A Mother’s Day Lesson…

Holy Mother’s Day weekend from Hades!!

I have a mom and a mother-in-law that are truly incredible. Totally selfless, thoughtful, and generous.  I had this little plan all worked out to give back to them a little over the weekend.

Surprise pedicure appointments were made, dinner was planned, and my youngest sister and I got together to prepare a gift for the salon. OHHH I was excited about the treat we were going to give them.

Oh there was a treat all right. Just not what I had planned.

The treat hit ME about noon on Saturday (everyone was arriving at our house at 3:30pm….). I’m not going to go into details, all I can say was that the Ann Saks tile on my bathroom floor and I got to be REALLY good friends as a stomach virus took over, and I proceeded to lay there for the next few hours…

My husband took over the surprise for the moms, while I hid in our room, unable to move.  He took them on a bit of a wild goose chase saying things like,

“Shanna told me to drop you at the youth baseball field. Your supposed to crawl through the fence, eat lunch on home plate, and then someone will arrive to pick you up…”

Oh man…our poor moms…

He finally drops our totally confused mothers at the salon with a basket of goodies I had put together for each of them (prior to my demise)…

When he returns, Hayden has crawled into bed with me as the bug hits her too. Oh the joy! Now 2 of us are hiding in our room (instead of getting pedicures with the Grandmas, so sad!)

The plan had been for all 3 of us to enjoy a couple of hours off, then my dad would finish plating and setting dinner up for when we returned. (I STILL think this was a great Mother’s Day dinner, although I have yet to be able to sample it!)

Barefoot Contessa Roasted Caprese Salad
Barefoot Contessa’s Pasta, Pesto, and Peas Salad
(you can also find in Barefoot Contessa Parties)
TriTip in the Oven
Fresh Cest si Bon Baguettes
Selection of Cheeses
Farmer’s Market Strawberries

I do love that I was able to walk into the kitchen for a few minutes just as my dad was giving instructions to my father-in-law on how they should assemble the Roasted Caprese Salad. Total dads in action team collaboration!

When Hubs finally brought back my mom and mother-in-law (after more of his shananagins), they were looking very relaxed, had very much enjoyed their treats, wine, & pedicures….and then my Hubs quickly escaped to our room…ANNNND another one bit the dust.

At that point I gave up, looked at all the Grandparents told them all how much I loved them, and then asked them to take dinner and leave.  They were all too willing, and from what I hear, regrouped at my parents house and enjoyed the rest of the evening without us.

It certainly wont go down as my favorite mother’s day, but I will definitely say I am beyond thankful that our parents were all willing to help, even though the world was falling apart around us and them!! My mom came over early to straighten up and set out appetizers, while the dads stayed until the bitter end to be sure all the dishes were done…(which also landed my Father-in-Law in the bucket club on Sunday night…)

The next day I was able to see the cards my sister had sent to go along with the treats at the salon. She found this awesome printable door hanger that just made me laugh!

I could have REALLY used this sign on Saturday…

Though it probably should have read, “There is a bucket in the cupboard, use it”

Seeing as how our entire household was hit…

At least I was able to wake up on Sunday to read this…

That’s when I decided that Mother’s Day this year really wasn’t about ME being a  mother.  Or about celebrating on a particular day. Nope the lesson here was Mother’s Day was for truly and totally appreciating what our moms have done for us for so many years. No matter how sick we are or she is, she just keeps going because she is mom. For that and so much more, I am grateful!

Thank you for your incredible love and selflessness with all of us!!! I love you to the moon and back, Mom! xxoo Please give me a time out if I ever forget to thank you each and every day!!

What a Happy Find!

I’ve been working on some design projects lately which means lots of research for inspiration and ideas…and that always takes me off the beaten path. But that’s how you find out about new things, right!?!?  So what if you’re 500 miles from where you need to be….


The good news (I think…) is, you may see a few more design type posts in the future as that is where my brain and my time are, so it’s the best way to multi-task.

