{me time} sparkle earrings!

A few months after Piper was born, Hubs and I took all 3 girls over to Fashion Island (a local outdoor mall for those not in OC).  I remember it was a Friday, and I just wanted out.of.the.house. The easiest place to go let the girls run around was the Koi fish pound and we could inhale dinner from the food court.  It doesn’t sound glamorous, but when you’ve changed a million diapers in a week, have not showered that day and just want a change of scenery, it sounds perfect.

I threw my hair back in a bun, grabbed a puffer vest, touched on a little lipgloss, and for some reason, grabbed a pair of sparkly fun earrings.  While the kids played around the fish pond, and I stood nearby feeding Piper a bottle, I noticed a few ladies glancing our way.  Finally, 2 of them walked over and asked how old all our girls were….and as most do, dropped their jaws and asked how we had it all together (which we of course laughed at!).

But the clincher was this, one of the ladies said, “And you even have cute earrings on! How do you do it all?!”

I will never forget that moment!  I FAR from had my act together that night, but to this day, when I wear the earrings I had on that night, I have a new found confidence in what I can do.

A silly little story I know, but I had to share in case there were any other moms out there needing a little pick me up. A new pair of sparkly earrings can sometimes do just the trick!  I think these Stella & Dot Soiree Earrings might just be my next pair! Go with everything, little bit of sparkle, not to low for the kids to grab…

Of course while I was searching Stella & Dot, I saw these cute girl pieces that I’m pretty sure little Hay might fall in love with in her current Pinkalicious love affair! The Allie Pearl & Ribbon Necklace and the Kristin Pearl Bracelet. We don’t own, but we just may soon….

Have a great day everyone, and grab yourself a little sparkle!  All moms deserve to feel pretty!

{Nothing to disclose. Just me out shopping. All images  from the Stella & Dot website.}

{me time} love me some bling {& giveaway!}

So where have I been the past couple of weeks??!!?  Um walking around on my head (no seriously I have, MY HEAD. This silly broken toe has been the last straw on the camels back….and every time one of my Little Punks steps on it again….ugh).

But bygones, because as we all know, Life goes one and the sun keeps rising and setting. However, it’s times like these when I feel buried and getting no where, that I am in awe of other moms…

There are SERIOUSLY some TALENTED and AMAZING moms out there…yes amazing PEOPLE too…but now that I’m in this mom world (WAAAAAY in it, like deep, deep in it), when I read about other moms, their juggling acts, creative businesses, families….I just want to give them I call and thank them for being the incredible, and inspiring people they are.

Take for example this little company, Towne & Reese which was started a year ago by two friends, moms, and former advertising executives, Christi Pack & Jessica Stanfield. (These ladies are the definition of creative and awe inspiring in Websters, seriously, look em up).

(Photo Credit: Young House Love)

First off, fabulous company name.  (Check out their office crash HERE). Being that Christi and Jessica are each 50% partners, makes sense that their kids names would be 50% of the name.  (And BTW, you know these gals have to be from Charlotte because every child’s name I have EVER heard from there is ADORABLE!). They also name each piece of jewelry after a friends’ daughter.  And to make these moms hit the top of my favorite list, they have completely incorporated their kids into their office space.

(Photo Credit: Young House Love)

Can you see the cutie pie kids at the conference table??? Keep looking…

(Photo Credit: Young House Love)

Look at all those super cute smiles and jewels and cheeks and jewels and happiness!

(Photo Credit: Young House Love)

Back to my story, so about a year ago these 2 uber cool mamas set off to develop a line of affordable jewelry that was super stylish, to rival the Neimans shopping trip dreams.  And you know what they came up with??

A FABULOUS line with EVERY PIECE priced under $50! That definitely works in my post-corporate-life-still-want-to-look-cute-budget!

(I currently wear these earrings almost daily. Shocked even that Piper has never tried to grab them…I can’t tell you how many compliments I receive!)

