{me time} brilliantly white teeth

Well I’m sad to say, we are on our final product for The Switch & Save Challenge…..I have really loved getting to test out a few products I’ve been curious about and coincidentally found some new Favorites!

But this last product is not new, it’s an OLD FAVORITE of mine and very EASY to write about!  Arm & Hammer’s Advance White Brilliant Sparkle Toothpaste.

Now before you get started on, “Really?? You’re going to talk about teeth, AGAIN?”. Let me just say that I have been using this toothpaste long before this challenge was ever mentioned to me…..and you should definitely give it a shot!

See that picture below?  The one with 3 toothpaste tubes in it? There is one totally new (the one I was sent to try), there is one totally squeezed (my current tube), and one also written in French (because I forgot to pack mine for our trip to Canada).

So as you can see, I’m just a little bit addicted.

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{Me Time} Heels as smooth as a baby’s bum!

So I’m kind of into simple, little things that help me, make ME better. Kind of a tongue twister I know, but seriously, how much time do you REALLY spend on you??

You know I’m in love with this toothbrush (and Hubs is too now)….but my other addiction is….

a Foot File

I know, I know, I’m so weird. But people I’m telling you, YOU WILL LOVE THIS!!

I’m just going to go right out and say I have super, SUPER DRY heels. ESPECIALLY  during the Summer when we all live in flip flops and sandals.  And if I’m not religious about putting  Aquaphor and a pair of socks on at night, my heels crack like the Mojave Desert… (and they HURT!}

But this little foot file is a dream!!!

Now I spend about 30 extra seconds on each foot, each night. Use the file like sandpaper with a handle so to speak, rough up the back of your heels (and by “rough up” I mean smooth out your heels for sexy strappy sandals!).  Then throw on the Aquaphor and socks (or just lotion with no socks….I get too hot wearing socks too bed during the summer sometimes.)  Seriously, it’s so simple. Just be sure your heels aren’t wet from the shower, they need to by DRY for the file to work.

I got mine locally at Planet Beauty, but this is the closest one I can find online: Checi Nickel Foot & Callus File Medium

We all deserve to look cute in our summer shoes!

{Disclosure: Nothing to disclose. I found this, used it, loved it, had to share it!}

{Me Time} So glad I switched!

Congrats Nicole for winning the $25 Visa Giftcard! (Winner was notified by email). Here was Nicole’s suggestion:

“My older boys have started brushing their teeth while taking a shower. I hand it to them with toothpaste, they brush for a few minutes and hand it back. Works great because they don’t get distracted and they can’t run away from me :)”

And guess what? I have another $25 Visa gift card to giveaway…keep reading!

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A&H Switch & Save Challenge ~ Spinbrush ProCLean

I’m contacted quite often about product reviews.  And while I love learning about new products I might not have known or heard about otherwise, it’s not really the main purpose of this site. What I like to do is tell you about things our family uses, and what we absolutely love.  However, to think that we know everything about EVERYTHING and to think we already use ALL the very best things in this world is crazy! We MAY be all that and a bag of chips (Ha!), but we aren’t quite THAT good! So I tend to weigh the requests carefully in order to be sure that I think I COULD believe in the product enough to try it.

How many of you use Arm & Hammer products in your home??

OK, I think I saw just about ALL of you raise your hands. Our diaper pails use Arm & Hammer liners. (And before we had these pails, we used to put a box of baking soda in the old diaper pails to remove odor since the old liners were not as good.). I have Arm & Hammer “pillows” to help remove the odors from the kids shoes. Arm & Hammer Baking Soda is in both refrigerators and freezers.  When I need a quick exfoliator for my face I mix a little baking soda with my cleanser. And Arm & Hammer Toothpaste is my pick when I’m feeling my teeth could be whiter…

So to say that I am already a fan of Arm & Hammer is an understatement.

However, I feel that I need to say all that before we start the next few months. I’ll be working with Arm & Hammer to test out 5 of their products in The Switch & Save Challenge . Sounds kind of fun, huh!?!  I’m under the opinion that you can’t really go wrong with Arm & Hammer, but I’m curious to see if each A&H product is really THAT much better.