To start, while I was researching something else entirely, it reminded me that I wanted to take another look at the room Ashely Ann did for her boys (Loved it!! Great ideas with big impact). I re-read the post I had written on her and then checked back to the original post on Ohdeedoh and as I read through it again, I noticed “Happy Tape”.

I had somehow missed this the first 80 billion times of reading. Anyone know what Happy Tape is?? I sure didn’t, but how fun do these look!?!?  Definitely check out the site, there are more patterns than you could ever DREAM of! I’m still not sure about all the uses…Ashley Ann used it to trim a window treatment. I’m just thinking of how fun it could be for gift wrapping in place of ribbon! Oh the fun the kids could have!! And I know my art major sister could come up with a few zillion things for it…I wouldn’t be surprised if she fashioned a purse somehow….

So check it out! It just might make you happy and become a favorite thing for us all!

(Photo Credit: Happy Tape)

A wonderful Gift Idea

I love this book. I really sweet friend sent it to me after our wedding with a little thank you note. It was such a thoughtful little minding!  I think it would be perfect to send to someone after a fun family dinner, a birthday party, a weekend with friends…..

There are loads of great resources for making photobooks these days and many are much more elaborate and complicated than this one. This is about 10 pages long and has a paperback cover. What makes it perfect is its simplicity, and its ability to fit into a regular envelope to send through snail mail with a thanks note.

And it’s filled with just one moment. The moment my dad came to my room to leave for the wedding ceremony. I believe our wedding photographer was with my future Hubs and his friends at this point, so instead this sweet time with my dad was caught by one of my bridesmaids.

I adore this little book and the memory that it gives me.

I have tears in my eyes thinking back to this day, and thinking forward to our first born little girl!

This particular book was made at Kodak Gallery, and is very easy to do. There are loads of services out there. So find the one that works best for you, and send someone a little photobook reminder.

They will be forever touched and forever grateful.

quick gift idea

It was my dad’s birthday this past week and I wanted to make something with the Littles for his garden.  He and my mom have been working on an awesome vegetable garden that I will write more about later.  But since our Littles are a bit too little to do anything that requires too much skill, I went with painting rocks that Grandpa could add to his flower pots, as well as painting a little potted basil plant.

Super easy projects, and the Butterfly Fly stamps added the perfect touch to the gift cards!

All it took was washable paint, some rocks we found on a walk, and a small potted basil plant.  (Grandpa planed to add a coat of varnish to the rocks so the paint wouldn’t rub off).

Simple project.

The girls had so much fun doing it (and it was fun for me to do with them!)
and hopefully it will give Grandpa (and Grandma) a little smile when they see them in their garden.

Happy Monday!  Stay tuned for laundry tips, and vegetable gardens!!

outside of the box gifts

My youngest sister is brilliant.

Beautiful, creative, talented…..BRILLIANT!

And she can give a good gift card gift!  So often we struggle with what to buy someone for their birthday, Christmas, anniversary, you name the occasion and we have all scratched our heads endlessly trying to think of the perfect gift….and panicked when we get to the night before with still nothing.  (OK – maybe some of you perfect folks have not, but I for one have been there MANY times!)

So I love seeing what both of my sisters come up with as they are filled with gift inspiration!

This was my birthday present from my youngest sister this past February.  Gift cards to pick out some new shoes!  Now not only does this look darling, but it was perfectly thought out.  She was afraid to choose shoes for me, but knew that my “new post prego feet” were proving challenging.  So often we turn up our noses at giving gift cards, wishing instead to think of something “perfect”.  The fact is, a gift card CAN be perfect.  It’s all in the presentation!

And by the way, my middle sister had her own BRILLIANT idea which she rolled into a birthday and baby gift.  What mom with a newborn wouldn’t want Starbucks in their kitchen?  OK, maybe not Starbucks, but an EASY and FAST way to have a latte (or 5, but who’s counting) to get your morning going??

