{me time} brilliantly white teeth

Well I’m sad to say, we are on our final product for The Switch & Save Challenge…..I have really loved getting to test out a few products I’ve been curious about and coincidentally found some new Favorites!

But this last product is not new, it’s an OLD FAVORITE of mine and very EASY to write about!  Arm & Hammer’s Advance White Brilliant Sparkle Toothpaste.

Now before you get started on, “Really?? You’re going to talk about teeth, AGAIN?”. Let me just say that I have been using this toothpaste long before this challenge was ever mentioned to me…..and you should definitely give it a shot!

See that picture below?  The one with 3 toothpaste tubes in it? There is one totally new (the one I was sent to try), there is one totally squeezed (my current tube), and one also written in French (because I forgot to pack mine for our trip to Canada).

So as you can see, I’m just a little bit addicted.

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{me time} love me some bling {& giveaway!}

So where have I been the past couple of weeks??!!?  Um walking around on my head (no seriously I have, MY HEAD. This silly broken toe has been the last straw on the camels back….and every time one of my Little Punks steps on it again….ugh).

But bygones, because as we all know, Life goes one and the sun keeps rising and setting. However, it’s times like these when I feel buried and getting no where, that I am in awe of other moms…

There are SERIOUSLY some TALENTED and AMAZING moms out there…yes amazing PEOPLE too…but now that I’m in this mom world (WAAAAAY in it, like deep, deep in it), when I read about other moms, their juggling acts, creative businesses, families….I just want to give them I call and thank them for being the incredible, and inspiring people they are.

Take for example this little company, Towne & Reese which was started a year ago by two friends, moms, and former advertising executives, Christi Pack & Jessica Stanfield. (These ladies are the definition of creative and awe inspiring in Websters, seriously, look em up).

(Photo Credit: Young House Love)

First off, fabulous company name.  (Check out their office crash HERE). Being that Christi and Jessica are each 50% partners, makes sense that their kids names would be 50% of the name.  (And BTW, you know these gals have to be from Charlotte because every child’s name I have EVER heard from there is ADORABLE!). They also name each piece of jewelry after a friends’ daughter.  And to make these moms hit the top of my favorite list, they have completely incorporated their kids into their office space.

(Photo Credit: Young House Love)

Can you see the cutie pie kids at the conference table??? Keep looking…

(Photo Credit: Young House Love)

Look at all those super cute smiles and jewels and cheeks and jewels and happiness!

(Photo Credit: Young House Love)

Back to my story, so about a year ago these 2 uber cool mamas set off to develop a line of affordable jewelry that was super stylish, to rival the Neimans shopping trip dreams.  And you know what they came up with??

A FABULOUS line with EVERY PIECE priced under $50! That definitely works in my post-corporate-life-still-want-to-look-cute-budget!

(I currently wear these earrings almost daily. Shocked even that Piper has never tried to grab them…I can’t tell you how many compliments I receive!)

Every piece is gold or silver plated, hypoallergenic, nickel and lead free. (to some that wont mean anything, but coming from a jewelers daughter ~ me ~ with a sister who is allergic to most metals….this is BIG!  This means you don’t need to spend a billion dollars to have a fantastic accessory piece!)

(New most favorite necklace. I can loop it around to be shorter 3x, or go longer at 2x…I may need to buy another in silver. Great accessory piece to dress up the jeans and tshirt!)

Here’s the part I’m absolutely dying about….these pieces are so cute that they’ve even gained their own fans in Reese Witherspoon, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Reba McEntire, Nancy O’dell…..I think my little country heart just did a little proud swoon for Christi and Jessica! You go girls!

(Photo Credit: Young House Love)

So what does this all mean for you? It means someone gets to win a piece of their choice!! Necklace, Bracelet, Earring, Ring…you name it! And what about everyone else? Well the generous ladies at Towne & Reese are offering our readers 15% off until the end of this month. I’m honestly going back for a few more things, I have just loved it! And what a great way to get a head start on Holiday shopping….

Here’s the rules, one comment/entry for each:

  1. Visit Towne & Reese and leave a comment below naming your new favorite piece. You can view everything on their site, but to shop, go HERE.
  2. OPTIONAL ~ “Like” Towne & Reese on Facebook and let them know you saw them on My Favorite Everything.
  3. OPTIONAL ~ “Like” My Favorite Everything on Facebook or tell me that you already do.

Giveaway closes at 9:00pm PST Wednesday, September 21. Winner will be notified by email on Thursday.  Be sure to leave your email, it’s not published.