And I’ll be sure to tell you what I REALLY think.

Today I’ve got the Spinbrush ProClean to share with you.

Um, can I say dentist office?  I mean that in a good way of course, if a dentist office visit can be good….

Wait, yes, yes it can be good!!  Go with me on this for a second.

You know after you’ve had that plastic glove and loads of metal tools scraping at your teeth, having their own little party in your mouth??  When you’ve stared at the ceiling and tried your very best to answer the kind hygienist’s questions…

“Hmmdm, adjiojaldj, younandhubjdmm….”

Yeah, those answers. You feel so dumb.

But when it’s all done and the hygienist excuses herself to grab the dentist to look over your chart and you’re left waiting in the room on your own.

When you take a second to enjoy that SUPER NEW & MINTY feeling on your teeth, and you can’t believe your teeth feel SO CLEAN AND SO SMOOTH, like they are brand new?

Yep that feeling.

That’s the one I got to have about 5 minutes ago.  I TOTALLY feel like I just stepped out of a dentist chair!

Now I’m a simple toothbrush kinda girl. I’ve never had any of the special water picks or fancy brands to keep my teeth extra clean.  They’ve always seemed like they would be a little extra cumbersome to use.

And if I saw the Spinbrush ProClean on the shelf, I’m not sure I’d even pick it up. Could it really be ALL THAT GREAT???

Yes, the answer is YES!

YES it can, and is!

That part at the top? That looks like a circle?

Yes, that part. It really does spin in a circle.

When I was brushing my teeth, I felt like I was using same spinning brush the hygienist uses when cleaning my teeth!

And to really give you info you didn’t want (too bad), I have a permanent retainer that no one sees. It’s been in my mouth since I was 12 (I’m 38 years old).  It’s behind my bottom teeth and could have been removed when I was 21, but my dentist in college said “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” in other words, even if it was ok to remove, if it wasn’t bothering me, keep it to assure my teeth all stayed in line.  Then a couple of years ago, I asked my current dentist to take a look at it, and he along with all the hygienists, said the same thing. No one in the dental world wants me to remove it for the sake of keeping my teeth straight.

So I have a permanent retainer in my life that may never leave. I do an extra cleaning each year to be sure my bottom teeth stay really clean. End of story.

Well, I wish end of story. I’m secretly always thrilled when those dentist appointments come up because I never really feel like I can get it clean enough with just my good old toothbrush. I don’t always (as in, never) have the time to do the extra threading and flossing for that retainer area.

I can honestly say that after using the Spinbrush ProClean (which that little round head could fit perfectly in the retainer spot) it has NEVER felt so clean outside of a dentist office!  It really is like I just had a dentist visit.

So yes, Arm & Hammer has found a new customer. This will certainly be added to the Favorites Gallery.

A few things that I really like….

  1. LOVE the spinning brush head! Seriously, it feels like the dentist cleaning your teeth without the painful metal scraping!
  2. LOVE that you can buy replacement heads instead of having to replace the whole toothbrush.
  3. LOVE that there are coupons for the replacement heads in the toothbrush package! (And I saw another one on their site).
  4. LOVE that the toothbrush currently comes with an A&H Advance White Toothpaste sample…which feels AWESOME on my teeth!
  5. LOVE that it is only about $9 and I can pack it in my overnight bag when we travel.

Seriously, I LOVE this toothbrush and have just ordered another one for my husband. I definitely recommend giving it a try as well as entering The Switch & Save Challenge.

(Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by Church & Dwight Co., inc. the maker of ARM & HAMMER branded products, who is compensating me to try different products. Get a $4.00 coupon for ARM & HAMMER Spinbrush then head over to The Switch & Save Challenge where you can enter to win $25,000.)

Sleepless nights…

OK seriously, wouldn’t it be great if we could buy something that could just take the tired away?? I might pay big bucks for that, assuming of course that I had them…big bucks that is. That being said, I do like this little tube. I’m not going to say that it erases the tired from your face completely, but it does a very decent job.

