{family fun} holiday cards ~ times almost up!

I know you’re all so tired of me mentioning holiday cards.

YOU: “What the heck is she talking about??  It isn’t even Halloween and she is shoving Holiday cards down our throats!’

ME: “I know, I know! Please forgive me! I just personally can’t pass up saving money when it’s something I KNOW I need to buy anyway, and it’s a vendor I was ALREADY planning on shopping with…”

So stick with me one more time:

Both Minted and Tiny Prints have extended their Holiday sales.

Tiny Prints uses promo code “15FALL” and ends 10/18.

Minted uses promo code “EARLYBIRD15” and ends 10/17.

Both companies have fabulous designs this year (I actually ordered one from both).

Both companies are offering 15% off.

Both use a heavy card stock.

Both are super easy to load photos and edit your cards.

My Tiny Prints card arrived within a week!!  Shocked by how fast they came, and over the moon ecstatic that my cards for Christmas are DONE before Halloween. And I’m not at all mad that I SAVED MONEY by getting them ordered early!

I think as a whole, Tiny Prints cards are a tad less money, BUT Minted lets you buy your cards as part of the promo and send your photo later. Love that (permission to procrastinate!)

Either way you can’t lose!  Unless of course you choose not to use the promo codes…cuz then  you’d be using coffee/wine/shoe/margarita money on your cards later…..just sayin’.

Happy Holidays (before Halloween!)

{Disclosure: Even though I’m part of the affiliate programs for both Minted and Tiny Prints, I’m also a regular customer and bought cards from both companies using the same promo codes I’ve shared with you in my posts. Neither company knows who I am. These are my honest opinions as a loyal  and always happy customer of both companies}

{family activities} tiny prints holiday cards!!

So who got their holiday cards ordered yesterday??? Did some of you get up this morning, slowly waking up over your coffee, trying to figure out what day it was…..then all of a sudden remembered that you FORGOT to take advantage of the Minted promotion?? Panic hit you, didn’t it?

OK no worries!  I’ve got your back.

You’ve got a second chance with Tiny Prints. They have fabulous options for both Holiday Cards and Christmas Cards, not to mention Hanukkah, New Years, Halloween and Thanksgiving! But their Holiday promo ends TUESDAY ~ 10/11!!

Their holiday deal ends today. And here’s how easy this can be….today I was visiting with a friend, she pulled up a favorite family summer photo, we quickly tried it in a few design styles and color options, and in about 30 minutes, “TA-DA!” She had her holiday card taken care of and ordered.

And before you say, “Yeah, that was a lucky fluke….”

I did it twice.

Because when I got home, while I made a call for work, I did a little multi-tasking on the computer. Pulled up a fun photo for my in-laws, sent an email showing a few designs to my mother-in-law, she picked one, we ordered it, and it’s done too.

Do you know how good it feels to have the holiday card crossed off the list!?!?!? (Let alone 3 cards???)

Give Tiny Prints cards a looksie.  I used them last year and loved our card. I also used them for Hayden’s birth announcement. Love their designs, the extra options, the card stock,  the price and the service. And I loved it just as much when I did my in-laws card this year.  And really, who couldn’t save a few pennies with the a nice promotional discount?

Seriously, check them out!  Tiny Prints promotion ends today, you save 10% on order over $99, and 20% on orders over $199 with “HOLCARD11”

{Disclosure: Tiny Prints doesn’t know me. I have loved their cards and have been a customer for years. I just used the holiday promo code as a regular customer and thought you might want to save too. I am an affiliate, which means if you buy something I might make $2 – literally. But I would recommend them regardless. Over and out.}

{family activities} 20% Preview Sale at MINTED

20% off Minted holiday cards with code HOLIDAY20

I would not be a very nice friend if I did not pass along this deal!  I love Minted cards. The card stock is a nice weight, the designs are beautiful, unique and current, and with the preview sale, it makes them more affordable too!!

They have a promo for 20% off Minted holiday cards with code HOLIDAY20 going on right now. The sale ends Monday, October 10th. We are actually squeezing in our Holiday photo this week (hoping the rain doesn’t squelch our holiday spirit) so that we can take advantage of it.