The 15% code is active NOW! Feel free to use it HERE until Friday September 30th MYFAVE15

Best of luck and HAPPY WEEKEND!

{Disclosure: I was allowed to choose a piece myself to facilitate a review, however, I loved it so much I bought quite a few more…not telling how many since Hubs may read this….DEFINITELY a favorite!}

Giveaway winners!

So we’re back from our little month away.  And I’m pretty sure my life is upside down at the moment.  My head is spinning and I’m not really sure it that’s because I’m standing on my head, or if I’m just trapped in a tail spin….

Regardless, I wanted you all to know that the past month’s giveaway winners have all been notified via email (below for reference). And I also have 2 VERY FUN giveaways coming up… so stay tuned!

A $25 Visa Gift Card for the Multi-tasking Dryer Sheet ~ Giveaway

Comment 8 ~ Chelsea:
“I shove them in my husband’s stinky running shoes. It keeps our closet from getting stinky!”

A $25 Visa Gift Card for Linen Storage Tips ~ Giveaway

Comment 4 ~ Andie (Please contact me at shanna@myfavoriteeverything.com}
“Store sheet sets in the pillow case. When you need to change sheets, each bed set is all together inside the pillowcase!”

Sarah & Abraham Personalized Plate from Favorite Kids Plates & Giveaway

Comment 47 ~ Amy:
“Both my sons would LOVE the super hero! Perfect for afternoon snacks! :)”

YUM Kids Food & Fun Subscription from Halloween Fun with YUM & Giveaway

Comment 5 ~ Taylor:
“Never heard of this magazine before, but it looks awesome!  I would love to get my hands on a copy:)!”

{Me Time} Time to de-stress

Ohhhhhh Lord Bee…it was a little nutty those final weeks of July.

Hmmm, I think I’ve started saying that at the beginning of every post! But it has, it really, really, really, really has been nutty. And it never ceases to amaze me that not matter how well you plan or try to organize things, there STILL is never enough time to get it all done.

Right now in particular I’ve felt like I’ve had loads on my shoulders. Whether actual work to do, the pressure of completing a project, life, or just stress in general.

Lately, it’s felt like a lot.

So I’m trying to teach myself to think about the things that are good and the little things  that make me happy.  It’s a whole lot easier to tackle the mountain in front of you when you have a little pep in your step.

This week when the kids were out, I took 15 minutes to walk around our house and remind myself of favorite things that make me happy…

These jars sit on the counter where the kids eat breakfast.  The large Target glass jar holds the brushes & ribbons. The canning jar holds all the clips. And the Juliska ramekin holds the hairbands.  I love this.  I’m not really a girlie girl.  But somehow seeing these jars each morning makes me feel so lucky to have 3 darling little baby girls who for some reason, in their own little way, ARE girlie girls!

I loved sitting at the kitchen table when I was little when my mom was doing my hair.  “Doing” the Little Punks’ hair now is like working on bowling balls….but one day I hope it will be a special time for them too.  For now they LOVE picking out what clips to wear. As in LOVE.TO.PICK.THEM.OUT.

This IKEA fake plant is awesome! I never thought I would be a fake plant kinda girl, but when I saw these little boxwoods for about $2, I died. I have them all over our house. Easy to group in a line, no fear the kids will dump dirt anywhere, move em when you need em, and they look suprisingly real!

This is the side of our Master Bedroom. Three of the photos are from our wedding. One of the photos is my Hubs on the balcony of our hotel room on our Honeymoon. And the fifth frame is the card he wrote me the night he proposed.  The opposite end sits my jewlery box from my sister-in-law. It holds my jewelry, along with special keepsakes….like the girls hospital baby bracelets & our place cards from our wedding.  I smile each time I look in  this direction.

I also smile when I see this photo. This is Piper at 2 weeks, with me. I may be a little magnified in the photo, but I love how that also shows how teeny-tiny sweet Pipes is. I love that our noses are touching. I really love this photo. And I also love that I got it from Canvas on Demand with a Groupon for 1/2 price!  That certainly puts my in a better mood.

Ohhhhhh matching hangers, how I love you!!  This is Piper’s closet and yes she has a few clothes. She is after all the 3rd daughter in a family of very close in age girls. This girl has got her some hand me downs!!  My closet does not have matching hangers…kids always come first don’t they? But these tiny white hangers, all in a line, with all those colorful dresses…..*sigh* they always put my in a better mood.