I’m a good sleeper. Pre-kids, I could fall asleep anywhere, literally ANYWHERE. I’ve been known to fall asleep on stairs (and no, alcohol was not involved), I’ve even fallen asleep in a bar booth because the night was just too late for me. So sleep was not a problem for me. In fact if you woke me up, I could fall back to sleep in mili-seconds.

Now, with kids, not so much. Like, not so much, ANY SLEEP, anywhere. Don’t get me wrong. The kids are good sleepers for their ages, but at almost 3 years old and younger there’s teething, colds, nightmares, potty visits….a whole lotta stuff, just not a whole lotta sleep for mom when each Little could need something all in one night.

I started using Lierac’s Anti-Fatigue eye cream last year after Piper was born. It feels so nice when I put it on my tired puffy eyes….a nice cooling feeling. And while I don’t notice a difference in that moment, by the time I’m out the door and checking the rear view mirror, that I did in fact brush my hair that morning, I’m always pleasantly surprised that I actually looked like I slept the night before!  And when I was searching for the link for ya, I also noticed a number of other great sounding products for your eyes (and since I’m not getting any younger….I might need to give a few a shot).

I love the Lierac products. They smell wonderful, and do what they say they will do. It’s no wonder Eurpoean women all look so beautiful.

So pick up a tube, it helps. I’ve used the same little tube since last March, and I bet I have through the summer before I buy another.

Which is a good thing, since I don’t see much sleep in my future.

Now if only I could get a bottle for my whole sleep deprived body….

Here’s dreaming (….which of course also requires sleep).

(Disclaimer: Lierac sent me a few products to try last year. (Literally, a YEAR ago). I have LOVED each and every one and plan to continue using them. I’ve wanted to write about them every month. You will read more as they are all Favorites now. I also noticed that right now on their site they are running a special with a purchase of an eye cream…I’ll be taking advantage of that. All of these opinions are my own.)

Who says summer is over, the toes know!!

It MAY be the end of summer and we MAY be heading into fall, but that doesn’t mean the party has to be over for our toes yet.

I am completely into O.P.I’s “Pink Flamenco”, so much so that I am actually going to show you my toes….

{And as a side note, this was the 1 photo of about 20 that didn’t show the dirt, dry skin, age spots and overall ugliness of my feet, and seriously don’t look too close, there might even be a couple toe hairs (OMG!) Just focus on the nail color (focus people, focus!!), which is a little more magenta in real life and not neon like this photo makes the color out to be.}

I promise, GREAT color!  I get loads of compliments! (When I actually shower, get dressed and leave my house). But Hay and Addie tell me all the time “Pwetty toes mama, pwetty!”

LOADS, I tell ya! LOADS!

It shows a little better in the pics below.  It was a quick impulse buy at the beauty shop after letting Addie spend about 20 minutes picking out a brush that was “just like mama’s”.  Found it was the only way to be able to brush her hair and keep the peace….

Another story.  Another day.

The nail polish was my reward for lasting through the selection process. I think I actually earned a case of polish…

Give it a try.

And have you seen this search widget from Beauty.com? I typed “OPI” and tons of colors came up.  I typed “OPI Pink Flamenco” and that exact color came up (And I needed one to send the winner of this post).  And then I typed “Phytocane Revitilizing Shampoo” (because I’ve run out and am totally addicted to this shampoo since it’s still managing to help me keep my hair.) Such a cinch to use!  And shipping was free!

{go ahead and try it, this widget is live!}


I’ll come right out and tell ya, I’m an affiliate of Beauty.com, so I might make all of $.03 if you buy something from them.  But I was a customer, long before I was an affiliate.  I love that I can type almost ANY beauty product into their search box, find it, and order it in minutes.  And it’s super easy to qualify for “Everyday Free Shipping“.  You also earn a percentage back on your purchases from each quarter.  You then have 1 month to use the credit. (Did that go over your head like it did mine the first time I read it??)