I live for my Nespresso latte EVERY morning!  My 2 year old even knows how to work it and “helps” mom make her coffee each day.  I think this would be a fabulous group baby shower gift to give a new family!

So my tip for today is to think outside of the box with your gifts!  There are a lot of fun and easy ones to be given!

Enjoy your week everyone and be sure to stop by tomorrow for a fun favorite!!

mother’s day is around the corner…

Even when life is crazy, and you’re not sure how you will survive, for me I look at my Littles and am so thankful for each of them.  That’s not to say that they are perfect and that every minute is easy, but it is to say that they make my heart smile!

For my birthday last year, Addie (and Dada) gave me a sweet little necklace with Addie’s name.  Then when Hayden was born a couple of weeks later, they gave me a tag with Hayden’s name on it.  Now I know there are a few different Mother’s Necklaces out there.  In fact quite a few wonderful options!  But I like to keep things really simple.

You may have noticed this photo in Tuesday’s post.
I’m wearing my Mother’s necklace with all 3 girls’ names…

(I am also wearing my own rectangular tag that was given to me years ago with my name).

I ALWAYS wear this necklace.  It’s from Mini Me Baby Gear.  And honestly, Jaime, the owner COULD NOT have been any nicer!  My husband had ordered the other girls tags for me, but I ordered Piper’s tag on my own.  If Jaime is reading this post, I KNOW she is getting a laugh out of this because I ordered the tag with a different name, called her a few hours later that I had changed my mind, and then emailed again that I wasn’t sure about the second name.  While I struggled back and forth about what Baby #3’s name would be and finally emailed back that I would order both names so I could decide when the tags arrived, Jaime on her own, contacted the vendor, Circle of Sentiments, and then told me to relax over the weekend, that I could let them know Monday night and they would ship it Tuesday so I would have it at the hospital (because I’m kind of crazy that way and really wanted #3’s tag at the hospital too!)

Mini Me Baby Gear was so amazing to work with!  They are based in Michigan, so I know by the hours I was receiving emails from Jaime that she was working late!  I felt like I had a next door neighbor friend on the other end of the email reassuring me that they would get it all taken care of for me, all I needed to do was pick the name and that she would take care of everything.  Oh and that she loved both of them!  LOVE HER for that!  Such amazing customer service!  How often do we get that these days?  Someone that truly wants to help us, take the pressure off and get you what you want!

I have the Silver Classic Mommy Necklace from Mini Me Baby Gear
with each of the girls’ names.

And at $45 I think it’s a great price!  Additional tags at the time of purchase are $19.95

But I also love the simplicity of the single initials…

The simple designs, great price tag, and amazing customer service
all make this necklace and this site a FAVORITE!

The tags have also served as a great “teether” for Hayden, as well as entertainment for Addie.  I switch them onto a longer army dog tag chain from time to time. Hayden loves to chew on the tags, while she is teething.  And Addie tries to put the chain over her head and mine, or else she just wants to wear “mama’s ‘lace”.  To me, this truly makes these tags a “Mommy Necklace !”

I strongly encourage you to check out Mini Me Baby Gear!  Check out the jewelry for some fun Mother’s Day gifts…maybe one from you to your mom?  Or from the GranLittles to Grandma?  Or Grandma to daughter?  Or MAYBE you just treat yourself!!  And when it arrives, open it, put it on, pour a glass of wine and say, “I’m a fabulous mother and I earned this!”

ANNNND guess what???? Mini Me Baby Gear and Circle of Sentiments are giving away 1 Classic Silver Mommy Necklace from the Signature Collection to a lucky MFE winner!!  Yippee!!  So excited for this as I love mine so much!

So….you know the drill.  Separate comment for each…

  1. Check out Mini Me Baby Gear and comment back here with a Favorite item.
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Giveaway ends Friday, April 16th at 5:00pm PST and is open to US and Canadian residents.