See? I’m feeling better already!  Wonder if it has anything to do with the glass of wine that was walking along with me?? (I kid, I kid!)

So that’s my tip for you today.  When you’re feeling stressed with loads on your plate. Take a walk around your house and remind yourself of all the little things that make you happy. It will surprise you how something so little can make such a big difference in your day!

{Family Activities} We’re on or way…

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you may have seen some of my recent, slightly stressed updates as I realized the time was coming near for our family to make its annual trek to my parents summer home in Canada. (We are most likely on the plane as most of you read this…)


I love the road trip we took as kids to get there.

I love all of the childhood memories my sisters and I have from growing up there. I love the friendships we have from way back when that are just as solid and true today. I love that my Little Punks will spend lazy summer days with the kids of those same friends. I love that we will see so many of our extended family while we are visiting.

I love that we are flying, like last year (and not driving…just cuz those Little Punks are little).

And I will love being on the final stretch of our travel day when we come up on the first corner of the lake….

And we cross the bridge (where we used to anxiously jump into the drivers seat to “drive us all home” when we where little).

I will love saying hello to the lilipads as we cross that bridge.

And I will love putting on my hat and pearls and raising that first glass when we arrive.

I will love the meals that come out of my parents cozy kitchen.

And I will love painting rocks with all my heart and soul.

We will all love the many boat rides around the lake.

And lining up our toys on the wall.

I will love watching the Little Punks playing in the dirt with trucks (while still decked in jewels).

And I will love watching Hubs put his feet up for a minute and relax. It’s something he very seldom does.


I just don’t like the idea of packing for it all.

Or preparing for being away for an entire month.

Thankfully loads of people have offered to take care of things here for us so the house and garden wont miss us much. And Hubs will only be with the Little Punks and me for a short period, so lucky duck poor guy will be back before long enjoying the last days of summer sleeping in an empty house with peace and quiet. So at least I know the home front is taken care of….but there is still stuff to do to be gone for long periods of time. None of which I’m sure you want to be bored with.

BUT there is one aspect that has had me over the moon stressed and anxious…

Not having internet access.

This is of course is a blessing and a curse.

Blessing because you truly have to unplug. No cell phone, no Facebook, no Twitter, no internet.

But a curse when you write a daily blog, when you read other blogs in Google Reader, when you are addicted to Food Network’s iPad app that needs the internet to access your recipe box, etc.  You don’t realize how much you depend on technology and the internet, until your about to go 30 days without it.

Please do me this one favor….please don’t forget me. 30 days is a long time and I would be so sad if we weren’t friends after I returned. I love, love, love to hear from you all!  So I’ve been out of my mind crazy this month trying to write enough to keep you entertained and give you your morning coffee reading material.

I’ve also talked to a few favorite vendors and we’re going to run some fun giveaways!!  You might have notice the fun one from Sarah & Abraham from Monday? Be sure to enter and tell your friends too!  Then keep your eyes out for a few more…

Much love and hugs to you all!  Enjoy your last month of summer :-)

{Me Time} My Favorite Daily Planner

I’m going to go out on a limb here, but I’m guessing many of you have a slight organization habit or tendency. I’m a little addicted myself, though I definitely find that I can’t be the same Type A person that I was pre-kids. I definitely want to be at time as I never minded that person (though I’m sure my Hubs is happy she’s not fully here anymore), but my brain is so far in the OTHER direction of forgetfulness and disorganization now that I’m a train wreck most of the time.

I have never found a calendar that is 100% perfect. There is always an issue or shortfall somewhere. Not that the calendar is lacking, but that my life is ever changing now with the kids so I find I need to track and calendar things differently almost monthly or yearly depending on our current stage.

BUT there is hope.

Have you ever heard of momAgenda?  I LOVE these planners.  I’m a simple person. I just like being able to see a full month on a page, or a week at a time so I can block out windows of time for events.  And this lets me do it.

Check out a page, they show you what each section of the book looks like.

I was even more excited when I read an email that said this:

NEW 2011/2012 Planners at momAgenda.com!

Being the lover of online shopping that I am, I immediately went to the site and came up with 2 that I love and need to decide between…

The regular momAgenda planner with fabulous little animal print.

Or the Home Office addition with a very helpful spiral binding. Not sure if I would do the neutral gray, or the very fun zebra print.

