put your helmet on and get ready for 2010!

It’s New Year’s Eve…and the only thing I know for sure is that 2010 is going to be a wild ride for us!!  I’m  strapping my helmet on and preparing for the craziness!!

On to business…do you have your goals and resolutions? Have you de-cluttered 2009 and made room for 2010???   I promise to offer suggestions in January for organizing life.  You can take it, leave it, delete it, read it, follow or unfollow me.  My goal is just to give you more tools to choose from in running your busy household.  Goodness knows, ours is BUSY and I WELCOME suggestions and tips and promise to continue to share what I learn with you all!!

I did manage to get the “Armoire Switch” project completed.  I’m showing you this for a few reasons:

I wanted to show you that in de-cluttering and reorganizing, you don’t necessarily have to go out and buy something new, sometimes you can shop in your own house and find a solution (Did you hear that, Honey??  I didn’t buy anything to complete these projects – well we did buy the felt moving pads $11? And the closet rod, $4??)

What I will say is that when I do buy, I buy smart.  The larger armoire in these photos was purchased for my first college apartment and it might have been $350.  Over the years it has been EVERYWHERE in each of my different apartments and then homes.  Every few years I give it another coat of Briwax and hope it’s starting to get more of an aged appearance.  A few locations ago it housed all of our home office equipment in the Family Room so Hubby cut holes in the back…

The same is true for the smaller armoire.  It used to be in my first interior design office, then it moved to the family room, then it become Hayden’s closet. But as Hay has grown, so have her clothes AND Addie has grown out of clothes that needed to move to Hayden’s room.

The storage boxes and multi-purpose bin are all from The Container Store.  I have no problem purchasing as I use them throughout our house and I love that I  always use the same systems because it keeps consistency when I choose to move things around or need to stack, etc.

As a reminder, this is where the armoire started in our Master Bedroom.

Normally I like to hide “equipment”, but there are times you can make it look OK, I think.
If you remember the jewelry box and perfume tray used to be on a bookshelf
but Addie had nearly killed both.  They have been “hiding” in this armoire causing me heartache
as I like to use them daily and have them in open site…

Hubby moved the smaller armoire from Hayden’s room into our room, and ours into her room.
The TV, etc is now on top and I think I may add a plant.  Needs a “little green’.
I also think the wall could take a pretty stretched canvas of the girls from Sandy Heit.
(Birthday hint, Honey!).

Everything that was in the old armoire, is now in this one.
Shoes that I REALLY don’t use as often are behind the other shoe boxes.
The larger box has smaller hand bags and clutches.
And the open bin holds my collection of “flips”
(mostly Havaianas– I pretty much live in them post office job and now chasing Littles!)

I completely spaced on taking a picture of Hayden’s armoire pre-move.
There used to be a clothes rod in the piece above, under the 1st shelf.
My husband added the small shelf that my running shoes are now on to hold
The Container Store shoe boxes which served as “drawers” for Hay’s socks, shoes, bloomers, hats, etc.
Nice that it worked perfectly for my running shoes too!

So instead, here is all the stuff that came out of Hay’s and needed to find a new home.

This is my old college armoire, from our room that was moved to Hay’s room.

Hubby added another closet rod for me this AM.  SO SIMPLE to do this to
almost any piece of furniture.  Once again, just The Container Store storage boxes.
You may have also noticed the kids hangers. A brilliant mom friend gave me a few
wooden kids hangers when Addie was born and I FELL IN LOVE!  They look great
when you want to “display” a cute coat or outfit, and they store the clothes
perfectly!  I went in with 2 other friends and ordered 2 types of hangers in bulk and then
we all split the cost.  Have not regretted for a minute.

I’m sure some have wondered why I need an armoire for a closet for Hay.
Doesn’t she have a closet?? Actually, no.  Surprisingly this house does not have
a lot of storage.  And it’s an older home, all be it we remodeled the heck out of it
when we moved in last year, but we did not move walls, etc.  So the rooms are the original
50s sized rooms.  So I had to be creative in how I used the spaces as well as how I would fit
all of our existing furniture.  I chose to put Hay’s crib in the closet in order to fit a bed
in her room.  Our painter was brilliant and took the crown moulding straight across the top of the closet,
now when we turn it back into a closet, the tracks will be hidden and everything will look
very clean and neat.  Behind that curtain is a regular shelf you would find in a closet.