(Disclosure: I have owned my necklace from Mini Me Baby Gear for 2 years.  I was not compensated or asked to write this post and Jaime did not know about my blog when I ordered my 3rd tag.  After Mini Me Baby Gear was so amazing to work with, I asked to write a post for them and they generously offered a fabulous necklace for an MFE reader.  Hope Mini Me Baby Gear and Circle of Sentiments become favorites for you too!)

friend favorite ~ bravo sports ~ the coolest on the block

Manufacturing over 2000 products used by children and families worldwide, Bravo has some of the world’s most recognized brands in the sporting goods industry.  The products include a broad array of niche product categories including instant canopies, beach umbrellas, trampolines, skateboards, scooters, in-line skates and related products and accessories from cutting-edge brands including Pulse™, Quik Shade™, Moto Shade™, Airzone™, Tony Hawk™, World Industries™, Kryptonics™, Hyper™ and Variflex™ to go along with licenses with outstanding partners such as Disney, Nickelodeon, Mattel and the Cartoon Network. We also just launched our own line of extreme scooters called Pulse Kick ‘N Go scooter  and the Slither drift scooter.

So when it comes to having run outside, Bravo Sports is the world leader in what is hot for kids, tweens, teens and even adults who are kids at hearts.

As the Marketing Director, Kellie always getting asked about what kids like and what they don’t like and realizes that each parent has one goal – they want to get the most bang for their buck when it comes to buying toys and recreational items for their kids. They want to buy products that kids love to play with over and over and over again.

Meet Kellie Swaim, the Director of Marketing at Bravo Sports Corp.,
the global leader in retail sporting goods markets.

Kellie has to be up on trends and youth culture, here are a few of her Favorite things:

1. Favorite Makeup Essential – Maybelline mascara
2. Favorite Magazine – Lucky
3. Favorite Recent Book – “The Time Travelers Wife”
4. Favorite Trader Joe’s Pick – Sweet and Savory Trail Mix
5. Favorite Fashion must have for spring/summer – Dresses, I live in them.
6. Favorite Must have shoe for the summer – Sam Edelman sandals
7. Favorite Place – Bali
8. Favorite Must haves in your bar set up – Blueberry Stoli and Lemonade
9. Favorite something always in your purse – Lip gloss
10. Favorite Sunglasses – Sabre
11. Favorite inexpensive jeans – Blank Denim

Guest Post: If you are looking to have the coolest house on the block

I have coolest job in the world.

Chances are if you have kids, you probably own something from Bravo Sports and you may not even know it.

Here are my  top five FAVORITES from Bravo Sports:

1. Slither: A whole new level fun. Drift around corners, slide side to side, propel yourself without kicking, tear in and out of turns. It is the update to the ordinary scooter. Even though some younger kids can rider this scooter, this is perfect for kids 8 years and up who want to try out some new tricks.

2. Bubble scooter: Who doesn’t like bubbles? Perfect for the younger set, they can watch bubbles float in the air as they scoot down the sidewalk.

3. 12’ Trampoline: Hours of jumping fun for all ages, learn new tricks and exercise at the same time.

4. Tuscany Cabana – A perfect place for an outdoor picnic in your own backyard while protecting the kids from the sun.

5. Skateboards and ramps and rails:
Instead of playing video games, the kids can have their own mini skate park at home.  This is a great way for the neighbor kids to interact and become friends.  It doesn’t matter if you are into Barbie, SpongeBob or Tony Hawk. We have a skateboard for all levels of experience and all ages.

6. Monster Stick Pogo: Do you remember pogo sticks when you were a kid, how fun!  This fabulous updated version as a soft foam exterior and Coil D*Lux bounce technology inside.  It comes fully assembled (great for mom and dad) and is perfect for kids 9 and up.