Every piece is gold or silver plated, hypoallergenic, nickel and lead free. (to some that wont mean anything, but coming from a jewelers daughter ~ me ~ with a sister who is allergic to most metals….this is BIG!  This means you don’t need to spend a billion dollars to have a fantastic accessory piece!)

(New most favorite necklace. I can loop it around to be shorter 3x, or go longer at 2x…I may need to buy another in silver. Great accessory piece to dress up the jeans and tshirt!)

Here’s the part I’m absolutely dying about….these pieces are so cute that they’ve even gained their own fans in Reese Witherspoon, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Reba McEntire, Nancy O’dell…..I think my little country heart just did a little proud swoon for Christi and Jessica! You go girls!

(Photo Credit: Young House Love)

So what does this all mean for you? It means someone gets to win a piece of their choice!! Necklace, Bracelet, Earring, Ring…you name it! And what about everyone else? Well the generous ladies at Towne & Reese are offering our readers 15% off until the end of this month. I’m honestly going back for a few more things, I have just loved it! And what a great way to get a head start on Holiday shopping….

Here’s the rules, one comment/entry for each:

  1. Visit Towne & Reese and leave a comment below naming your new favorite piece. You can view everything on their site, but to shop, go HERE.
  2. OPTIONAL ~ “Like” Towne & Reese on Facebook and let them know you saw them on My Favorite Everything.
  3. OPTIONAL ~ “Like” My Favorite Everything on Facebook or tell me that you already do.

Giveaway closes at 9:00pm PST Wednesday, September 21. Winner will be notified by email on Thursday.  Be sure to leave your email, it’s not published.

The 15% code is active NOW! Feel free to use it HERE until Friday September 30th MYFAVE15

Best of luck and HAPPY WEEKEND!

{Disclosure: I was allowed to choose a piece myself to facilitate a review, however, I loved it so much I bought quite a few more…not telling how many since Hubs may read this….DEFINITELY a favorite!}

wordless wednesday ~ you can do anything…

I’m not sure I can really call this a Wordless Wednesday, how about WORDY Wednesday….I mean I didn’t EXACTLY take this photograph (does scanning into one’s computer count???) But I just had to share it!  This was inside of the recent Spanx package I opened…is this not HYSTERICAL!  Can you imagine doing ANY of those things in Spanx???  Not thinking I’m jumping from a burning building anytime soon, but I do love the message that we can do anything!

So shhhhhh, don’t tell anyone, but these are the BEST KEPT secret (or not so secret) thing out there for um “losing” a few inches.  And Spanx has new product that I pretty much live for with this post prego body…(I’ve tried others in the past, but Spanx outdid themselves with this one…)

OK…..ummmm…..this kinda feels like showing the world your underwear….wait, that is EXACTLY what I’m doing.  Goodness, the things a blog will make you do…

By gones…

Here’s what these Spanx will give ya….

  • Firm control high-waist shaper
  • Slims from bust to mid-thigh
  • Stretch nylon
  • Great tummy compression
  • NEW Sleek yarns won’t cling to clothes
  • Unique design lifts rear
  • Legband-free for a smooth look
  • No visible panty lines
  • Elastic waistband
  • Cotton double gusset

OK now that you know my undergarment secret (and my cheeks are as red as can be)….believe me, these are AMAZING!  I bought a pair last week and could not believe the difference in how my clothes fit!

Whether you have a “few” post prego pounds to lose like me, or just don’t want to feel any extra lumps and bumps at your next event….these are a great option (and because it comes up to your bra line there are NO PINCH LINES!!! And they don’t slip!)

Enough words for my wordless day….sheesh, even when I’m trying to be wordless I’m too wordy….

I’m done now.

If you want to see more Wordless Wednesdays, visit Angry Julie Monday

(Disclosure: nothing to disclose – I just wear these under dees-clothes!)

friend favorite ~ tiny oranges ~ supersoft hiphugger

Jen comes to us today from Tiny Oranges!  This is a favorite local OC blog friend of mine.  Jen is as busy as they come, yet always up for sharing a tip or trick.  She is in fact so helpful, that she offered to write not one but THREE guest posts for my “Maternity Leave”.  I loved reading Jen’s pregnancy posts as well as the first few posts after she jumped back in the blogging saddle after having #2.  I could SOOOO RELATE with her new very crazy life as I had just had Hayden!

