get that bib on, etc.  I like to use Earth’s Best Organic Whole Grain Rice Cereal, mixed with formula (which I already use in her bottles).  I also don’t heat it (because her bottles aren’t heated – keeps life simpler and she, along with my other 2 babes have been good with room temp or cold bottles).  Then I pretty much go with the “scoop and scrape” method.  Scoop it in her mouth, scrape what she spits out on her face, scoop back in her mouth again.  We manage to finish the bowl and her face with each feeding.  I also follow the The Contented Baby Book of Weaning. I don’t always make my own food, and may not follow the book to a complete “T”, but it’s a great guide to follow, and honestly, Gina Ford has not let me down yet.  I use ALL of her books.

I think Piper was into it.

Waaaaaiiiit a sec, that’s not my bottle…

WHAT did you just put in my mouth???

I think I like it, should it stay in my mouth? OR do I spit it out….

Ok, let’s go with 1/2 in my mouth

1/2 on my face…

Yep, that works.

Got anymore??

Think I’m gettin’ the hang of this…

Let me try this time!

Yea!  It IS fun!!

I like it!  I really like it!

How ’bout some more…

BUT, I will say, starting food does not always go as easily as this.  My last 2 babes would not under any circumstance eat rice cereal.  We moved on to baby oatmeal.  So if you’re struggeling, don’t give up, where there’s a will there’s a way!

Anyone have any favorite first feeding tips to share??

and the $100 old navy dollars goes to…

Normally I like to show you the kids doing things, like trying on their new clothes.  But in this case, I need to announce the winner, and I was just so excited when the box arrived!  I love that our UPS delivery 99% of the time is delivered around 1:30 in the afternoon.  The girls are down for their naps, and I can sort through things, figure out what’s staying, and get the return/exchange box ready to send out the next day, if there is anything we aren’t keeping.  In this case, all the sizes looked good and there was also no need for a “trying on party“.

Which is good because the girls cousins are coming over to swin after nap time and I PROMISE you, they wont want to put on anything but their swim suits!

BUT, I thought you might like to see a few more cute combos, so here ya go…

And yes, yes that is my kitchen floor a couple pics down.

Watcha gonna do about it??

Cute Animal Graphic T’s $5

Denim Minis $10

Leggings $6

The Waffle Hoodies $6, I mentioned in the last post.

Oh how Addie loves her sparkle shirts! (BTW, I where denim, white & black, so no idea where she gets it!) So sad, just tried to get you the link online and it looks like this shirt sold out.  Try the stores, $5 baby!

Straight Fit Cord $10 (from $16.50)

This is the back of the sparkle shirt.  I wanted you to see this fun pleat detail that is on a few of the Old Navy long sleeve shirts right now.  Very cute!  Gives the shirt a little flare.

Maybe layer with a white waffle hoodie.

One can always use socks! (Not on sale, but a necessary basic, $6.50 / 4 pack). These are great for the girls Converses when they wear with leggings.

Speaking of…

(The shoes are not Old Navy, sorry, I found them at Nordstrums on sale a few weeks ago. So excited, the 3 pairs on the sale rack were each of the girls sizes, included Piper for this fall! Whoohoo!!!)

Floral Top $6 (from $10.50) super cute! With jeans, leggings, jean skirt…

This sweet little number (not on the Baby Sale, but still on sale for $13.99 from $16.50) is for Piper.  I got a 12-18 mos size (which she is not, she is 6 mos) but I am always able to put the girls in dresses earlier, and I just thought it was sweet paired with leggings…

Even a cute smocking detail.




OH Wait!!!

You probably don’t care about all this.

I bet you want to know who won.

My bad!

OK, here ya go…..

The winner is:

Heather says: September 15, 2010 at 12:50 pm
we are in LOVE with Old Navy! Can’t beat the price either. When you want fun, good-looking clothes that they are just going to out grow in a few months anyway! I love stocking up on shorts & tees for my two boys.

Congrats Heather!! Please email me at shanna@myfavoriteeverything.com

Thank you so much to everyone who entered!  It was a fun giveaway!!

Let’s go shopping…who wants $100?!

Not gonna lie.  We love to shop in our house. Of course it was much easier to do when Mom had a full time corporate job (READ – paycheck)…let’s just say those days aren’t quite here anymore….

