{Me Time} Save your smile!

Summer is here! At least in Southern California we are starting to feel it. It’s just in the air and at times I feel like I am in 7th or 8th grade getting ready for lazy beach summers, my hair loaded up with Sun-In (You KNOW you’ve been there!), SPF4 Sunscreen, and my Seventeen magazine.  I remember reading some of the comments in Seventeen and seeing the readers’ names and ages, “Sally 15″, Kate 18”, “Judy 21”.  When I read  ANY age that was over 16, I thought they were soooooooooo old.  Then I would read an article about stopping the aging process from ever happening (guaranteed!). And of course I would skip over it and think, “As if, I’m 13 years old! I don’t have to worry about that for YEARRRS!  Plenty of time to deal with it all when I’m OLDER.”

News flash. I’m OLDER.

Though I’m still kinda trying to figure out HOW that actually happened.

How do I have 3 kids that are 1, 2, and 3?

How have I known my husband for 8 years?

How am I not in first grade anymore?  Because I CLEARLY remember those years and the visits to my school library.  I can see my classroom.  I really can’t imagine that I’m 38….

OK, so all that is to say, again…


I’m no spring chicken, and those years when I’m supposed to take care of myself?? Um, they are here…now.  Funny though, when you have kids, you have even less time to spend on you.

My batting average for getting a shower in a week? Maybe 4

Dry my hair? Once

Put lotion on? What lotion?? Have you seen my attractive crocodile legs??

And then even if I have the time, sometimes the necessities or luxuries slip to the back burner because the kids need something, so the $$ goes their way. Mom is never first.

BUT I’m hear to tell ya, your teeth are kind of important. If we don’t focus on mom and our teeth, we may be toothless! Do you really want to be toothless for your kids graduation photos? Weddings? First photos holding your Grand Littles??  The mere thought of that is terrifying.  Of course for a fee, I’m sure you could have a whole set of teeth made that no one would ever question, but don’t you want YOUR teeth?

As I walked through Costco today I saw the fancy toothbrush that I have thought of buying for years. It’s $120+ and I’ve always had something ahead of it on the necessity list. I can’t tell you how thankful I am for The Switch & Save Challenge !  I never would have tried the Spinbrush otherwise, and I LOVE it!!!  For around $10 the Spinbrush and my teeth are having a bit of a love affair. I seriously can’t wait to brush and get that dentist office clean feeling (true honest opinion!). Did you know that it’s clinically proven to remove 70% more plaque in hard to reach places vs a regular old toothbrush? And that it’s the #1 battery powered toothbrush? Yeah, me neither.

So let me say that again, for a mere $10 (not $120+) and spending the same amount of time as you always do brushing your teeth, your doing more for your teeth with less effort.

I’ve been sold for weeks now.  My kids are loving it too!

So save your pennies. Save your teeth. Let your children see you smile for years to come! You’re worth it!

(Photo Credit: The oh so fabulous Modchik)

{Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Church & Dwight Co., the maker of ARM & HAMMER branded products, who is compensating me to try different products.  Whether good or bad, the opinions are all my own.  Get a $4.00 coupon for ARM & HAMMER Spinbrush then head over to The Switch & Save Challenge where you can enter to win $25,000}.

A Mother’s Day Lesson…

Holy Mother’s Day weekend from Hades!!

I have a mom and a mother-in-law that are truly incredible. Totally selfless, thoughtful, and generous.  I had this little plan all worked out to give back to them a little over the weekend.

Surprise pedicure appointments were made, dinner was planned, and my youngest sister and I got together to prepare a gift for the salon. OHHH I was excited about the treat we were going to give them.

Oh there was a treat all right. Just not what I had planned.

The treat hit ME about noon on Saturday (everyone was arriving at our house at 3:30pm….). I’m not going to go into details, all I can say was that the Ann Saks tile on my bathroom floor and I got to be REALLY good friends as a stomach virus took over, and I proceeded to lay there for the next few hours…

My husband took over the surprise for the moms, while I hid in our room, unable to move.  He took them on a bit of a wild goose chase saying things like,

“Shanna told me to drop you at the youth baseball field. Your supposed to crawl through the fence, eat lunch on home plate, and then someone will arrive to pick you up…”

Oh man…our poor moms…

He finally drops our totally confused mothers at the salon with a basket of goodies I had put together for each of them (prior to my demise)…

When he returns, Hayden has crawled into bed with me as the bug hits her too. Oh the joy! Now 2 of us are hiding in our room (instead of getting pedicures with the Grandmas, so sad!)

