Our Wedding ~ Part 3 ~ Save the Date

Contrary to popular belief, I did not have a grand plan for our wedding. Things sort of came together as we went along. I mean I knew certain things that I wanted, and I also knew that in the directions I chose to take, I would find elements that I could keep consistent through out. But at the time we decided on the Mauna Kea in Hawaii, the only thing I knew was:

  1. We were getting married in Hawaii
  2. The date was November 4th
  3. I liked the color orange

We were engaged in February, and I think we had decided on Hawaii by Mid March or April. One of my sister-in-law’s was due with her second baby in June, my other sister-in-law was getting married that August, and my own sister was due with her first baby at the end of the year. I knew dates would fill up. So I needed to get “Save the Dates” out within days of our decision…oh, and I didn’t have any money to spend on them.

The post card to the left is the Save the Date. Thank goodness Liz Photographed it as I can’t seem to find a copy now! Anyhoooo, image was on the front, and I made up a postcard on the back and ran it back through the printer after the front side had dried.

The Save the Date ended up inspiring the information packet (the other item in the photo above) that I sent out after the invitations.

I opted to use leftover card stock from our family Christmas cards for both projects. It was a lovely off white Italian paper. I tore the cards in half (for the postcard), found a cute image online, used a simple bamboo font that I found in Word (I’m not savvy enough to understand PhotoShop or anything tricky) and ran the card through my home printer one by one (the card stock was a little heavy to stack in a tray.)

A friend then clued me into a postage stamp that was no longer being printed, but was a beautiful tropical fish. I gathered up as many as I could from local post offices to use for every possible snail mail material I could think I might send over the next few months.

All this to say:

  1. You never know what cute thing you can put together on the cheap (I only purchased postage).
  2. You don’t need to understand a fancy art program. I did everything from Microsoft Word (wasn’t an Apple girl yet) from my home computer & printer.
  3. Be sure your photographer makes up for your short falls and takes a picture of everything.

I’ll give you the 411 on the info packet in another post.  Next up is the wedding invite…

Our Wedding ~ Part 2 ~ So this is how we ended up with 3 babies!

I should have known when this photo was taken that we would be in trouble. These are my bridesmaids. 4 of them are pregnant. And my Matron of Honor, who is not in the photo as she was not able to travel at the last minute, was pregnant.

And my wedding coordinator was pregnant.

And our photographer was pregnant, 8 months pregnant! And she took this photo on the hottest day I’ve ever experienced in Hawaii, while walking backwards.

And then this one a few moments later. Still backwards. Walking down the stairs to the beach.

I’m fairly certain I could not have done that at 8 months with any of my babies!

This picture should have warned me too.  But I was just too taken with the cute guy at the time…


I blame all of the people above for our having 3 babies under 3!

And I thank them all immensely too!

(Photo Credit: All of the images above were taken by the talented Liz Banfield. 8 months pregnant at the time…)

our wedding ~ part one…where?

Our wedding. It was 4 years ago this November. Unbelievably, it seems like yesterday. However, 3 babies and a mortgage tell me it was not!  We were engaged in February ’06 and married 9 months later (And nope, there sure wasn’t a bun in the oven!! Addie didn’t come into our lives until March ‘08!).

The Mauna Kea on the Big Island of Hawaii had become a special place to us as a couple and seemed the perfect and logical spot for us to have our wedding.

On the emotional and romantic side ~ it was Hawaii, on a beach, a destination wedding, a favorite resort…

On the practical side ~ the state tax was 4.25% (not 8.25% like California), the location was beautiful on it’s own and would not need as much décor, and finally, it was on an island, so the options would be limited ~ a plus if you know me. And all of this helps when you’re planning a party on on a budget.

I think I personally was able to “let go” more knowing that there was only so much I could control.  In the end I knew Mike and I would get married and we would love each other the same, no matter the color of the flowers, or the way the cake looked (which I didn’t order until 3 days before the wedding). Instead I tried to keep my hand on the details that I could control and that would have a significant impact.

I’m so looking forward to sharing it all with you. It was a magical week for us. We ended up staying there for our Honeymoon as well,  best decision we ever made! Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing stories from our time there, party & design tips that worked well and that will translate to any event, not just weddings.

And of course, I’ll be sharing photos.

Because I loved our photographer.

And I love photos. (Shocker I know.)

And I love sharing things I love. (Another shocker.)

And I loved that amazing week filled with family and friends!

(Photo Credit: Every single solitary fabulous wedding image by Liz Banfield)

4 years ago today, we were married

4 years ago today.

4 years ago today my husband and I were married.

4 years ago today we did not have our 3 little magnificent babies.

4 years ago today we were sipping cocktails on the beach in Hawaii giggling that 4 of my bridesmaids were pregnant, my matron of honor was pregnant, our wedding coordinator was pregnant and our wedding photographer was pregnant.

Little did we know the spell they would cast on us!

A reader recently sent me an email asking “You seem like a good role model of a mother and wife. Can you post on who you look up to and what advice you can give on staying calm, balanced and creating a happy home? Also, any marriage advice?”

I have to tell you, I was quickly cleaning coffee off my computer screen! Then I called my husband and read him the email. I think they heard him laughing all the way over in Australia!!

I’m not all knowing, and we are certainly not perfect.  We have our own ups and downs just like everyone else. But there is one thing I am absolutely certain of.

I love my husband more than there are words for.

And he loves me.

For me, THAT, is what is important.

As to who I look up to? I would say both sets of our parents. Both have very full wonderful marriages. Something I clearly see in all 4 people is their commitment to each other.  Meaning a true desire to want to give what makes their other half happy. I grew up with a Dad who to this day makes my mom her cup of tea every morning. Often delivering it to her in bed with a flower or the paper, just because it makes her smile. (He did the same for us with our coffee when we were home from college….)

I think one of the things that taught me, was that making someone happy could come from the littlest things. Just a kind gesture. So maybe the best marriage advice I can give is to WANT to do things for each other that will put a smile on his/her face, and that it doesn’t always need to fit into a neat little box.

My husband is not the traditional flowers, candy, fancy gift box kinda guy. Mushy emotions are not his thing. He knows that I don’t need a gift for Christmas, our anniversary or my birthday.

But this amazing guy shows me in so many other ways, that mean even more than those things, how much he loves me….

  1. Bringing me crepes and having the girls sing happy birthday for the blogs birthday
  2. Getting me coffee after an all nighter with the babes
  3. Tracking down an office chair (like my old fancy corporate one) on Craigs List and surprising me with it on my doorstep when my back was ready to die
  4. Not asking questions when I ask if we can empty all of the furniture out of the house for an idea I have for the girls birthday
  5. Taking my car to get washed
  6. Doing the dishes after I make dinner
  7. Letting me go to bed and then straightening up all the toys from the day
  8. Staying an extra 30 minutes in the morning because he can see in my eyes I’m dying to take a shower
  9. Building vegetable boxes when he really wants to watch the football game
  10. Asking the painters to add a shelf over the kitchen sink because “Shanna really likes to see her cookbooks”, and I didn’t even ask him for it

These are all silly little things. But they all mean one BIG thing to me, that he loves me. And that there are so many ways to show someone how much you care.

I don’t know that I will ever deserve the amazing guy that I’m married to, but I can’t imagine life without him. I am grateful for everyday since we met 7  1/2 years ago. He is my complete half and I will love every day that I am able to think of something to do for him that makes him happy.

Because just being married to him makes me happy.

(Photo Credit: Liz Banfield)