But for now, it holds larger Container Store boxes with out of season/wrong sized clothes,
extra diapers, and supplies that I don’t need to get to everyday.

So that’s where I’m at.  There is definitely more to do and I plan on taking full advantage of Hubby being home for the next few days to continue to break the back on this decluttering and reorganzing project.  So stay tuned through January to see the progress and I promise to pass on helpful tips.

New Years Goals:

  1. Finish reorganizing all cabinets, drawers, closets in the house by the end of January 2010.
  2. Workout 100 days – I love that my brother in law made this a goal last year and achieved in flying colors losing 30 lbs while he was at it.  So attainable!
  3. Get rid of all baby weight from 3 years of pregnancy.  Kind of goes hand in hand with the goal above…I’m definitely ready to be me again…please tell me its possible!
  4. Find time for myself each week.  30 minutes to an hour that are just for me.  Reading a magazine, talking to a friend, drinking a glass of wine on the front porch.  Just a few minutes each week that are quiet and that let me remember who I am.  I truly believe to be the best you can be for your family, you have to give to yourself a little.
  5. Finish a list of projects to be completed (or at least have a good bunch written down that I can add to throughout the year) by the end of 2010.  I will post this on Friday, January 1st.  I may even add another list to the planner for ongoing projects….Little projects always pop into my head and I feel like if I had a master list of them all that they might actually all happen and get crossed off rather than being the mythical list in my head that I think about year after year.
  6. Grow a vegetable garden – kind of feel like this may be like having a 4th child, but knowing that we wont be leaving the house too much in the next year, it could be fun for the Littles and me…
  7. Grow this blog to reach as many people as it can – I would love to pick a number, but not really sure what’s possible….hmmm, I may update this goal.  I need all of your help continuing to spread the word.  Please do let me know how I can help you better.  I know I have not been the best at returning emails super promptly, but as I get more used to balancing family, work and blogging life, I WILL get better!
  8. Finally – SURVIVE the year with 3 LITTLES, 2 YEARS OLD AND YOUNGER – This will be the biggest hurdle!  But I know it can be done as others have before me…get ready for some interesting posts!!

Wishing you all an amazing New Year!
Enjoy your final day of 2009!
THANK YOU for reading this blog and stopping by each day for a visit!
I truly appreciate and am thankful for you!!

*** If anyone would like a copy of the New Years templates from one of MFE’s fabulous readers, Lindsey G – please leave a comment below and be sure to include your email address. I’ll forward her templates to you! Here is her comment of the great project: “Another tradition that my GFs and I do every NYE is have a BURN & FLOAT party. You write down your the things you want to get rid of in your life, roll them up and toss them into a fire (BURN) and then you write down your wishes for the new year and put them in a paper boat and send them sailing away in body of water (FLOAT). If you aren’t close to a lake, ocean or stream you can use your backyard pool or a local fountain! Its empowering to watch those goodbye burn and a great way to send out your “intentions” for the New Year ahead!”

Winter Wonder Sale Graphic

Making lists, kicking booties, taking names!

Oh Tuesday was CRAZY!  If any of you follow MFE on Twitter, then you also know that I had to take an unexpected 3 hour glucose test (which really takes 4 hours) and failed my last hour, BARELY!!  I’m now taking it again next week just to be sure.  Then our new car arrived after waiting 7 WEEKS!  So excited not to be sharing the construction pick-up truck with hubby anymore – not that it wasn’t “fun”, but have you tried getting kids out of car seats from a pick up when you’re 8 months pregnant??  Picking a car up always takes a couple hours to finalize paperwork, etc.  Thankfully it was a day my Right Hand was working, so even though I lost 6 hours of my day that I wasn’t planning on, I still got through the “toss it stage” of the fridge, freezer, pantry, kids and baking cabinets.