GET ON THIS my friends!! Think of how nice it would be to sit back and know your holiday cards are DONE (well at least the photo is done and the cards are ordered…) that sounds like a reason to drink a little hot wassail and celebrate to me!

The tough part, honestly, is going to be which one to choose. Maybe I’ll just choose 3 different ones this year…hmmm.

Ok I kid, but these all looked fun to me (though I’m not showing the one I choose for us…Silly, I need to see our photo first! Besides, do you really think I would show it to you before I mailed them!?!?)

Loved this one…simple and traditional

This just looked casual & fun!

Simple & Modern

This just made me think of a family with boys….but really it works for anyone!

Seriously friends, don’t miss out on this chance to save a little cashola and get something off your list! I could sit here all day just showing you more and more cards that I think are awesome!!  Please, please check them out and drool at the cuteness with me!

20% off Minted holiday cards with code HOLIDAY20

{Disclosure: Minted doesn’t know me. I am an affiliate, which means if you buy something I might make $2 – literally –  but that’s not why I’m telling about this holiday deal. I’m telling you because I received their newsletter as a past customer, saw the deal, and opted to use it for our family holiday card. Thought you might want to too. Over and out.}

{family fun} got my toothpaste, got my brush!

I love that we’re talking about Arm & Hammer’s Advance White Brilliant Sparkle Toothpaste for the last part of The Switch & Save Challenge…..have you tried it yet??  And have you tried it with the Spinbrush?  I want to see a show of hands!  Cuz seriously, they are two of my most favorite things to start and end the day with…(coffee & wine might be the others…)

And guess what?? It’s GIVEAWAY time again! Keep reading…

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{family fun} wall of happiness

Remember when I said we were going to be out of town for a month?

And when I mentioned needing to gather art supplies and a little bit of paint?


You put all that together with 3 Little Punks and you have A LOT of art to work with!

But what’s a lake house wall for, if not to display a little happiness??

Or A LOT of happiness?

You know….you NEED to have a wall that you can remember when you’re not there the other 11 months out of the year.

Something you can get excited about visiting again next summer.

The tie-dyed turtle will be waiting for you….

So will your rainbow.

And your 5 year old summer crush. {Who is “sooooo cool Mommy!”}

Your abstract.

And your sisters.

And your mom & dad :-)

And we can’t wait to visit all that happiness again next year too!  Next time you’re wondering what to do with it all…just hang it up and smile at all the amazing memories you’ve made :-)

{family fun} DIY Watercolor Paint with Baking Soda

So before we left on our big trip….you know that one month away with the kids in the middle of no where?

Yep, that “little” trip.

Before we left, I gathered lots of craft supplies to pack for the Little Punks.  But as you know, that’s not cheap….especially when you’re gathering supplies for a whole month, AND you have 3 Little Punks that will want to join in on the fun. So then I really started tapping into resources and favorite blogs to find some more inexpensive ideas.

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{Family Fun} Saturday Chores

Weekend chores. No one really wants to do them, but they don’t ever go away until they get done, so I guess it’s better to just button up and do em.

And really, some chores can be a whole lot more fun than others.

Take washing the outdoor cushions??  The super dirty, never gonna.get.em.totally.clean.before.company.comes.over.the.next.day.cushions.

While the Little Punks and I were giving all their outdoor sandbox toys a bath in a big kiddie pool on the lawn, Hubs had the brilliant idea of also washing these cushions.  And somehow doing chores never seems quite as bad as when you’re doing them all together.

I think it’s good to teach kids that this whole chore thing takes team work.

It kinda helps teach responsibility.

And you are never too young to chip in. Hay and Addie are GREAT car washers!!

Besides, you know your sisters will always “have your back”.

And you might even be able to do a little washing yourself…then skip your bath that night (kinda)…

Weekend chores really don’t have to be all that bad!  At least I don’t think these Little Punks are too upset about them…

Do your kids help out with the weekend chores?

{Family Fun} A home for the lake fish

I have to be totally honest. This is not an original idea, but I don’t have a clue where I first saw it now.

You know when you start down the rabbit hole of sites?

