{good eats} best turkey EVER!

I know I told you all about this last year, but really, I am so not kidding on this, unless of course we were just unbelievably lucky last year, but I’m going to guess not. I think it really is just THE.BEST.TURKEY.EVER.

I saw a link on Twitter last November, and followed it to this Maple Brined Grilled Turkey.  Since we were hosting last year and I was delegating dishes, I quickly shot an email over to my dad. This recipe looked right up the grill master’s alley.  He happily excpeted the challenge and arrived Thanksgiving morning grill in hand (errrr his trunk).  Not that we don’t have one, but dad is a charcoal kinda guy. (Although he is using my sister gas grill this year…)

Just a few things that I want to point out….

1. Grilling your turkey is not the same as deep frying, so no, there is no scary oil fire possibilty. This is just a grill people…like you put your burgers on.

2. Both brining and grilling will give your turkey AMAZING flavor and it will be ohhh so juicy!

3. Moving the turkey to the grill leaves lots more space in your oven for sides, and pies, and pies, and pies.

4. There wont be a horrible roasting pan that needs to be scrubbed to the death at the end of the mail.

Birds looking a little pale…kinda needs a sunny vacation don’t ya think??

Checking in on the bird… (photo is through our window)

Okay, THAT is what I’m talking about!

Annnnd a little while later…

Time to head inside to rest!


So that takes care of the bird, what about everything else?  Well last year I delegated the wine, appetizers, pies, etc.

Then 3 days before Thanksgiving, I shopped for everything I needed.

2 days before Thanksgiving, I prepped for all the side dishes. Want to know exactly how it all happened? READ THIS. No cooking happened this day, just chopping, dicing, and measuring into baggies to use the next day. SIMPLE.

The day before, while Addie was at a play date, and Hayden and Piper took their naps, I started cooking. But with everything prepped, it was SUPER EASY!

Even when Hayden joined me, I was still able to keep going. She kept busy most of the time “washing dishes” for me.

Everything was ready to go the day before, with leftovers ready to send with my sister for her Thanksgiving with her in-laws.  (Something to note, because I’m type A, these Pyrex dishes fit inside pewter serving dishes to place on the table.)

Now I didn’t really have a table setting to write home about. I was a little busy helping Hay find her “Bear Booty” as you’ll see below.

But the food???  Yep, THAT was something to write home about! Loved all the dishes. But what I loved most of all was ENJOYING the day. All I needed to do was set the dishes out that morning to bring them to room temperature, and then pop them in the oven to bake (or reheat).

See what I mean? How could I deny helping her find that cute little booty?? Oh wait, I mean that cute little bear!!

The food below may not be a food blogger lever photo, but the food? The food was so yummy!!!  I definitely recommend!  Here are the links to everything we loved last year:

Maple Brined Grilled Turkey {Dad’s making this again at my sister-in-laws, it was that good}

Best Stuffing Ever ~ Sourdough Cornbread Sausage Stuffing {I’m actually in charge of stuffing and making this again this year, again it was THAT good}

Broccoli Casserole & Sweet Potatoe Casserole {These are oldies but goodies. Nothing fancy, but kids and grownups alike love em! And BTW, I “accidently” used butternut squash instead of sweet potatoes because they were cut up in bulk at Costco. Tasted great!}

The Pioneer Woman’s Mashed Potatoes {A hit every time and reheats perfectly!}

Cheesy Bacon & Green Bean Casserole Pot Pie {a fun addition!}

We made the Pioneer Woman’s Whiskey Maple Cream Sauce to serve over the Apple Pie at the last minute {HEAVEN}.

As well as her French Onion Soup Stuffed Mushrooms Appetizer {DELICIOUS! I had the ingredients on hand so added this the morning of, so glad we did!!!}

All I can say is, print all of the above and use it this year. You and your guests will all be over the moon happy with the yumminess of it all!