Here’s where I’m at before restocking the staples in each.
I keep an emergency list, Little’s schedule, Pediatricians office hours and Phone#
and Hubby’s Chore Chart (definitely a joke!) in the Little’s Pantry Cabinet.

I moved all the medicine to the bathroom in a sealed container
I love The Container Store shoe boxes as “pull out drawers” for bottles, etc.
These cabinets are deep, so I keep the excess bottles and extra formula, etc
behind the other items that I use daily.

This is the Base of the Little’s pantry cabinet.

Can you tell I’m a Costco shopper???  I love to stock up on staples.
It may take a bit to use them all, but so much easier to always have at my finger tips!

Also, love to have containers I can see through to know what’s in the pantry!

Have not done much other than toss from the fridge…

And my hubby helped me move some armoires between bedrooms.  Have you ever used Felt Sliders or Slider Pads for Carpet?!?!?  HOLY MOTHER OF MOVING EASINESS!!!  A great friend turned me onto these and loaned me hers today.  We quickly went out and bought our own.  Super cheap, VERY easy to move things around (without breaking your back).  Even pregnant me could do it – although I happily let cute hubby take care of it..but even he was super impressed!

I’ve also been keeping my notebook close by and jotting down things that I need to be sure to do….I wouldn’t call these New Years resolutions, but definitely goals that I would like to get accomplished in the month of January and certainly before my life changes forever and ever once #3 arrives March 8th.  Here’s a few teaser things from the list – trust me, there is more:

  1. Wash car seat covers
  2. Wash stroller covers
  3. Restock kids medications – Hyland Teething Pills, Benedryl single measures, Saline Nasal Spray (1 for each), Vitamins, Tylenol (1 for each) – I like to write each Little’s name in a sharpie on 2 Tylenol bottles and 2 nasal sprays.  I’m so neurotic that after each cold, I replace with a new one even though I wash the syringes and lids between dosages).  The girls have not been sick THAT much and I’m not afraid to expose them to things as I believe it helps build their immunity.  But they have never really had the exact same thing at the exact time (plus the thought of the last cold being bottled up in there – hmmmmm)  it just seems like a good thing to do to have fresh ones.
  4. Check your own medications – You will be shocked that you are probably using Ibuprofen from 2006!  I like to restock these at the beginning of the year.  Toss perscription drugs that you are not using anymore or that have expired.  Addie actually got into a bottle of leftover Vicodin that my husband had filled but had never used.  After spending a few hours in the ER and figuring out she had not eaten any of them, we quickly tossed what was not being used.  No need to take the chance!
  5. Update your emergency numbers list – I keep this posted next to the Little’s schedule in their pantry.
  6. Update kids schedules – I keep a schedule posted in the Little’s pantry so it’s easier for anyone coming to help with the kids.  Our nanny, hubby, grandparents, sitter – my mom actually asks me to email her a copy so she has on her fridge too.
  7. Clean out purse and diaper bag – restock with essentials.  I have a wonderful girlfriend that I used to babysit for her in college.  With 4 kids, I was often tasked with helping her get organized.  One of my favorite things to do was clean out her purse and guess how many pens I would find….it was almost ALWAYS over 10!  Once there were 15 pens in her bag!  Love it!
  8. Check passport expiration dates – put it on your calendar to renew at least 2 months prior to experation – a WHOLE LOT easier to renew!  If you do not have them for your kids or yourself, go ahead and get them.  MUCH easier when you’re not in a time crunch!  And you can do everything at the post office.  The passports are the easiest thing to use for the kids when we travel for ID.

Lastly, my sister gave me this in my stocking for Christmas.  I’ve seen and used similar lists, but this one is DEFINITELY a FAVORITE!  It’s the 2010 Paper Mousepad Calendar: Take Care of Business.  It’s a notepad that doubles as a mousepad and is dated for the rest of this week and then 2010.  There is a place for “Top Priority”, “Tasks”, “Correspondence”, and “Errands” – it has been super helpful for me organizing tasks for this week.  At $5.99 it’s a cheap way to stay on top of your game!

Lots more to take on tomorrow…hoping to post the results of the armoire switch.