And here’s the next best thing about momAgenda, they have a momAgenda iPad App!  I have no idea how it all works, but it sounds awesome. And since I love to create more work for myself, but in a streamlined way (yes I’m crazy like that) the thought of being able to keep a written planner that looks the same as my iPad planner is Heaven on Earth!

All this to say, as the Summer is sadly more than half way over and it’s time to get our school year brains in place…it’s nice to know there is a stylish, easy mom planner for us. And I for one LOVE getting a calendar or planner. Kinda makes you feel like your starting fresh with a new lease on life, in a weird backwards way.

Can’t wait for my new planner to arrive….now which one to order??? Decisions, decisions….

Photo Credit: All images from momAgenda

{Me Time} A match made in Heaven!

I’m currently feeling hopelessly and completely behind the times today! A dear and amazing friend (she may have a little something to do with THIS) shared a link with me  for Matchbook ~ Field Guide to a Charmed Life….and I cannot believe I’m just now finding out about this!?!?

How many of you knew and didn’t share this????  I’m not sure we are really BFFs if you didn’t feel totally compelled to shoot me an email strait away {CG ~ this is how I really know we are BFFs! Thank you a million times over for sending!}

I strongly urge you to hustle your kiddos out the door to school, a play date, surf camp, whatever…then grab a cup of coffee in your favorite mug and devour this darling, amazing & ever so chic magazine!

I want to just high dive into Matchbook and live vicarioulsy on every page. Inspiring and oh so interesting articles, wonderful  little illustrations, thoughtful design, very well rounded. A page turner from every direction. I’m sharing a sampling of pages I quickly grabbed to share…..but truly, I’m headed out the door to pick up kiddos….the beauty in this magazine comes in seeing the WHOLE thing, and reading page after amazing page together.

Seriously, talk about CUTE and CHIC prego style!?!?!

Go now and check out Matchbook.  They don’t know me in the slightest, I just wanted to pass along a new favorite.  The only thing that would make it better than being able to read online, AND on my iPad (which you can do), would be to also have a copy in print. Sometimes things this good just need a print copy too….I may need to start a petition!

Happy reading and enjoy your weekend!

{Me Time} Viceroy Santa Monica


It has taken me forever to write this post. That silly thing, you know, LIFE, just keeps throwing me little curve balls. But every time I’m about ready to jump out of my one story office window…..I think back to these wonderful 2 days.

They were Blissful.


No stress.

Simply said….PERFECT.

To start at the beginning. Hubs and I had decided that although we’ve done our fair share of traveling with the Little Punks, been on countless planes, & loads of time zones. And even though they all have airline frequent flier numbers and passports, that this summer was going to be all about local love. If we couldn’t drive there within 2 hours, then it was not  going to happen. We wanted chill, calm, stress free. STAYCATIONS here we come!

Then I thought there might be a lot of other families out there that could be thinking the same thing. So I put on my “Sharing Hat” and decided I would blog about all the fun spots we went to, to show you how easy and fun it could be not to get on an airplane this summer.

See, this is my “Sharing Hat”! I love ya so much, I straddle toilets for better photos (of course this picture was only taken to prove my point, nothing actually good to share here…)

Then that thing, LIFE, yeah that, happened.

We took our first trip away to Palm Desert with my husbands WHOLE family (trust me, it’s a lot of people ~ kind of too much for me to have kid duty and camera duty and blog duty, and there was very spotty Internet).

The day after we returned, we dropped the punks with my parents and headed out for a couple days by ourselves at the Viceroy, Santa Monica. HEAVEN.

The week after we returned from that, I took Hayden for a little trip up north (more to come on this later…). Um, a little trip that required 6 hours of driving. Each way. 2 days after the Mother’s Day from Hades.

THEN Hubs and I  decided it would be a good year to take our kids to my family’s lake house. In Canada. For 3o days, at the end of the summer.

Huh?!?!  How did that just happen?? Did we really just do all of this to ourselves?

So as I approach the time when I need to have a bazillion suitcases packed, punks ready for lots of flying and driving, and my sanity in check….I think back to this perfect 2 day trip to the Viceroy, Santa Monica....

Why was it perfect, you ask?

Because it was 2 days and 1 night of no stress and peaceful adult “just us time”.

Because it only required 2 very small overnight bags.

Because it was only an hour drive, and no one asked for a DVD, screamed, or dropped a sippy cup 1 million times along the way.

Because the hotel staff was amazing & couldn’t have been nicer and more attentive.

