How to Find a Little Mom Time…

(Sorry, Hay wanted to say “Cheeeeese!” again.)

Ever heard that thing about if you want to get a whole bunch of things to fit in a bucket, you gotta start with the big stuff and then the small stuff will fit around it? I think one of the small things they use is coffee that gets pored over the rocks and things.

Coffee isn’t small in my world.

It’s BIG. Real BIG.

As in, couldn’t-get-through-the-day-without-it-BIG.

My approach to drinking coffee is not start big and fit in the small, it’s more “WHAT do I have to do to be able to drink my coffee??” And then organize the day around that goal, with every task I do having a definite reason on the “to do” list, but also having the goal to get mom to be able to drink her coffee.

So I find ways to carve out time for me.

For instance, the little projects I like to do with the kiddos.  The projects really are two fold  – they are fun and entertain the girls, and they give me a little “me time” (this is not a novel idea, but stick with me). Now the “me time” might not exactly mean a spa visit, but it might mean a chance to answer emails, wash the dishes, get dressed, pick up the house, prep dinner, or return calls. Any of the 5 million things typically on any of our “to do” lists that we can’t quite fit into the 30 free minutes in a day we might have.

I have become SUPER MULTI-TASKER ~ not Super Human. Just really creative in finding ways to give myself the 20 extra needed minutes.

Here’s an example of my morning this past Monday.

I decided to gear towards Christmas. I needed to make another Holiday Hand Wreath for this year, so out came the paint & paper.

These were my goals:

  1. Put Piper (9 months) down for 9AM nap (45 minutes – an hour).
  2. Be sure the girls are entertained & having fun.
  3. Get the green paper painted for the wreaths.
  4. Make sure the girls get covered in paint.
  5. Really covered, as in on their face, hands, etc…
  6. Yes, you heard me correctly.
  7. For mom to be able to catch up on unread emails.
  8. Dry my hair (ultimate goal here…)

I think we are on our way to success…

The other thing about doing projects is that I try not to have “leftovers”. Similar to dinner, the scraps leftover usually can have another use.  Take these paper plates for instance. The girls have been smearing their hands in the paint, and although the original purpose was to hold the paint for them…they look kinda cool now…(light bulb has gone on for another project for another day.)

Paint all over hands. Check.

Pain all over hands, face and jammies. Check.

OK, so now that we’ve finished painting, Piper is still asleep. We leave our painted green paper to dry (Project #2 will use these tomorrow…).

And look at these “leftovers”. Not an intended project of the day, but a lucky extra! Let’s leave these to dry and see what happens, (Project #3…no scraps left behind!)

So where did the multi-tasking come in???

I’ll show ya:

  1. Piper slept.
  2. The girls got to have a blast getting really messy.
  3. I got the things painted to use for future projects.
  4. In the 25 minutes we did this, I was able to answer about 10 emails, and clean up the kitchen.
  5. Now here is the clincher. BECAUSE they girls were soooo messy, they needed a bath. Which they love. I took my hairdryer to the kids bathroom and was able to dry my hair from the shower I had taken earlier that morning when Hubs was home. The girls played in the tub next to me. 15 minutes later hair was dry, and I was drying off kids and getting them dressed.
  6. And then we all headed in to get Sleeping Beauty, Miss Piper and head out for walk.

Simultaneous multi-tasking, meaning everything you do has a purpose, and typically there is an end goal in mind. If the kids weren’t dirty, they wouldn’t think they needed a bath, and I wouldn’t be able to occupy them long enough to dry my hair. And the bonus is their art helps with the Christmas decorating this weekend!

What favorite tricks do you have up your sleeve to grab a couple “me time” minutes??

(Side note: Obviously each family and parenting situation is unique. These are things I do that help me. I would never leave my children alone in a bathtub, but I also know they they are both independent swimmers despite their ages, and we have a slip mat in the bathtub. I’m comfortable drying my hair in the same room, but please make the choice that is best for your family and your Little’s stage. Just needed to be sure I stated the obvious. Thanks!)

sexy, smoky party eyes!

Holiday 33

With all the holiday parties upon us, it’s time to put on our “A Game” and look like the hot mamas (sisters, grandma’s, ladies!!) that we are!  I enlisted the help of FABULOUS Misha from Holiday Salon to help us all out.  She is my favorite Orange County make-up go-to girl and knows all the best tricks to make your assets work for you! You will look even more amazing once she has worked her magic!  Misha helped me with my “hot smoky eyes” for Halloween that my husband loved!  And the makeup stayed in place for all our parties that day with no touch ups…and Misha applied it at 1:00pm that day!

So here goes, 5 minutes to hot, sexy eyes!

1. Draw a thick line of black eyeliner pencil at lash base on your top eye lid.

Holiday 1Holiday 2Holiday 3

2. Smudge pencil blending up toward the crease with a smudge brush so that the color fades as it goes away from eyelash line.

Holiday 4Holiday 6Holiday 7Holiday 8

3. Brush favorite lighter color eyeshadow all over lid to soften and blend.

Holiday 9Holiday 10Holiday 11

4. Add highlighter shadow right at the brow bone

Holiday 13Holiday 14

5. Go over the eyeliner from lashes to crease with a dark shadow, softening and fading as you get to the crease.

Holiday 15Holiday 16Holiday 17Holiday 19

6. Draw black eyeliner at lower lash line and smudge lightly with an angle brush or q-tip.

Holiday 21Holiday 22Holiday 23

7. Curl lashes and at least 2 coats of mascara

Holiday 24Holiday 25Holiday 28

8. Draw liner in the water line of lower lid

Holiday 28-2Holiday 29

Voila!  Sexpot eyes!!!!!

Holiday 31Holiday 32

I watched this happen before my very eyes, so I KNOW it’s possible for us all to do this.

AND Misha and Holiday Salon are GIVING AWAY the tools to do the above to 1 lucky winner!

(3 Eye Shadows, 1 Angled Brush, 1 Crease Brush, 1 Smudge Brush, Mascara, Black Eye Pencil = $122 value!  WOW!)

Holiday 34

Of course if you are still like me and know that YOU CAN do this, but would still LOVE to be pampered, Misha and Ally at Holiday Salon would be happy to help with your holiday makeup!

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Contest runs until Sunday, December 6th at 9:00pm PST.  Winner will be announced Monday, December 7th.

Click on the image for more info about Holiday Salon.

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