Here’s everything I took out of Hayden’s armoire that I now have to make a new home for…

Tomorrow’s New Years Eve…we’re running out of time!!

TOSS, DONATE, EBAY, CRAIGS LIST, ANYTHING just get it out of your house!!

Give 2010 a FRESH START!!


toss it!

(Pantry – this is where most of the dry food staples go…)

This is what I’m doing over the next day or 2…
remember we are counting down to a NEW YEAR and NEW BEGINNINGS….

I’m including a few of my current projects so that you can see that I TOO have LOTS of work to do – things are semi organized at our house and I do actually have a system, all be it a mess at the moment.  The end of the year always brings chaos to my “perfectly orchestrated systems (ha!)”  But thought I would share some before photos…

(Bottle cupboard – this is mostly the Littles’ bottles, sippy cups, plates, etc.
I also keep a shelf of breakfast things, and the top shelf is catch all stuff we don’t use that often)

(This is the base cabinet below – 1st shelf is kids food, 2nd shelf is baking, and the bottom is appliances)

(The Fridge  – Ugh, always a nightmare at the end of a holiday.
A million different people have been helping clean up for the past few days which is AWESOME,
but I’m not really sure what’s in here or where right now…)

(The Freezer – I’ve been trying to use things up for the clean out, so a little more empty than usual,
but still A MESS)

(Bathroom Drawer – Holy Moly – Where to begin!  I love these bathroom drawers.
They are EXTRA deep so that I can stand all the bottles up,
but UMM, Addie has been REALLY into getting things out while I’m getting ready
so everyday I’m THROWING things back in to get us out the door…)

(Bedroom Armoire – I’m big on hiding things.  so the TV is hidden nicely behind these doors.
The perfume tray and jewelry box used to sit on a book shelf in our bedroom.
But “Tornaddie” strikes again here too.
The box was almost splinters a few weeks ago
and the perfume bottles are lucky to be alive with as many times as they have been pulled off the shelf…
so I’m looking for some new tactics here.
Our closet isn’t very big, so this also serves as overflow for my shoes, flips and bags…)

So I’m getting started and I’m not afraid to throw things away, you shouldn’t be either!

Before I start organizing, I get rid of extra things we just don’t need, have expired, are no longer pertinent, etc.  It always seems easier to me to do things in steps of smaller projects.   I know that its much easier to tackle in bite size portions…and the plus to this, is that it also means I get to feel GOOD after lots of little tasks are accomplished!  And there is nothing like working against the thrill of a deadline!

(And I highly suggest keeping a little notebook glued to your side for the next few days.  My brain is a sieve right now, but if I at least jot a note in my notebook, then when I sit at my desk, I can DO SOMETHING usefull with the information.)

A few ideas to get started:

1. SERIOUSLY…do you still need the 1 million holiday catalogs that were sent to you over the past few months?!?!?  NOPE – GET RID of them!  Do you have favorite magazine issues that you have been saving.  If you REALLY love the whole issue, no problem, keep it.  Otherwise, take the stack to bed with you, tear out the articles or photos you really want to keep and put them in a folder.  At least you wont be trying to find a place to store a billion heavy magazines.

2. Take apart your fridge and freezer and THROW OUT things that have started their own life.  In the fridge, double check all the bottles and condiments.  (You HAVE to leave a comment below with the oldest date you find!!)  You might just shock yourself.  I remember doing this one year and found a salad dressing that was 2 years “expired”  YIKES!  And I thought my fridge was pristine and super clean….Be sure to keep a list of what you tossed so you know what needs to be replaced.  Also, to prep for the next organizing step, start listing things that use regularly as you’ll be restocking quite soon.

3. Clean out your bathroom drawers & cabinets.  Remember, we are not organizing just yet, we are TOSSING, pre-organizing.  There are 2 ways to tackle.  I had a friend that refused to buy 1 more anything until she used up each and every body lotion, shampoo, conditioner, etc that she found.  If you have a lot of little almost used up things, group them together in large ziplocks (so you know what you really have) and go ahead and use them up.  Great way to help the budget out.  But be sure to toss anything that really is just so low that its pointless to hold onto it.  I don’t think she purchased things for a few months!