Because the decor is as refreshing and amazing as their Palm Springs Resort. (And an update is coming to Santa Monica soon too…)

Because we were welcomed with a glass of champagne as we checked in.

Because I learned that they like to think outside of the box and will use ANY AREA of the hotel for your event or function. You are not limited to just the restaurant or special event space. But they certainly are not shabby!

Because we were able to take a leisurely walk along the boardwalk enjoying the amazing beach and pier and all that it had to offer.

Because we ate lunch in comfy wing back chairs that you would think belonged in a formal dining room, but were in fact on an outdoor patio around the pool. And because they served their fries in a lopped of brown paper bag and it was the best idea ever (or at least for serving fries!)

Because they have a fab happy hour “7 Before 7” with the tastiest little treats! The meatballs??….I die!

Because the dinner at Whist was so out.of.this.world we didn’t want it to EVER end.

Because the Chef  uses locally grown organic produce, and shops the local farmers market before planning the menu each week.

Because the bed was soft and firm and smelled so wonderful (crazy I know, but I love the smell of uber clean sheets!) and no one woke us up with teething, nightmares or potty breaks during the night.

Because I woke up at 6:30am and was able to lazily stay in bed reading magazines until 9:30am.

Because the hotel is so wonderfully luxurious, but intimate and comfortable that a food network star and host called it home for a month while he filmed local episodes, and had left the day before we arrived.

Because there was a beach and shops and the new Santa Monica outdoor mall all within easy walking distance so we never had to drive (or fasten a bazillion car seats, 80 bazillion times).

Because I was able to Tweet the restaurant staff for a recommendation for a cocktail and lunch idea, and THEY TWEETED BACK THE PERFECT SUGGESTION!! How fun to be a guest at a hotel and have DIRECT ACCESS to the CHEF and his staff!?!? And I can’t even share a great photo of it, because it was so good WE INHALED it! (In case you are wondering, it WAS the Picnic Chicken Sandwich and Cadillac Margarita).

Because the last time I was there I was 4 months pregnant with Addie, my sister was with me and 5 months pregnant, we had her toddler too and we arrived at 10p straight from LAX. The hotel was in full night time party mode, and yet we were quickly set up in our room with a pack & play, ordered delicious room service and never heard a thing.

Why was it perfect? Because it was EXACTLY what we needed!

Both the Viceroy Palm Springs and Viceroy Santa Monica are true Favorites. I can’t recommend them enough! Be sure to check out the special offers for both resorts! HERE/Santa Monica and HERE/Palm Springs.

{Disclosure: We were very grateful to be guests of the Viceroy.  This post is completely 120% my own opinion, and we would have treated ourselves to this staycation regardless. I encourage you to treat yourselves too!)

{Me Time} Heels as smooth as a baby’s bum!

So I’m kind of into simple, little things that help me, make ME better. Kind of a tongue twister I know, but seriously, how much time do you REALLY spend on you??

You know I’m in love with this toothbrush (and Hubs is too now)….but my other addiction is….

a Foot File

I know, I know, I’m so weird. But people I’m telling you, YOU WILL LOVE THIS!!

I’m just going to go right out and say I have super, SUPER DRY heels. ESPECIALLY  during the Summer when we all live in flip flops and sandals.  And if I’m not religious about putting  Aquaphor and a pair of socks on at night, my heels crack like the Mojave Desert… (and they HURT!}

But this little foot file is a dream!!!

Now I spend about 30 extra seconds on each foot, each night. Use the file like sandpaper with a handle so to speak, rough up the back of your heels (and by “rough up” I mean smooth out your heels for sexy strappy sandals!).  Then throw on the Aquaphor and socks (or just lotion with no socks….I get too hot wearing socks too bed during the summer sometimes.)  Seriously, it’s so simple. Just be sure your heels aren’t wet from the shower, they need to by DRY for the file to work.

I got mine locally at Planet Beauty, but this is the closest one I can find online: Checi Nickel Foot & Callus File Medium

We all deserve to look cute in our summer shoes!

{Disclosure: Nothing to disclose. I found this, used it, loved it, had to share it!}

{Me Time} So glad I switched!

Congrats Nicole for winning the $25 Visa Giftcard! (Winner was notified by email). Here was Nicole’s suggestion:

“My older boys have started brushing their teeth while taking a shower. I hand it to them with toothpaste, they brush for a few minutes and hand it back. Works great because they don’t get distracted and they can’t run away from me :)”

And guess what? I have another $25 Visa gift card to giveaway…keep reading!

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