The plan had been for all 3 of us to enjoy a couple of hours off, then my dad would finish plating and setting dinner up for when we returned. (I STILL think this was a great Mother’s Day dinner, although I have yet to be able to sample it!)

Barefoot Contessa Roasted Caprese Salad
Barefoot Contessa’s Pasta, Pesto, and Peas Salad
(you can also find in Barefoot Contessa Parties)
TriTip in the Oven
Fresh Cest si Bon Baguettes
Selection of Cheeses
Farmer’s Market Strawberries

I do love that I was able to walk into the kitchen for a few minutes just as my dad was giving instructions to my father-in-law on how they should assemble the Roasted Caprese Salad. Total dads in action team collaboration!

When Hubs finally brought back my mom and mother-in-law (after more of his shananagins), they were looking very relaxed, had very much enjoyed their treats, wine, & pedicures….and then my Hubs quickly escaped to our room…ANNNND another one bit the dust.

At that point I gave up, looked at all the Grandparents told them all how much I loved them, and then asked them to take dinner and leave.  They were all too willing, and from what I hear, regrouped at my parents house and enjoyed the rest of the evening without us.

It certainly wont go down as my favorite mother’s day, but I will definitely say I am beyond thankful that our parents were all willing to help, even though the world was falling apart around us and them!! My mom came over early to straighten up and set out appetizers, while the dads stayed until the bitter end to be sure all the dishes were done…(which also landed my Father-in-Law in the bucket club on Sunday night…)

The next day I was able to see the cards my sister had sent to go along with the treats at the salon. She found this awesome printable door hanger that just made me laugh!

I could have REALLY used this sign on Saturday…

Though it probably should have read, “There is a bucket in the cupboard, use it”

Seeing as how our entire household was hit…

At least I was able to wake up on Sunday to read this…

That’s when I decided that Mother’s Day this year really wasn’t about ME being a  mother.  Or about celebrating on a particular day. Nope the lesson here was Mother’s Day was for truly and totally appreciating what our moms have done for us for so many years. No matter how sick we are or she is, she just keeps going because she is mom. For that and so much more, I am grateful!

Thank you for your incredible love and selflessness with all of us!!! I love you to the moon and back, Mom! xxoo Please give me a time out if I ever forget to thank you each and every day!!

…with the Littles at the pool. Be back next week!

Sorry about the light posting schedule.  We’re on vacation with 10 grandLittles right now. (my Mother-in-Law is a brave, brave woman!)  I had hoped to be able to post a little bit more while we were away (seeing as how I got a little behind the week before we left…) but as luck would have it, where we are staying does not have wireless internet access…

Soooooo…..bare with the absence, please accept my apologies….I’ll be back next week and I’ve definitely got some fun stuff to show you!

Hubs and I are getting a little Staycation time on our own at the end of this week and I can’t wait to share the hotel with you!!

Then Erica and I were finally able to get the wrap up photos done for Getting Mama’s Groove Back. I still have a ways to go, but I’m feeling over the moon with the progress so far! I’ll get those posted next week as well.

Until then, here’s a little tip for ya. When you go on vacation with A LOT of little Littles, pack lots of entertainment and distraction! But that does not mean you need to brake the bank. I loaded up on a ton of different things. One hit was hearts & stars shaped post-it notes. We gave a stack to each Little and told them they could stick them on any wall, anywhere in the condo they wanted.

Post-its can’t hurt the condo walls.

There is no ink, paint, pens, glue, or glitter. Nothing but paper to clean up.

And it will entertain them for at least 20 minutes, if not more……which will let you eat dinner.

I brought a bag of goodies, but nothing super complicated….just new and different, which makes it exciting!  For me, both Michaels and Target tend to be pretty successful places to find cheap treats.

I’m back to the pool now….gotta check on Hubs and the Littles….Happy start of Summer everyone!  See ya next week!!

Happy Second Birthday Giggle Monster!

I’m completely delayed in posting about the girls’ birthdays. Their Circus Party felt like we had a wedding at our house (not in being elaborate, but more in the man hours it took everyone to put it all together!) I’m hoping to get the party posted soon. Just waiting on a few more photos and I promise to share!!

So yes, the girls all shared the big party, and it will be our last for a little while (meaning, not another one until a milestone birthday, NOT that we are pregnant or have ANY plans to be…just to be clear…). We wanted to be sure each Little had their 1st Birthday Party (which the other siblings by default were able to join as well), but now the 1st Birthday parties are complete.