The other option is tossing things you just don’t use.  I’m a big believer in fresh starts, and I show no mercy when I clean things out. 

If I’m not using it and HAVE NOT used it in more than a few months, IT GOES!

OK, that’s enough to get us started – have fun getting rid of the uselessness of 2009!!  Make some room for 2010!!

New Year, New You!

Something I’ve been thinking about the last couple of days…..there are only 4 more days left in 2009 (which means baby #3 is going to be here WAAAYY too soon!  I’ve started making up my lists of things that MUST get done before Thursday night (not just baby, but me, the house, the blog, everything), as well as goals for January 2010.  I guess it’s a blessing and a curse to be pregnant when the new year rolls around – I have NESTING overlapping with NEW YEAR BEGINNING GOALS, which all = A WHOLE LOTTA “TYPE A” going on.

Honey we need to GET THINGS DONE mode!

It’s been a great few days off.  Lots of play time with family and Littles. But I couldn’t quite figure out how I was actually getting things done, especially with my right hand on vacation all week.  Then it occurred to me, I wasn’t writing blog posts! And as much as I love sharing and writing about “favorites” with you all, it’s amazing how much time gets sucked out of a day!! However, nothing is changing, my head is down and we are charging forward with just as many fun posts as there have been until now!

But looking at the photo of Addie above on Christmas Day at the park reminded me that life is fun!  And our Littles are fun (they are WORK, but they are FUN!)  So I’ve decided that the January posts are going to focus on getting life organized so that we can have more fun with our family & friends, our Littles, gran-Littles, and friends Littles!

Thursday is a NEW YEAR, which means ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES!



New HOME (or ways to make if feel new)


You most certainly need to check in, or subscribe to daily emails.  I think I’m about to tear apart small areas of my house, myself, my closets, the Littles’ closets, etc and put them all back together.  It’s going to be fun!  Can’t wait to do this all with you and get us all into a better place.  Start thinking about what you want 2010 to be for you. What do you want to accomplish in the next 365 days?  I don’t mean hard and fast New Year’s resolutions that you burn out on after a week, I mean true goals that would make you SOOO excited  you actually achieved them!

One of the best New Years resolutions I’ve heard came from my hubby’s brother, he set a goal last year to workout “100 times in 2009”.  His goal was not to go to the gym a set number of days in a week, just 100 times in the entire year.  The window was SOOOO OPEN for success with a goal like that!  Easy to go more times some weeks, and less other weeks when the schedules didn’t permit.  In the end he not only achieved his goal but lost 30 lbs while he was at it!!  LOVE IT!!  I’m totally adding that one to my 2010 hopes and dreams.

I’m working on my goals, I encourage you to too…let’s compare!  I’ll post my list on New Years Eve, and I would love to hear things you all are thinking about.  Leave a comment below with any suggestions you have, or something that you plan on doing – we might all get a little something from each other that way.

Happy List making!

Fresh New Year's Cards

It’s a merry christmas for a happy winner!

So I remembered to do the drawing this AM (I think Addie was as excited to see the drawing bucket as she was her presents!)  But please forgive the point & shoot camera!  As a reminder I left my big camera at Grams and Gramps house last night and this camera isn’t nearly as fast with Miss Addison…

But here goes…

What’s this mom? Did Santa bring this too??

Uh-oh!  It spilled!  Is ok, I get it Mom…


Maybe I should put ’em back in the bucket?

Do you want my painted hand Dada?

You want a name? K – Let me see what I can do…

Got one!!

(Mom is on pins and needles…..who is it? who is it??)

Congratulations Sara Tams!  Merry Christmas!

(Not a great photo, so sorry!!!! It was all happening so fast!)

Susie with Zee Studio will be contacting you to get things going.
I’m so excited to see what you girls come up with!

Thank you to EVERYONE that entered!  Happy Holidays to you and your families!

See  you back here on Monday :-)

shot glass in a jar?