But in all honestly, there are some GREAT options for kids, that wont break the bank and are really cute!!  We pretty much LIVE in Old Navy, Gap, and Target.  Plus if you have kids that grow like weeds, and you don’t sew, you need a good option!! Since I’m a HUGE online shopper (wouldn’t you be rather than trying to rope in all these littles in a store?? Convenience my friends!) I love Gap & Old Navy because you can shop both stores on one site.  Recently they had a great 30% off sale donating a percentage to charities, so we stocked up on fall clothes.  Good news is, there is another awesome sale going on right now

Old Navy’s Baby Sale….and OOOHHH the deals!!  Be sure to check out their Facebook page for an extra 30% off coupon (and your mailbox too, I got a coupon last week!!).  The sale is going on now until September 23rd.

I ended up shopping it twice.  The first time, I loaded the car up with Grandma and the kids and headed to Old Navy to check a few things out.

As you can see above, Addie was preeetttty excited to be allowed lose in a store!

Addie: “Dis one mommy.  Wook at my flowers!”

Addie: “Wets try it on, now!”

Addie: “And deeze shoes mama, and deeze shoes??”

I LOVE Old Navy’s waffle shirts!   I bought these in white, as well as both of the butterfly colors (1 for each girl).  The girls LOVE the “hoodies”, and the waffle material is so soft.  The overall quality of the shirts really holds up well.  I’ve always stocked up each season on waffle items.  And they are $5 online!!  (From $10.50!  Can’t beat that!!)

We did end up getting this cute little flower dress (can’t say the whole outfit {together} made it in the bag though!) but when your little girl really loves them flowers you gotta go for it!

Don’t forget the required stop at the fun section on the way out (use it as bribery to behave – mind you, it didn’t work so well for me on this visit…)  Somehow a couple new baby dolls and the Halloween bags ($4.50) came home with us too…

Strollers are always helpful when shopping, though not always to hold your kids like you would prefer…

Addie was positively in love with this Heart shirt ,$5!

The second time I shopped the sale was online. THIS is the way I like to shop…delivered to my door, have a trying on party with the girls, all for the easy shipping fee of $7 (or free with certain promo codes, like now, if you shop the baby sale and spend $50, enter “onsale” for free shipping!)  Side note: my bed WAS made, but then we had to jump on it in the party process, so not so much in this photo…

(Hey Addie, watch Piper over there in the corner, will ya!?)

I like to stock up on jackets, fleeces, etc. for cool park days and walks around the block.  Also, since we do travel a bit, something that will work with a lot of the kids outfits is key.  This fleece fit the bill perfectly and both girls loved it because it was soft AND had a hoodie!  I loved the $10 price tag!

You for sure can’t pass up some good fitting leggings!  I love em under dresses, with shirts, hoodies, etc.  We grabbed these in pink and white, $5.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this cute dress (especially at $10)!!  And so does Addie…a tip, if you want to get your kids to try on clothes and they don’t want to, make it about something else. We were ALL ABOUT jumping on the bed and trying on mom’s costume jewelry with all our outfits…

Addie: “I sooo cute Mama!”

Hayden: Really mom??  I’m just so BORED with all this…

Me: I know, almost there Punkin, love your cute pink $10 sweatshirt though…and the matching $7 pants….kinda looks like Juicy without the price tag!

This flower shirt killed me.  I got 2 different ones for the girls.  They are fitted, but not tight.  Addie is a long lean string bean, and Hay is my squishy love of a baby, this shirt fits them both (and my wallet) perfectly at $5.

These hoodies were a purchase for our trip to Canada this summer, and are also on the baby sale.  They are a perfect example of why I love Old Navy – They are soft, they have a cute button detail, they wash well,they have a fun pattern that is not too baby-ish AND they have this fabulous little stitch detail that just screams “How can this shirt only be $10“????

There really is so much good to choose from.   I love to know their clothes are taken care of and alleviate the stress later.  Stock up on basics, jeans, jackets, sleepwear, etc….If I showed you everything I stocked up on, well, then hubs would know…and that wouldn’t do any of us a whole lotta good now would it??!

But what WILL do you good is entering for a $100 shopping spree giveaway!!!!

Old Navy is giving 1 lucky winner a $100 gift card to go nuts at Old Navy!  Just comment below and let us know what you like to stock up on for fall, I’ll announce the winner next Monday, September 20th.

Want extra entries??

Tweet about the giveaway and comment that you did (1 entry)…”Wanna win $100 @OldNavy ? Stop by & check out @MyFavEverything ‘s picks http://ow.ly/2Ehaq

And/Or send a Facebook update (1 entry) using this link, http://ow.ly/2Ehaq

Good luck and happy shopping!

(Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Old Navy.  It by NO MEANS influences what I have to recommend!  (It merely paid for the sitter so could write about my fave purchases). I love and shop at Old Navy for the girls far too often for my husband’s liking!!)