organization bliss!

I love to be organized.  My husband is convinced I was the biggest nerd growing up, and I probably was (but he doesn’t think so now when he is searching for his almonds in the pantry!)

I would get the urge to reorganize my closet or room, and stay up all night.  During the summers in grade school, my mom didn’t mind at all – and as a mom myself now, I totally understand – who could blame her…..her daughter wanted to thourghly clean and organize her room…Go to town!  She also likes to remind me of when I was a Freshman at SMU.  I walked into the Container Store to get supplies for my dorm room and proudly announced as I walked through the doors, ” I Love Organization!”.

OK, so maybe I am a nerd…

But it really irks me to waste time looking for things.

At the time we didn’t have a Container Store near our house in California, but we DEFINITELY do now and I’m a frequent shopper.  They have this great feature called “Click and Pickup”.  You just go to their website, find your products and enter your zip code to see if Click and Pickup is available in your area.  If it is, then you are IN BUSINESS!!  I shop on the site, click and add things to my cart, choose the “pick up” option at checkout, and then chose the date and time that works for me, and I’m off!  To make this feature even better, I called our local Costa Mesa store to ask if I could call them from my cell phone when I was outside so that I wouldn’t have to get the Littles out of their car seats to go in and pick up my order, “Yes, Mam! Just pull into our back parking lot and let us know you’re here”.  BRILLIANT! If only I could take them home with me to unload too…

So here are a few of my favorite organizing items.  There are so many that are easy and great to use, but the following I use everywhere and are super helpful!

Container Store Multi Use Bin Multi Purpose Bin

The name says it all, you can use these with EVERYTHING!  I have them under our bathroom sinks, in my office cabinet with catalogs/fabric samples/treasured Domino magazines, holding extra supplies in the kids closets, piled high with my flip flops in my closet….they constantly sell out as they are so popular.  I always buy a couple more than I think I need as I can always find a way to use them.  They just sit so well on a shelf lined up together, or filling that one space that no other box can fit (They are narrow, about 6 1/2″ with a handle on either end).

Container Store - Storage BoxesClear Storage Boxes

Clear is the key here, as is uniform storage boxes.  I not-so-secretly prefer if everything looks the same as it has a cleaner appearance, but also like to choose 1 system to use as they normally can stack well on top of each other. For years,  I used to be a huge fan of the Target Clear Clearview boxes, until they stopped carrying certain sizes…..gggggrrrh!!  So I had to find another system I liked, and have been very pleased with the Container Store clear boxes.  These are currently combined with my Target boxes but I’m in a slow process to move the Target boxes to the Littles’ closets and the Garage storage so that I can keep my office and closet the same (I’m seeing more clearly how big of a nerd I really am…).

Container - Step StoolRolling Step Stool

Our kitchen cabinets are tall!  My hubby and I are both tall (6′ 5″ and 5″ 10″) and we can’t reach the top shelves.  Well he can, barely, but I can’t and it’s much easier for both of us with this stool.  I bought this just after we moved into our house last November.  Addie was just learning to walk (oh the joy of your child walking at 10 months! **note sarcasm**) but it was cute watching her use it as a walker and roll the step stool around.  More than that though, I was almost 8 mos pregnant and wanted to be sure whatever step stool I was using, that I was SECURE and not about to tip over (And this one secures in place once you step down on it).  Plus, I was very often carrying Addie while needing to scoot the stool to another area. Because it rolls easily when you are not standing on it, I could kick it wherever I wanted to stand next.  Perfect!

Container Store - Laundry.jphLaundry Hamper

Love these hampers!  I have about 4 of them.  My Office/Laundry room has a tall cabinet that I can line these across inside.  But usually I have them out behind my desk chair.  When there isn’t any laundry (AS IF!) OK, when there isn’t any IN THIS ROOM then I can stack them neatly inside each other and they take up a very small footprint. When I am multi-tasking with the laundry and work, then I can line them up with the sorted laundry and they aren’t in the way, AND when I need to carry laundry to the bedrooms (OK – maybe not me, more Aly than me – I wash, she folds and puts away – Heaven), it’s not hard to carry the basket with one hand and a Little with the other.

Container Store InterlockKitchenDrawerOrgInterlocking Drawer Organizers

These interlocking organizers are so old school, but if it’s not broke…you know the rest.  I measure the drawers I need organizers for and then make up the puzzle that will work.  I usually buy an assortment as I’m never really sure what configuration I’ll want and then return what I don’t need.  How great is it to open an organized drawer with everything in it’s place?!?!  (Yep, I’m a nerd…)

Container Store Tellfresh 3Container Store Tellfresh 2Container Store Tell Fresh 1

Tellfresh Food Storage

So along the same lines as the clear storage boxes for the closets and office, I love the Tellfresh Food Storage boxes for our pantry.  We don’t exactly have what I would call a pantry.  Well we kinda do, but it’s pretty much stacked full of formula, baby food, bottles, sippy cups….you get the drift. So we use one of the regular Upper Cabinets as the pantry.  I love using these Tellfresh boxes so that I can stack things neatly, easily locate things, keep snacks fresher longer, etc.  There are a ton of different shapes and sizes.  I suggest you measure your shelves (width, height and depth) and then it’s easy to see what boxes will fit well together in the space.  This link takes you to one shape of the Tellfresh boxes, be sure to check out all the Tellfresh sizes.

Then if you want to be super nerdy – and this TOTALLY is – I completely admit to this and my addiction…but a label maker is pretty fun.  We have the Brother PT-80 P-touch Electronic Labeling System and it’s almost easy enough for Addie to use.  (Are you happy Honey, now EVERYONE knows that YOU were right, I’m a total organizing nerd!!  But you are STILL happy you can find your almonds!)

Amazon Label Maker

Happy organizing everyone!  Do you have a favorite Container Store item?  Let us know below!  And check back tomorrow to see who won the iTunes gift cards,  get next week’s menu and shopping list.  And if you have not already checked out the site, the Mama Mio, 30% off promotion ends at midnight tonight, love to save a buck or 2 while crossing off names on the holiday list!