However, even though they all shared a party, we like to celebrate each Little on their actual birthday…you know, show them some extra special attention on their birthday day.

Having said that, because Addie’s birthday fell 2 days after the party and we had JUST celebrated what felt like a million birthdays, we did not do anything extra for her this year. In her mind, the circus party WAS her special day…and there will still plenty of balloons left in the house…so we went with that.

For Piper, we did have balloons over her crib to wake her up along with a special breakfast with Grandpa.  I have a few photos, but OF COURSE my big camera battery was dead that morning!

So Hayden is really the only one that I can share…what I REALLY LOVE about these photos and about her birthday, is how truly HAPPY she was. Her smile was so sweet all day!!  Melt my heart!

As is tradition, she woke up to a rainbow of balloons over her crib.

And sweet kisses from Daddy

Can you see the smile in her eyes! She KNOWS its HER day!

Loads of sister love!

And dancing with balloons

Then we had all the grandparents come over for lunch. Very simple…I ordered Chik-fil-A since the kids love their nuggets, made a big fruit salad, some lemonade and the kids and I drew all over plastic cups to make “party cups”. I even went so far as to be lazy enough to ask Hubs to pick up a pound cake when he got the balloons in the morning. Sliced that cake up, poured some caramel sauce and M&Ms on top and served it up with ice cream. I think Hay was OK with it all…

Yep! She pretty much loved it.

Cake & Balloons, I think it’s all she needed!

Our best attempt at a family shot! Ha! (Note Addie was still in the “I must wear every clip that is the same color” phase when we took this photo…)


Ohhhh Mommy! M&Ms!


I love these shots! After she opened her gifts, we all clapped and said Happy Birthday to her, she stood up started clapping back at all of us, it was too darn cute!

Annnnnd it was time to play…wonder how long the sharing will last???

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Giggle Monster

I love this little kid. She turned 2 this past week. I still can’t believe it.  She knows how to push our buttons and drive us to the edge like no other.

But she also likes to have tea parties.

And she adores her older sister (who because of their 11 month age difference is the same age as her right now….TWO, 2 year olds live in my house ~ CRAZY!)

And she laughs and laughs, and giggles and giggles.

And her freckles make my cheeks hurt.

I hope she will be my little Giggle Monster forever.


This day, 5 years ago, I said “Yes!”

Hubs and I were engaged today.

It’s also my birthday. I had always disliked my birthday, until that birthday.

Birthdays are a tricky thing.  When you’re younger, your family and friends make it such a wonderful and magical day. You almost feel on top of the world! But as you get older you might have a business meeting that day, your family may not live close by, your friends may not remember….

When I was 29, I actually decided to throw my own party, a “29 and Holding” party. I  decided I was going to leave my 20s with a really big night, and it was! Outside of the birthday that my Hubs proposed, it is by far my favorite!

But my 33rd birthday is the one that will hold a special place in my heart. 5 years ago today Hubs proposed and I didn’t even see it coming.  Not sure if you all want to hear the story or not, but here goes….

When Hubs asked what I wanted to do that year (the previous 4 years I had thrown parties). My reply was, “Order a pizza, sit on the bluff over the beach, and watch the sunset”. I had seen a family do this a couple weeks before and it just looked so peaceful. For my 33rd birthday I just wanted a calm, quiet night.

As it would happen, work had been really crazy that week, eating pizza over the beach was the one thing getting me through.

And then the fog rolled in.

To this day, it was the thickest fog I have EVER seen. I honestly could barley see my hand in front of my face. Hubs called around lunch,

Hubs: “Have you been outside?? You still want to go?”

Me: “YES! This week has been so crazy, it’s all I want to do…”

At 4:30 he called again,

Hubs: “You sure?? It’s pretty thick, I don’t know if we’ll see the beach even….I’m happy to take you anywhere else you want.”

Me: “Pizza and the beach, it’s all I want.”

We met at my house, he had grabbed the pizza and wine, I had the beach chairs and we hightailed it down the street. But he was right. If we sat on the bluff above, we could not see our hands, let alone the beach.

Me: “Well let’s just eat on the beach, put our feet in the sand…”

Hubs drove down the hill. Let’s remember it’s February. The beach was under construction and fenced off. Really?? REALLY!?!? Then Hubs remembers the little cove off to the side.

Hubs: “Let’s climb a bit and eat on the rocks over Pirates Cove. You game??”

Me: “Absolutely!”