Cabinet 1

I’ve lived in some TINY places. At times I thought I COULD move to New York as I’ve found ways to make EVERYTHING fit and still have access to it. Funny thing is, some of the tricks I’ve learned over the years have become second nature and normal to me so they don’t seem that unusual.  But when I was visiting with a friend the other day, she told me I needed to share me “jar storage” with you all…and honestly, I’ve been using them for so long, I wasn’t even sure I knew what she was talking about!!

I’m sure you’ve seen these jars before.

Williams Sonoma and Crate and Barrell have both sold them over the years.

Mine came from Target and I think were about $6-$10/each.

(The link I’m giving is for a collection, but I know in the store I was able to buy just the sizes I needed.)

Target Glass Jars

Great thing about these jars is they can be used for anything.  I’ve used them for the typical..

sugar and flour on the kitchen counter…

then they were in my pantry with tea bags and gum packages…

in the craft room with pens, tools, rubber stamps.

But for the past few years they have held entertaining accessories.

(napkin rings, cheese & appetizer knives, shot glasses, espresso cups…)

Jars 1

jars 2

(Do me a favor and overlook the dust on that bottom shelf – WOW!
shows you how many dinner parties I’ve thrown in the past few months!

I love to use the espresso cups to serve “soup shots” for parties.

Or the shot glasses are great for a late night surprise of fresh baked cookies and a shot of cold milk.

I keep them in 2 black Ikea cabinets in our entry way.

The cabinets too have been used in all sorts of locations,

They were about $350/each and with a little dressing up, actually fit in quite well!

They both have TOT locks on them so the girls can’t get into any of it,

but we can when we need to.

[singlepic id=184 w=320 h=150 float=center]

Cabinet 2

Hope this is helpful to you!  Now get out there and pick up those last minute gifts, wrap the few straggler presents (or have a glass of wine if you happen to be 1 of the lucky few that is DONE!)  Be sure to enter the Zee Studio Website Design Giveaway, today is the last day to enter!!!  Winner will be announced on Christmas Day (remember the girls can’t stay awake until 9PM on Wed when it closes…).

Happy Day before Christmas Eve!

my favorite secret

Zee Studio Home Page

So you waited for it, and here it is, the COOOOOLEST giveaway!

When I decided that I wanted to do this blog after so much friend encouragement,
I knew that I could not do it halfway.
And that it was an all or nothing kind of thing.
But here enters the first of many problems:

I have very high standards…

I barley understand Facebook, let alone WordPress, HTML code or Twitter…

I tried to make up my own site but just stumbled all over the place

I kept looking around at other sites and could not figure out HOW they made them look so good.
I knew what I wanted, sort of, well not really.

I just knew what I wanted people to get out of My Favorite Everything.
But I didn’t have a CLUE how to make that happen.

After beating my head on my desk and realizing that it may take me a year to get this up and going, another fun friend of mine launched a very cool blog about a fictional pregnant girl, My Hormones Made Me Do It.  Not only was her writing style entertaining, but her blog design had a wonderful and chic look about it.  I immediately made the phone call to find out who had designed it….and the rest is history.

Meet Susie of Zee Studio.

Zee Studio Susie

Susie is my savior and the amazing web designer behind this site. At this point she is almost the Godmother of our third child!

I have never met Susie in person, but have daily emails with her as I get in and out of so many behind the scene messes. I can assure you, this blog WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED without her.

Zee Studio has a very important talent. They can filter through everything you are saying to figure out EXACTLY what you are really asking for.

And here is the important part:

Then they make it happen in flying colors. On time, on budget, with amazing results

Besides the amazing design talent, Zee Studio does something else that I found extremely valuable, they understand time management, deadlines and communication.

Your email will be answered the same day it is received.

When Zee Studio says you will have a comp, or something delivered on a certain day,


Zee Studio is ABSOLUTELY a FAVORITE, I stand behind them 500%.

But I’m not the only one, check out the additional love. Oh to be loved as much by so many!

Susie has now designed this website, the business cards, post cards and I asked her to do our family holiday card (this is NOT something I typically allow out of my hands!) along with darling postage stamps to go with them.  Her design ability is endless!

Check out the Zee Studio blog for recent projects.