When you’re one place and then before you know it you’ve been to a 1000 places?

When you’ve loved 90% of the places the rabbit hole has taken you?

And you’ve been too lazy to bookmark everything along the way?

When you are so lazy that you keep almost everything open as a tab in Firefox thinking you’ll go back and “just save the ones you really want?”

And then you go and make dinner, give the Little Punks a bath, and put them to bed?

And then come back to your computer and find that it’s become so slow that molasses is beating it out of the jar?

And your husband gets frustrated with it all and wonders how you can work like this all day, and poof! All those tabs are closed??

Nope. That has never happened to me. Never.

So if anyone has seen anything like this little project, know that it inspired me!

The Sunday before we were leaving on our trip, Hubs was trying to get a few things done and I needed to occupy the Little Punks but was too lazy to get dressed to take them to the park.

I remembered this little fish tank project (from my vanishing website tabs) and whipped out what I thought we needed and then winged it. I’m sure you can can wing it too:

Paper plates (lucky for me they were blue)
Glue sticks
Orange paper & google eyes – Fish
Brown paper – sand & shells
Green paper & pipe cleaners – Seaweed
Gold glitter pen/paint – because glitter is fun

I told the girls we are making a house for all the fish we were going to see at the lake in Canada. They had a ball!

Addie & Hay were so proud of their projects. Addie named her fish “Tanzania”. I’m still laughing over that!  Piper, well, she colored and then she ate crayons. She’s not quite at the art project stage yet.

This could be fun for so many little trips.  Love a good simple art project!


{Family Fun} Picnics work anywhere!

This is just a little reminder that life doesn’t need to be fancy.  You know how you can spend all that $$ on the fancy wooden organic oh so fabulous baby toy, but somehow your baby always wants to crawl into the Tupperware drawer instead??

Life with kids really can be just that simple.

And sometimes, just getting to eat your lunch on the floor sitting on blankets…a picnic in the kitchen if you will, is just what the day ordered.

It’s good to live outside the box a little.


{Family Fun} Traveling? Don’t forget…

Planning on traveling out of the country this summer, or frankly EVER?  Some of this may also apply if you’ll be somewhere closer to home, but remote. In this case I’m writing in regards to our being both out of the country for a month, and VERY remote.

1. Talk to your Pediatrician about prescribed medications your Littles may need. If you are traveling internationally, and your child needs antibiotics, you could find yourself trying to battle paperwork and courts to get a prescription written and filled without a local doctor.  And if you are staying in the boon docks somewhere, getting said antibiotics could be really difficult.  Planning ahead with your pediatrician and pharmacist will most likely help you, as the goal is to keep kids safe.  My Little Punks were each written a general antibiotic prescription which was filled but not mixed, therefore good longer than the 7-10 days.  If something happens with the kids, all I need to do is call their Doctor and if he feels it warrants the medicine, we mix it and it’s ready.

2. Pack other medical supplies you may need. No need to carry a pharmacy, but Tylenol, Ibuprofen, (& their respective dispensers), Simply Saline, Neasporin & Band-Aids are all good things that you will most likely use at some point.  I also take the kids inhalers.  I’m not going to tell you how many times in their young little lives we’ve been out of town and unexpectedly hit with Pneumonia. Also Benadryl or the generic form.  If you are going somewhere that you could come into an allergic reaction to something you might want this in your back pocket.  And don’t forget a Thermometer. Your Pediatrician will ask if your child has fever, and you’ll need to know.

3. If your children will ever be crossing a border without both parents (whether married or divorced), you need to have a notarized letter from the parent not traveling that they are aware their child is crossing a border. This happened to me when Addie was 9 months. Never even dawned on me! I was going to a funeral and since Hubs had to be with me to get her passport, I thought that was enough. I got REALLY lucky at the border. I think it helped that our trip was short and for a funeral. But I’ve always traveled with one since.

So as not to overload you, I’ll share some other tips for another post….most of all, you want to have fun on your vacation. For me personally, the best way to have fun is to know I’m prepared.

What other necessity tips do you have to share? I’m sure there are a zillion I have not even thought about!!