So climb we did, drink wine we did, eat warm & yummy pizza we did. And as we did all of that looking out over the ocean as the sun was setting, the fog continued to lift. When the sun finally set, we could see clearly across to the Wedge and just sat for a moment to enjoy the peace and calm.

Then Hubs stood up and I could see my birthday card in his back pocket. He knows I don’t need gifts,  but I do need my cards ~ Birthday, Christmas, Valentines….I love his cards!

Me: “Ohhhhhh I see the birthday card! Can I have it now, or do I have to wait until we get home?”

Hub: “Hmmmm, you can have it now, but you have to climb to that life guard stand down on the beach.”

Me: “Seriously?”

Hubs: ‘Seriously.”

Me: “But I have a glass of wine in my hand??”

Hubs: “Take it with you.”

Off we went, glasses of wine in our hands as we climbed down the rock face, down to the beach, across the cove, and up to the life guard stand. Once there we were able to look back on the harbor…another breathtaking and beautiful Southern California site. We sat for a minute and took it all in.

Me: (Never the patient one) “Now can I have my card?” (This was said with giddiness, not impatience).

Hubs: “Yep.”

As I read his card (which he always says he’s not good at cards) I look at him with tears in my eyes. “That is the BEST card you have ever written!”

And with that twinkle in his eye (that you never know in the moment if it’s good or evil), “You think THAT’S good….”

The next thing I know, he is on one knee in front of me proposing…..


Wait, WHAT!?!? HOW did I not see this coming!!??

“Yes!!!!” At least I think I said “Yes”… rom the moment he proposed, life became a blur. I can’t really tell you what happened next, how we got back up the rocks, how we got into his car or to either of our parents houses. Just a blur.

I would later find out that Hubs had asked my parents in September, (remember this is February now….) had the ring in November, my parents had printed up a little insert for their holiday card, “just in case” something happened. But his brother was getting married in December so he thought it best to wait. We went skiing with his other brother, and he had thought of doing it there, but was afraid the ring might get lost on the slopes. He was going to ask my sisters to invite me to San Francisco for a girls birthday weekend, and he would surprise me there…but then they planned that very weekend before he could call them. Then my girlfriends invited me for a girls weekend in Palm Desert. Once again he thought he might surprise me there, but got nervous I would pick up on clues if my girlfriends were too “in to” helping me get dressed to go out. In the end, my quiet birthday night seemed perfect….and it was.

Every birthday since has been spent eating pizza on the beach and watching the sunset.

Guess you know where we’ll be tonight.

Happy Wednesday, may your birthdays always be special ones!

(BTW ~ The birthday card sits framed in our room and is my daily reminder of such a wonderful birthday. My tip for you is to frame even the smallest things, notes on napkins, a post it, a card. It will make your heart smile every time you see it.)

Will it be a hair raising 2011??

So it’s a New Year, a fresh start, open season on making plans and goals and seeing how long we can stick to them.

One of my major goals of course is losing the 3 years of baby weight by baby #3′s first birthday (Ummm that would be in March….Fab!). To do this will take nothing short of a miracle. So much so that I was trying to hold back tears as I worked out this morning, realizing I’m not the person I used to be and that there is so much work to do to get me back there.

As much as I LOVE and adore my little punks, my Latte Fairy friend often reminds me that my past life is still in sight and until I can look away from it, things will never get done the way I want them to. Meaning, that pre kids when I set my mind to a task, that task, along with 100 other tasks was completed lickity split! And I still think I can do that now, because I can see my old self doing it then.

But it’s now so easy now.

I need to learn to be OK with only having 3 major tasks on my list each day. And I need to be happy when I check each of them off, rather than frustarated that it was only 3. But that doesn’t mean I’ve been able to stop making the list of more than 3 things that I need to do.

…So I’m basically in a never ending circle…

of knowing I CAN get it all done….

but that I’m not living the same life I was when I could…

of needing to be happy with what I complete…

but I’m not totally happy because there is so much more to do….

of not stressing out and wondering HOW to make it different or better….

of needing to be happy with where I am in life and what I’m doing. Be it with our family, our children, this blog, work….I need to be happy with life and where am today.

I say all this as I love that it’s a New Year and I love the chance at a Fresh Start. But I’m honestly a little nervous to make goals as I find I need to make adjustments to my life on a weekly if not daily basis, so the goals I make now don’t work like they used to pre-kids.

Maybe that’s my big goal for 2011…

To be more flexible and not to compare my new self with 3 little Littles, to my old self, pre kids or with 1, or even 2 babes. This past year was certainly different than any year I’ve ever experienced before and I know 2011 will continue to be different than any year I’ve ever known.