And guess what???  Bravo Sports is giving one away!!!  Whoo-Hoo!!  I want to win one myself! (Or maybe wait until after the baby weight has left me….) But YOU can win one for your fabulous Little!  Here’s the rules:

  1. Check out the Bravo Sports website and let us know a favorite item. (1 entry)
  2. Check out the My Favorite Everything Facebook page.  (1 entry)
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Giveaway ends Thursday, April 1st at 5:00 pm, PST and is open to US residents.  Best of Luck!

Bloom Woosie…making me woozy in cuteness!

OK Bloom Woosie is such a cute Etsy shop, and the shop owner, Chio is an absolute doll!!   Leave it to my brilliant youngest sister with no children to once again steer me in the direction of a fabulous Etsy find!

Our girls were the recipients of the cutest little aprons for their birthdays!  Oh my goodness can you stand them??

Love watching the Littles in action at their mini kitchen (or mine) with their aprons on “helping” make dinner!!  Sooo cute!

I absolutely love the patterns and color combinations that Chio, the Bloom Woosie shop owner, puts together.  I of course had to stop by the shop after seeing how cute the aprons were and so glad that I did!  Check out these perfect little crayon artist rolls!!

I picked up these 2 patterns for little goodie bags I made for the girls for their daily visits when I was in the hospital.

So CUTE! I love that they can roll up so compactly to put into your purse or diaper bag.  Great to pull out at a restaraunt.  There is a place for each crayon in the roll (easy to tell if you’ve forgotten one), a box isn’t braking open and spilling in your bag, AND, um, did I mention they are CUTE!

Here’s another fun one for your cowboy…

I think these would make such a perfect little addition to an Easter basket (I bought a couple more with robots and cars for my nephews – thank goodness they can’t read this blog yet!)!  Or a great birthday gift for a play date pal with a little notepad.

But in addition to darling crayon rolls and aprons, Bloom Woosie also sells bonnets, burpees, bibs AND “little everything smocks” in fabulous prints that just encourage your Little to look adorable while playing outside (which all mommie’s love – AHHHHH the beauty of spring and summer!! OUTSIDE!)

I have to slap my hand back or we would be broke from tons of purchases!!!  I bought the crayon rolls for the girls and a series of burpees for Piper (MAN are they cute, and so soft!  Perfect size too!!  I like them to just fit over my shoulder, which these do.)

Honestly you can’t go wrong with anything from Bloom Woosie – the designs are cute, fabrics are darling, the shop owner, Chio, is AMAZING.  So on the ball, super responsive, and the quality is wonderful…not to mention the good prices.  Most certainly a FAVORITE!

ANNNNNDDDDDDD Bloom Woosie is doing a giveaway! YIPPEE!!! 1 Winner will have a happy Little person when they win a Little Artist Crayon Roll!  My girls LOVE their’s!

Here’s the rules (separate comment for each):

1. Visit Bloom Woosie and comment below with your favorite item.

2. Tweet about this Giveaway: “Check out a darling Etsy shop, @BloomWorksBaby at @MyFavEverything! http://ow.ly/1o1mj

3. Subscribe to My Favorite Everything Daily Emails, Fan us on Facebook, or join us on Twitter

4. Vote for My Favorite Everything at Top Mommy Blogs, clicking this link and the next is your vote!

5. Follow Bloom Woosie on Twitter.

Giveway ends March 25th at 5:00pm PST.  Open to US and Canada.  Good Luck!  Don’t get to woozy!

friday favorites

It was a crazy busy week again (What weeks aren’t for moms??  Do any of you have a new found respect for your mom?? I sure do!) And I can’t believe it’s just over 4 weeks until the newest babe is here!  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t make a showing any earlier!!!  I love ya and can’t wait to meet ya, but you just go ahead and stay nice and cozy until March 9th, Pretty Please!

OK, onto the fun things from this week.  I actually had to edit this a bit because I saw so many fun things to share and try!  Here is just a sampling….

These are just too darn cute! Sweetie Pies, from Williams Sonoma. YUM!!

