Thinking outside the box…

The other day I had to cram a bunch of errands in, so the 3 Littles and I headed out for a few “adventures”, one of which was Costco.  And of course when one is at Costco, one sees lots of tasting tables.  And the sweet Aidells folks happened to be there the afternoon the Littles and I were all there.

Have you tried these before? I have always liked their sausages, so I was game to try the meatballs. They said this flavor was a big hit with kids and my Littles happily took the toothpicks that were offered. In fact they took the next toothpick too, and the next, and the next, and the…..yeaaaaa, I think they ate 5 each. They were pretty tasty! A great, quick, healthy kid option….

Let’s review ~ all natural, they are never frozen, and my kids love them. Sure, I’ll take a box.

Then I served them to the kids a couple of nights later:

Addie: “I don’t like deese”.

Me: “No really, Addie, you DO. I saw you, you LOVE them. “

Then it occurred to me, there were no toothpicks!  I just happened to have some lollipops sticks left over from a party and quickly turned dinner into Meatball Pops…

“Oh Mommy! I LIKE deese!!!”

“I can pick them up like this!”

“And eat dem!!”

“Me too Mommy, I like deese too!”

“Can we have 15 more please!?!?”

My tip for today, if at first you don’t succeed….think outside the box.

You’ll be surprised what happens!

new favorite from costco ~ mac & cheese ravioli

Every now and then I spot a new fun thing at Costco and cross my fingers I’ve come across a new favorite.  This of course means that I’ve been able to leave at least 2 kids at home which allows me to really pay attention as I comb the aisles.  In this particular case I got lucky, I had 2 of my 3 kids in my cart and my Favorite guy had our 2 yo somewhere else   What I didn’t know was that our 2yo was entertaining the entire right hand side of Costco.  Apparently there was a karaoke machine that she thought was just FABULOUS, and a rather large crowd had formed.  Give the kid a microphone and she is ready to entertain….

She just can’t be my daughter…

But she IS my youngest sister’s niece!!


Back to Costco.

As I was taking a little more time to check things out, I came across this….

Goldfish Mac & Cheese Ravioli!?!?

Made with natural ingredients. OK, I’ll “bite”. The fish jumped into our cart and we tried them the next day for lunch.  There was a little recipe on the back for cheezy sauce that took a little elbow grease, but no longer than the 10 minutes it also took to cook the pasta, so in the end not a big deal.

How cute do these look???!

Winner, winner for Addie!

Winner, winner for Hay!

OK, so we might have even played with ’em a bit.  But really, when the kids were falling for them “hook, line and sinker” what could I do??

But we absolutely, for sure, certainly DID NOT play with our food at lunch.


We did not, I tell ya.

Did not.

I found these in the fresh ravioli. pasta section.  Normally in the back.  Give ’em a try.

They just might be a new favorite for you too!

“winner, winner, chicken dinner!”

Costco Orange Chicken

Okay nothing to do with 21: Bringing Down the House (great movie, and even better book by the way) but this post does involve gambling….

Normally on a Friday, I would post a new Weekly Menu and Shopping List for the following week as I tend to use part of my weekend to prepare for the next week’s meals, but because we launched on a Wednesday, I went ahead and posted next week’s menu at that time, so no extra menu today.


I will tell you about something that I’ll be putting on next week’s menu, Costco’s All Natural Orange Chicken.  OMG!! I’m big on trying different things out from Costco as the prices are normally good for the budget.  There are hits and misses…sometimes we REALLY miss (try getting through the bulk quantity of a “miss”, UGH), and sometimes we hit it BIG.  This is one of those times!

We made the Orange Chicken for dinner this week (20 minutes in the oven),  along with Trader Joe’s Jasmine rice (4 minutes in the microwave), and Costco’s Chicken Egg Rolls (20 minutes in the oven).  I threw some sliced green onions over the top and dinner was ready faster than you can say “TAKE OUT”!  Addie kept chirping, “YUMMMM!”, “YUMMMM!” with every bite.  Mike and I kept waiting to get that scary chicken bite, but it never happened.  This one is a keeper for us.  My only hope now is that Costco doesn’t stop caring it in a month – hate it when that happens…

So run, don’t walk, and see if your Costco carries!  You wont be sorry!

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!

p.s. I made the big adventure to Costco today and have about 20 images uploaded and ready to add to the Costco Gallery, just need to add the opinions this weekend…stay tuned and check back on Monday!

OHHHH….p.p.s Do you ever go to Chik-fil-A??  It’s my fast food weakness.  And my little way of still connecting to the south when I need a fix…Sweet Tea – OHHH so good, and with a drive thru, can’t beat it!  For some extra good news, we stumbled across a promotion in the Orange County locations (though if you live out of state or in a different county – check your local locations, it may be offered there too).  During the month of October, if you eat at Chik-fil-A on a Friday and save your receipt, then go back any other Friday (although there is only this week and next week now) with your receipt, you get YOUR ENTIRE PREVIOUS ORDER FOR FREE.   Hello!!?  Let me get this straight, we don’t have to cook, 2 dinners or lunches are taken care of for the price of 1, it’s pretty darn healthy fast food AND I get to leave the mess behind??  SIGN ME UP!  So now you’ll know where we will be for dinner Friday night. Winner, winner!!