All that being said, there are a few things I really do want to accomplish this year:

1. I REALLY want this baby weight gone by Piper’s birthday. The next few weeks are going to be really tough. You might have a pretty grumpy blogger on your hands. but if I don’t reach this goal. I will be way too much of a bear to live with so it just has to happen. Besides, this is a goal for ME. And how often do we really make goals for ourselves? Mom really never does come first. I’m planning on weekly updates on this topic now that the holidays are behind us. Look for the next post Monday morning ~ January 10th.

2. I want to finish the wedding post series for you. Liz Banfield’s photos are all so amazing. Whether you really want to see them all or not, it is such fun for me to relive that time, and there always sees to be fun feed back. I think there are a lot of great party tips. I’m hoping to get one out each week.

3. I am asked to no end about the house update posts. And I’m with ya! This is a fun series to write…it definitely is taking time for photo editing (there are A LOT of pictures!) and time to pull it all together, but I really want to get this completed for all of you! Again I’m hoping once a week for this series.

4. I need to figure out the best way to deliver the most amount of information to you all, in the shortest amount of time. As my 3rd baby becomes more active and will most likely be walking in a few short months (Addie did just shy of 10 months, and Hayden did at 11 months), my time is becoming more and more limited. I have help with the girls 2 days a week which are my 2 days to do EVERYTHING possible for our family and for work. Because those other days are all about being mom. (Pretty much isn’t time for much else on those days). So I’m not sure if this is a list format, if I focus on keeping things short and sweet, or we spend a day each week on the favorites gallery.  But one way or another, I’ll find a way!

So the next few weeks will be a little all over the place as I find the footing for 2011, and the time to get it all posted. All in all, I want this to be an amazing  year! Fun for us all, entertaining to read, and hopefully filled with helpful information. Please let me know the good and the bad. What is working for you, and what is not. Your comments and feedback are always welcome!!

Here’s to the possibility of a Hair Raising year in 2011! (No pressure….)


Hugs ~ Such a Simple Little Thing

I can’t tell you how happy seeing something like this makes me. I suppose I could be sad that they don’t always come to Mommy for hugs, but instead I’m more than secretly thrilled that my middle baby turns to my oldest baby when she needs a little extra love sometimes.

I think there are 2 reasons why this makes my heart swell so much. First, they are finding comfort with each other. LOVE that!  I mean how could I not?!. When you’re 22 month old little girl, turns to her 33 month sister, and with her little pouty lip says, “Need Addie hug….” and your 33 month old baby drops whatever she’s doing to give her little sister a giant hug and a pat-pat on the back. Well, it almost brings you to tears.

The second reason it makes my heart smile, is if children truly learn by following our example, then does this mean that Hubs and I actually do give the girls enough hugs? That they do KNOW what a hug can really do??  There are so many times in a day, week, month that I feel I’m not there enough for all these little babes. That I’m spread too thin (not that I am too thin, just spread too thin – DEFINITE difference!), and that I just can’t be all things to all these little people…but then I see this little hug happen between our baby girls and I feel a little better. Maybe, just maybe we’re able to give them just enough to teach them how good it can make someone feel.

And every time it happens, I feel like I’m getting a little hug too. Amazing what that can do for your day!

not your ordinary thursday

As I’ve said before, I’m not really one to say “No”.  I think I’m afraid that if I do, then I might miss out on something really fun or really cool.  Sometimes it’s not easy, but I love the challenge of getting it all to work. So when I was asked if my kitchen might be free, and I replied that there was a hole in my head, a hole in my wall. This is what happened….

Yum Food & Fun Magazine came over to use our house as a back drop for a photo shoot….and I thought it might be entertaining for you to see some of the behind the scenes shots.

On Wednesday night THIS is what I was looking at….(And I’m only showing you a portion of the room).

I think I sent a text to the PR Gals that said,

“Um yeaaaaaah.  You’re coming over. Tomorrow. And taking pictures. Wow. I’m getting a latte.”

And their response might have been,

“LOL. We are really good at hiding stuff.” (They weren’t kidding, for the record!)

The girls of TO Media show up with curtains from one of THEIR OWN Living Rooms and tack them over the hole…(the hole to the never ending project…that has become the bane of my existence…hubs has been working on it in his spare time…since last fall….he doesn’t have a lot of time…thank the world for his diligence and patience).  None the less, these brilliant girls ERASE the hole from view!