“Pure edible nostalgia, our heart-shaped treats recall the whoopie pies beloved by kids but with a decidedly sophisticated twist. The sweet valentines come to us from a bakery in Maine that uses local butter and free-range eggs to make individual rich, moist red-velvet cakes that are filled with decadent buttercream in three delicious flavors: chocolate, raspberry and classic vanilla.”

I {HEART} whoopie pies!  If you live in the Orange County or Los Angeles area you might also try Susie Cake’s whoopie pies. I think they got me through Hayden’s pregnancy, PURE DECADENT HEAVEN!  But I love that these ones from Williams Sonoma are red velvet cakes and are in the shape of hearts for Valentine’s Day.  Yummy AND cute!

Every girl needs a “go to” pair of “Flips” (as they are called in our house) for Spring and Summer.  I’m personally addicted to Havaianas Gold Slim Flip Flop, they are SUPER comfortable, don’t need breaking in, they always look good, and a gold pair is JUST what your wardrobe ordered!  Gold goes with EVERYTHING, add this to your wardrobe and simplify your “what am I going to wear today” daily decision.  (I also recommend buying early as the slim gold Havaianas tend to sell out closer to late spring and summer.  I like to have them waiting for me when I need them. Just ordered mine this week from Amazon.)

I seriously love Make and Takes blog!  If you don’t subscribe, I would suggest doing so.  Not every daily email has something for me, but when it does, IT REALLY DOES.  I saw this tip for making  your own microwave popcorn bags last fall and LOVED IT! But then Make and Takes has to one up themselves and show us a fabulous Valentine snack….who doesn’t love white chocolate, M&Ms and popcorn!?!?  Check out their White Chocolate Valentine Candies….such an easy fun project for you and your Littles (or just you after the Littles go to bed and you’ve poured yourself a glass of wine to go along with your People magazine….not going to lie, eating this by myself on the sofa watching my DVR shows in peace and quite sounds REALLY good!)

OK this last Favorite of the week is DEFINITELY a FAVORITE.  You must know by now how much I love the work that family photographer Sandy Heit does.  If you don’t, check it out here and here.  And lucky us, Sandy is offering this great mini photo session (LOVE that they are only 30 minutes!) to celebrate her natural light studio.  Sandy is extremely talented and so amazing at catching those little “looks” and moments in your Littles that you will treasure foreverBe sure to check out her blog for more information. (Great way to get an early Mothers Day gift taken care of for the Grandma’s, or just for the fun of updating your wall photos).

WHAT: 30 minute photo session
WHEN: February Only – contact Sandy for available dates & times
COST: $250
INCLUDES: Session Fee, (1) 8×10, (2) 5×7s

Call 949.515.3905 or email sandy@sandyheit.com to reserve your spot

(Images: Sandy Heit)

Anyone want to know who won the Valentine appliques???
We have 2 winners that have each won 1 Valentine applique:

Tiffany Lockette and Chrystal @ Happy Mothering


Thank you so much for entering!  Please email me at shanna@myfavoriteeverything.com

And last, but not least here’s the meal plan and shopping list for next week. Don’t be too critical!  I’m trying to keep it real for us all.  What I give you for a meal plan is what my family is TRULY EATING. I used to make the menu ahead a week to test for you all, but it became too much of an extra step.  So now we eat the same thing in the same week  Next week has some challenges – it’s my birthday, I have bookclub, and I have a conference.  So hubby has the girls 2 nights on his own.  Therefore next week’s menu is how I’m planning for all of that.

Would love to hear any suggestions you all have for your regular easy week night meals. Or what you do for your family when you will be out! I tend to stick to the same things that just “work” for me to do quickly, would love to hear your easy favorites too!  Email me your recipes, shanna@myfavoriteeverything.com and I’ll try them out for including in the meal plans. Looking forward to reading and sharing them! Thanks!

Have a great weekend and we’ll see you back here on Monday!

blessing banks ~ a blessing of a gift!

I have a darling friend from college that I adore and love.