Here’s what that means:

“For example, if you purchase $200 in eligible products between October 1 and December 31, you’ll earn $10 in credit to spend on your first order in January.” Comprende? Bueno!

I tell you all of this because I’m a BIG ONLINE SHOPPER.  When you have 3 little kids like I do and you’re trying to make the most of each and every spare minute you have, running errands with them is not so fun for me or for them, and usually takes a lot longer than it should. I also hate to waste sitter hours running all over town.  I would much rather run 5 errands in 30 minutes on my computer.  AND I hate to pay for shipping and love to find a deal.  So if I recommend an online spot, you’ll most likely find both.

Beauty.com has been good to me.

AND you can buy this lovely color from them.

And get 1 from me!!!

Yep, I would love to send someone this fab little polish (totally on me, not them).  Leave a comment below telling me what your current favorite polish is for your toes or fingers. I’ll select a random person on Tuesday and send one to you next week.

Have a great Labor Day everyone!

Hug your Littles, your friend Littles, your Gran Littles!

my hair is in love with an old favorite

Where to begin with this particular goodness…hmmmm.

Simply put, PHYTO hair products have saved my life.

Yes, I know that sounds dramatic, but in all honesty, with 3 pregnancies in 3 years, this is the FIRST TIME I have not lost half a head of hair!!!  You would think just HAVING 3 kids, 2 years old and younger, would make me lose ALL of my hair.  Somehow, these 3 miracle bottles have given me a whole new outlook on product promises.

So to begin, I was contacted by PHYTO while I was still in the hospital with Piper.  They offered to send a little goody package of things for me to try post pregnancy.  I’m only writing about the hair care in this post, (but there is more goodness to write about, just wait and see!).  I had remembered using PHYTO shampoo in college.  Do you remember the cute glass pharmacy style bottles?? (I loved the look of them, I’m a visual geek that way).  It used to be a favorite for me and I’m not sure what phased me onto something else, but none the less, I was super excited to be reunited with an old favorite.

After scanning the site, I noticed products for thinning hair and “hair loss“.  To say I experienced “hair loss” with Addie and Hayden would be an understatement!  I could have supplied a bear with a fur coat of hair for the winter!!  I was surprised ANY hair was still left on my head!!!  I have not been able to nurse my babes, therefore, my hair loss isn’t related to nursing or not. At the 3 month mark, I kid you not, ALL but 2 strands of hair fall out of my head.  Couple this with the fact that my kids are 11 months and 13 months apart and my hair has lived in a blender..


not pregnant…er, I mean pregnant

but then not, oh wait, yep pregnant….

I’ve dealt with hair loss and regrowth simultaneously longer than I care to admit. We have affectionatley dubbed my regrowth around my face “Ewok Ears” (you TOTALLY know what I’m talking about!!)

But when I saw my brave fabulous hair stylist at mile marker “3 months” this time (3 months 1 week to be exact).  She says, “ I have never seen your hair so healthy!”  OK so that would mean, pre babies, during pregnancies, between, during, between, again during, and then now she has never seen it this healthy.  She has been doing my hair for well on 15+ years….


What have I been doing you ask???

  1. I’m lucky to wash my hair 3 times a week, and I typically don’t dry it unless I have a work function to go to, or something important.  I just don’t have the time typically. So maybe blow dry & flat iron twice a week.
  2. I wash it with the Phytocyane Revitalizing Shampoo.
  3. I condition it with whatever is in the shower.  At the moment, Biolage Color Care Conditioner.
  4. I use the Phytocyane Revitalizing Serum each time I wash my hair. (Not the recommended program, but I can only do what works for me, which should also show you that you don’t need to follow the directions letter for letter).
  5. I take the Phytophanere Dietary Supplement – Hair & Nails maybe 3 times a week.  It’s all about when I remember to do it.