OK – now onto the coolest giveaway…

[singlepic id=25 w=320 h=240 float=center]

To celebrate the holidays, Zee Studio is giving away a Mini WordPress Blog Package ($800 value) to one My Favorite Everything reader.
OMG This is so amazing!!! I can’t wait to see it!!!

With this package, you will get one custom blog design created just for you, with two rounds of revision on the initial concept.

The blog will be fully coded and installed on your own web server, and Zee Studio will provide instruction on how to use your new software.

Full details of this package can be found here.

(You have no idea how AMAZING this is! TRUST me, speaking from this end, if I had had the opportunity to enter this a few months ago, I would have 24 x 7!)

Info behind the giveway:

1. You must be serious about this project and have a concept or goal in mind. It is not possible to design a website otherwise. So please explain your concept (this can be as short as one sentence! It does not need to be long) either in a comment, or by emailing it to Susie at info@zee-studio.com if you’d like to keep it secret. Any information you submit via email will be kept confidential. If you skip this step, your other entries will not count. A winner will be randomly selected from the valid entries.

2. Giveaway can be for new blogs, or existing blogs in need of a redesign. It is also open to both individuals and businesses.

3. Winner can upgrade their package or add more features as desired and the difference will be due before the start date.

4. Your project will begin in mid-January and should take between 2 to 4 weeks to fully complete. (and she means it!)

5. Please note that the winner will be responsible for covering the costs of domain name registration and hosting. I have discount codes available for Dreamhost if you choose to use that company. The host must be compatible with WordPress (almost all will, but it’s best to double check with me if you are not sure).

Rules to enter:
Each must be left in a separate comment (sorry, it’s easier for the drawing!)

1. Sign up for the Zee Studio monthly newsletter that has exclusive discounts and latest news. You can sign up here and can unsubscribe any time. The newsletter is sent once per month. Entry only counts if subscription is verified by the recipient (1 entry).

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what have we gotten into this time??

I know you all probably don’t want to hear all this, but sometimes I just have to laugh at my life and then I feel like I need to share it with someone…so here goes…

I was reading a post from one of my favorite OC Mom Bloggers, Peace, Love and Momminess, who wrote a post for OC Family this week and I had to chuckle at the irony.  She was describing how a simple, inexpensive “Honey Do” task for her husband leads to no good and a much BIGGER more expensive project in the end.  I have the opposite issue.

My husband GETS THINGS DONE.  (Obviously, I’ve been pregnant 3 straight years…).  If I so much as breathe the thought that I think we should add a baby lock to a drawer, he is out the door for the drill before I’ve finished the sentence.  Maybe we could add a shelf to this antique pine cabinet, he is in the car to Home Depot, cut, stained and installed it before the cabinet knew what hit it – and it LOOKS GOOD!

And if you don’t already know me, we bought a home (definitely the worst house on the block scenario) last year when I was 5 months pregnant, completed a do it yourself remodel (Addie was in a backpack for most of this, Home Depot knew me by name) with tons of family and friends helping out in 11 weeks – so I’m now 8 months pregnant, we move in, while I was also project managing the installation of a resort, and served Thanksgiving for my family and in-laws.  We then had the typical moving in issues, finishing up the work on the outside of the house (great for nap schedules), the holidays,  Hayden was born,  Addie’s 1st Birthday…..and the super traveling circuit began all before I headed back to my office job.  It was a lot. But that’s what we do, we take on a lot, we don’t say no, we try to do it all.

Back to this week.

Hubby and I had been discussing building on a playroom, and then we found out we were pregnant, again.  Hubby decided we needed to add the room, pronto.  Love that.

I’ve also learned that being the fact that we are both project managers, best NOT TO PROJECT MANAGE each other.  So I have not asked any questions, just done what I was asked to do with it all, when I was asked.

(I should note that Hubby has a tendency to ask for things quickly however.  I’m going to pour concrete this weekend.  OK.  I need a plan tomorrow of where all the plants will go plus the BBQ area with tap outs for grill, fire pit, fridge, etc. OKKKKK)

For this current project Hubbys says, “It’s not really going to be a big deal to build this room.  We have a lot of the materials left over from the house, so really it’s just the labor”.  (OK – Don’t say, “It’s just the labor“to someone who is in her 3rd pregnancy in 3 years –  I bit my tongue, I was getting a playroom after all).