We lived in the same dorm, and she was as spunky as can be!  Always smiling, friends with the world, a total spitfire!

I’ll never forget visiting with her in her dorm room the first time and seeing her hooked up to what looked like a small refrigerator, and breathing into a mask…

My friend has Cystic Fibrosis.

When she came to visit with me in California, she brought along a machine that literally pounded her chest. I think the machine was bigger than she was…yet through all her treatments she was ALWAYS smiling!  Mandy defies the odds!

Mandy is a giver, always has been, and I’m sure always will be. She gives with her smile with every person she meets.

And now she is giving to our children. 

My children and your children.

My dear friend recently started a company called Blessing Bank.

“Finding a purpose in life takes on a sense of urgency when dealing with a chronic illness like Cystic Fibrosis.

After reading ‘Same Kind of Different As Me’, I became even more confident that the Lord does indeed have a reason for me being on this earth. I began praying that He would show me my purpose. Because my husband and I cannot have children of our own, I prayed for us to make a difference together. After several months of praying, an idea became a passion and before we knew it, Blessing Bank became a reality.

It happened one day while I was shopping for my two precious nephews. I became frustrated at the lack of options. Everything I found was just another toy and I knew it would be quickly cast aside, without any lasting impact or memory.

Right there in the middle of the store, God gave me the idea for a gift and parenting tool that would inspire children to give.”

“Our banks reflect our desire to blend form and function into a sturdy, yet beautiful handmade piece that will last for generations. Whether used as a tithing or savings bank for helping those in need, we believe the Blessing Bank will help nurture a giving spirit that will grow with the individual for a lifetime.”

As Mandy notes, at 24 months a child has the ability to learn to put money into a bank.  (Addie has been doing this with her Daddy for about 4 months now, and she will be 2 years next month.) And by 3 years they can use the money to buy a needy child new shoes, or a toy, or much needed food…

…and it’s from THEIR bank. What a VALUABLE lesson and gift we can teach our children!!!

I absolutely LOVE these banks.

Addie and Hayden both have them along with Little Blessing Bags.  Each bag has a little saying or verse on it.  Your children can use them to take a portion of their savings to wherever they wish to donate and give.  Helping another in need, tithing at church, no matter where it is.  This lesson is soooo invaluable!  It is NEVER too early to teach our children to save and to give! I still remember the margarine containers my dad helped us make, cutting  a slit into the top so we could save hard earned change.

The wood banks come in a girl or boy design, either oak or birch.

They also come Ceramic, Pink/White, Blue/White, Chartreuse Green/White and all White.

Such a perfect gift for a baptism, christening, birthday, or God baby.  The banks are each $30!! And the bags are $2.50 each…excuse the pun, but this DOES NOT break the bank for a meaningful gift to give!

Blessing Bank is so serious about their commitment and desire to help children learn to give that they are giving away 2 darling banks!!

Here are the rules:

  1. Visit Blessing Bank and comment below with your favorite bank. (1 entry)
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  3. Subscribe to My Favorite Everything daily emails. (Orange box above, or at the end of the post) (1 entry)
  4. Tweet about this giveaway, just copy and paste “Visit @myfaveverything and learn about teaching your children to give, http://ow.ly/13cob with Blessing Banks” (1 entry)
  5. Or send a Facebook post and copy your post back into your comment. (1 entry)

Giveaway ends Wednesday, February 10th at 5:00pm PST.  Best of luck to you!!

AND you have all been so patient waiting on the winner!!  Now that there are so many more of you, I’ve turned to Random.org to select the winners for our giveaways.  Addie and Hay may still make guest appearances though, not to worry!  Soooooooo, the Stella & Dot Giveaway winner is….

Jessica Barkett!!

Congrats!  Please email me at shanna@myfavoriteeverything.com

(Disclosure: I am not affiliated with Blessing Bank, nor have I received payment for this post.  I love Mandy and love her banks!!  This is my honest opinion on a wonderful tool to teach our children to give.)