So doing just those simple things above, consistently for the past 3 months, I have NOT LOST ANY HAIR AFTER PIPER WAS BORN! This is “an intensive 1-month program that targets temporarily thinning hair due to stress, fatigue, pregnancy, medication, or seasonal changes. Recommended for women

(BTW – Kinda laughing at the program description.  I tend to think a few glasses of wine or a margarita could help too!!”)

Check this out on Sephora’s site. They sell all the products as a package deal, but more importantly, check out the success rates of users!!! And even though it says 1 month supply, that’s exactly how much I have and I’m on month 3 and still have not used everything up yet…just sayin’ …I also found the package deal on Amazon. Honestly, I know each persons’ results will vary, but I can promise you that it’s worth giving these products a shot if you have just had a baby, or are about to, or are noticing more hair than usual leave your head, YIKES!  They have a new customer in me for sure!!

ANNNNNNNDDD, PHYTO is giving away the same products that I received to 1 lucky My Favorite Everything reader!


  1. (Mandatory) Comment below with your biggest hair frustration post pregnancy, (or just most frustrating anything with your hair!) because you don’t have to be post prego to appreciate these products.  You may be out looking for a job post college, or trying to figure out how to drink a cup a coffee that isn’t cold…stress alone can make you lose your mind hair!

If you want extra entries, you can do any and all of the following:

  1. Follow PHYTO on Twitter
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  5. Subscribe to My Favorite Everything daily emails or RSS Feed.

This giveaway will run until 5:00pm PST, Wednesday, June 30th and is open to US and Canada residents.  Good Luck!

I’m going to go count all the non missing strands of hair on my head now I’m so happy!

(Disclosure: I was sent the 3 products by PHYTO to try and am SO THANKFUL!  These are most certainly going in the beauty favorites gallery hall of fame!)

friday favorites…and they are fabulous!

I have 3 newly found websites, that I am IN LOVE with!!!

So Happy Friday Favorites to you all…..here goes…

Hair Thursday“.  LOVE this site!  From beauty tricks, quick hair fixes, to the most darling little boy’s haircut (though super stiff competition with my nephews’) you absolutely must check out this site.  Most especially this post, 4.9 – Preschoolers Need Style Too!

(Photo: Hair Thursday)

And if you like this undeniably handsome little guy’s haircut, then you definitely need to hear him tell you about his Favorite Things (since we all know I *heart* Favorite things!!).  His mom has awesome style and 2 very fun blogs to follow, Hair Thursday and Whoorl.  Most certainly check them out…I’m hoping just a small amount of her coolness is going to rub off on me!

The third fabulous site that also has an amazing mom with more cool than I know what to do with, (and who I also hope I can grab a bit of her coolness from) is Weelicious.  I’m not going to lie, I found this site by reading Whoorl, so see…the sharing of coolness has begun!

First off, check this photo out…if you saw this wouldn’t you have mom envy and want to know her tricks?? You might just want to hate her for being so amazing….

(Photo Credit: Weelicious)

But then when you found out you could make DELICIOUS and SUPER EASY Mac & Cheese like this, and when you see how incredibly down to earth she is, wouldn’t you want to follow her too? (and share a bowl of that Mac & Cheese)?! Loved watching the video!  She is sooo the mom next door that you would definitely be friends with!  Also love that her site is filled with great tips for making healthy food that your kids will love (avocado half with lime juice, delicious…). She gives great advice on cooking with and for your Littles, as well as shopping at your local Farmers Market, growing your own veggie garden, and shares her lists for your pantry for healthy eating!  I love her already and I haven’t even met her…

So happy Friday to you all!!  Hope you have an awesome holiday weekend! If you do nothing else, check out The Pioneer Woman’s photo contest for “Coming Home” Photos…here, here, and here….INCREDIBLE photography that will remind you what this holiday is for, and will bring both joy and sadness to your hearts.

One of my Favorites…

(Photo Credit: Joiedevivrephotography)

And all those fighting the post prego Belly Bulge with me…I’m posting my update on Sunday and CANT WAIT to hear how you all are doing.  Next week the workouts start – Lord help me now!!