Fast forward to this week. Hayden is going through a teething/eating/not sleeping issue at the moment.  So between late nights working on this blog and the VERY early mornings with a screaming “because SURELY someone is pulling-all-her-finger-nails-out baby”…I’m a little tired and slower than usual.

Hubby looks up and says, “Oh the guys are coming to do some stuff around the house today”.

Me: “OK, what are they doing”.

Hubby: “Tearing apart the garage, adding insulation, putting up drywall, working on the plumbing, adding rain gutters.  Just some prep work before the room is added on.  They wont be in the house, maybe once or twice, just a bit of noise and mess outside.”

Me: “OK, for how long?”

Hubby: “Probably until the end of the week, maybe part of next week too.  Oh and what day will you not be using your desk?”

Me: “Why?”

Hubby: “I’m going to have them demo the old water heater cabinet and add the shelves you asked for”.

Me: “Thursday, I’ll be gone all day at a consulting job. Does this mean you need me to design the interior of the cabinet before then?” (Told ya – Remember the side note above…)

Hubby: “Yep.  Oh and do you need your car that day?”

Me: “Not sure how else I get to the job??  Why?”

Hubby: “I’m going to have the dent removal guy come and work on that back bumper, it would be better if you could get there another way.”

Me: “OKKK.”

Construction ConcreteConstruction Shower

Construction Garage

My husband proceeds to go in and out of the house talking to “his guys” and I’m using the time the kids are happy playing to make a brisket for Wednesday night, and Chicken Pot Pies for Tuesday night – what that means is A LOT OF CHOPPED ONIONS.  So by the time hubby heads off to the office, I’m BAWLING from onion tears.  I’ve wiped my eyes (that I have not take my makeup off from yesterday) no less than 100 times.

Thankfully our nanny arrives (yipee – it’s a day I have help!!!) and takes Addie out for some play time.  Hayden goes down for her morning nap.  I decided to grab a couple minutes on the computer (why change out of my PJs or take a shower yet??)  Just as I do, one of Hubby’s guys comes to ask me a question about the garage.  I apologize for the PJs (OK truth, old sweats) give them the answers they need and decide to come in and get dressed.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!  I LOOK LIKE A CLOWN! I am in old sweats, hugely pregnant, have not washed my hair in oh maybe 3 days, and have black mascara all over my face from the onion tears!  I look like I’ve been in a bar fight!!  AAAGGHHHH!

OK – I get through this, carry on with the rest of the day (the one where Addie climbs on the table and “feeds” Hayden lunch while I’m not looking.  Note the chairs that have to sit ON the table to try and stop this fun game)

Construction Feed Construction Hay

I pick up the conversation with Hubby again that night.

Me: “So do you think the playroom will be done for Christmas?  I thought that could be the girls present, to fill it with fun toys?”

Hubby: “Not a chance. We need the plans to get through the city first, and then…., and then…., and then.” (I can’t even remember it all).

Me: “OK, so do you think it will be done for their birthday party in February.  Plus it would be good to have the backyard out of the construction zone again.”

Hubby: “Nope, we’ll probably just be starting it the first week of March, the same week #3 is born.”

(Did you hear the record screeched to a halt???)

Hubby: “I was thinking the baby will sleep with us, the girls stay where they are at and we just grin and bear it for a month or so with a few knocked out walls. BTW, I asked them to make the garage stuff  that’s in the backyard safe for the kids, they are building a giant playpen for it, and I think I’m going to demo the garage wall and put plywood up on the side of the house until the new room is built.”

Consruction Playpen

WOW.  This is going to be fun.  What have we gotten into, again.

Glad I made the brisket already.  I think I’ll even drink a glass of wine tonight.

Thanks for hanging in for my long story of the week. Stay tuned for updates…..Be sure to check out next week’s menu and shopping list.

Lastly, don’t forget to enter to win the Sarah + Abraham gift card!!

Happy Friday!