Then this DARLING girl, Vonny, shows up, that might as well have been my sweet next door neighbor and plops this beauty of a bag down. Hmmmm, that looks like a pretty helpful little number there.  I’m not even sure I could fill up all those pockets.

Wait!? There’s a matching lunch tote too!  How cute AND handy!!

But then the most wonderful thing happened! The fabulous Wade Williams of PICNIC comes strolling through my door…and not with a stroller I might add, but with a TURKEY!

Those fab TO Media gals then set my table, with my most favorite of dishes, for Thanksgiving dinner!!!  Can you and Chef Wade come back in November??  I would be ever so grateful!

The photographer starts snapping shots and we soon discover we not only went to SMU at the same time, but that he dated one of my roommates!! Small world!  Such a fun, great guy!

(Note the super cute step stool in the background, more later, LOVE the check pattern…)

Now if you were a goat cheese and beat salad waiting for your turn in front of the camera, where would you be waiting??

Yep, next to the water, Clorox wipes and half eaten muffin, me too.

I MIGHT just like brussel sprouts if Chef Wade made them for me…

(How amazing are the orange roses from California Blooms!??)

By the way, this photo WAS NOT staged, that is honestly what was on my kitchen counter.

Which is only because I wasn’t cooking it.

If it had been, you might be looking at tupperware.

Apparently the key to good brussell sprouts is bacon.

Pretty sure bacon is the key to A LOT of good things.  In this case, good THICK bacon!


My kitchen is NEVER this clean, nor does it ever look this good!

And that door?

The one the TO Media gals are writing on?

That’s the one that hides my office.

AKA Laundry Room

AKA the place where they hid EVERYTHING.

Could someone come dig me out, I’m still stuck in here.


My kids haven’t found me yet, maybe wait another day or 2.

See over there by the stove?

That’s another mom.

Not me.

Wrestling with an 18 month old.

Not mine.

Asking her to do something she doesn’t want to.

Hee, hee.

Ohhh behind the scenes times are always fun!

See that painted step stool (the one I mentioned above?)?? So, so, sooo cute!  Might need to add that to Santa’s list for the girls! (The Celebrity list is pretty entertaining too…). Great Christmas gifts for nephews, nieces, gran-littles, etc…

THEN, Chef Wade brings this bad boy out.

Good Boy?

Bad Boy?

OK it was GOOOOOD, because we got to eat this one!

While that “Good Bad Boy” was having it’s photo taken, our little celebrity read stories for a bit.

Photo shoots are all about balance and keeping everything and everyone happy.

This is Vonny, and Chef Wade Williams.  It was a true pleasure to meet them both that day!

And this was the reason for the shoot! Stay tuned for the November Yum Food & Fun Magazine on news stands in October to see what the FABULOUS bag below is, (which I plan to order at least 10 of I think, I’m saving pennies now). TRUST me, if you cook, if you entertain, if you go places, you want one!  And all the yummy food above?  Chef Wade shares the recipes in the October Yum issue so you wont want to miss it!  I’m excited for a new fun magazine to follow!!

(Disclosure: Pretty much nothing to disclose.  Someone asked to borrow my house, they did, and it was fun!  No compensation for any of the above, just a great day with new friends that I thought you might like to hear about.)

Busy, busy week!

I’ve been a little slow this week, it’s been somewhat challenging.

  1. I’m now trying to carve out time to workout a few days a week, for the Flat Belly mission. Uh, huh.  And there is so much extra time just laying around our house…
  2. Addie has decided she wants to use the potty and not diapers. (Really??  This week?! The week we have swim lessons at our house???).  Oh.  And she would like me to hold her hand while she sits on the potty.
  3. My computer has had a mind of it’s own lately with mysterious “freezing” spells.  I literally can’tuse it for hours on end.
  4. I’ve been working on some backend updates for the blog. (And goodness knows I know NOTHING about that!)
  5. OHHHH and 30 kids will be at our house Friday for the next 10 days, 4 hours a day for a Swim with Dan session (you had to know I would at the very least want to straighten my yard – and try to hide the ugly construction mess happening smack dab in the middle of it….).

All of which to say, has sucked out more time than you can imagine this week!

I truly wish I could just send the posts I write in my head directly to the computer.  In my head, they are well thought out, helpful and entertaining….when I sit down and try to pull them all back up again, not so much***SIGH***

So, there will be good weeks, and there will be not so great weeks!

Hopefully there will be more of the good!

So hang in there with me everyone, hoping some of the updates in the next few months will make it even more entertaining to visit!

(Assuming of course that you are entertained to begin with…)

Are you???