One of my most favorite posts that Jen shared was Little Miss Forgetful, having to do with adjusting to being a mom of 2 and keeping a great sense of humor through life’s little trials.  I laugh so hard that I get tears in my eyes every time I read it!!  (Which for the record is often as it somehow makes me feel like my day is normal!)

Jen has been a great resource for me over the past year with fun local activities, products and tips, and great outings to take Addie on.  She is a Favorite OC Blog Friend and a wonderful new “in real life friend”.  I most definitely encourage you to check out Tiny Oranges!!

Meet Jen of Tiny Oranges (and her DARLING family!)

  1. Favorite Wrapping tip –Erin Condren gift labels for all my gifts.  Super cute and simpler than buying cards.  Everyone loves them!
  2. Favorite Recent book – “The Middle Place by Kelly Corrigan” Really touching memoir about a young mother’s journey through breast cancer and beyond.
  3. Favorite Costco pick – Kirkland baby wipes.  The best!
  4. Favorite Soda – Coke Zero!
  5. Favorite Beach – Crystal Cove by the historic Crystal Cove Beach Cottages:

“Something happened to me during my pregnancy – I had absolutely no tolerance for uncomfortable underwear.   I figured I was uncomfortable enough as it was, why torture myself more??  Once I embraced comfy undies, there was no turning back. Pregnancy or not.

My girlfriend gave me a hilarious book when my 2nd baby arrived called “If You Give a Mom a Martini”.  I liked it even before I opened the book.   It is about simple things you can feel sexier, stronger and more fabulous (in the limited time we have!)  One of the tips was to take 10 minutes and clean out your undie drawer.   I couldn’t remember the last time I did that, so I went through and got rid of any panty that was on the questionable side.   I had ones in there I wore during my first pregnancy 4 years prior.  SO WRONG!    So, once I purged my drawer, it was time to make some new purchases.

I found these at Victoria’s Secret and they are my absolute FAVE!!!!  They are in the “Angels” family and are called the “Supersoft Hiphugger.”   You can buy them in the stores or online, and they do come in thongs as well.  They are all cotton, tagless, and have cute little details like mini bows and lace.    They are the most comfortable underwear I own.   Great everyday panties that are sooooooo comfortable, but they still feel feminine at the same time.  Say it together ladies, “No granny panties…Yet!”

WHOOHOOO – We love a find like that Jen!  Thanks for sharing! And thanks for the post!

Will most definitely need to check these one out!!

yummie tummie for mummie, er, mummy!

OK, baby is here, I’m still at the hospital, but I can assure you that I’m DREAMING of, (longing, salivating, DYING) to get my pre-3-year-pregnant body back!!!  I’m no fool, I know it will take some time (even if hubby is hoping it will be back by Monday…), but get it back I will!

But I have a secret, (though not so secret when you publish it in a blog read by thousands…)


I found this amazing line through Bare Necessities last year just before I had Hayden.  (I also have a not so secret love affair with Bare Necessities as you can order up all the intimates you want to try, ship them to your house  ~ often with free shipping ~ and then try everything on in the comfort of your home to be sure you have the correct size and that it looks as it should under your dress, top, pants, etc….then return wasn’t doesn’t fit. LOVE THIS!)

So last year I ordered a ton of different shapewear peices, and to be totally honest, I loved what the Yummie Tummie products said they would do, but I also thought the name was fabulouswho doesn’t want a Yummie Tummie?!?! Doesn’t really matter if your post prego or not!

Here’s a little more info from their site:

“Yummie Tummie is a modern body contouring shaper. Your Yummie Tummie is meant to be seen while secretly slimming your mid-section and camouflaging visible lumps and bumps!

Unlike most shapewear that compress your bust and roll up, the Yummie Tummies’ cotton bust and hip panels appear to the outsider as a normal tank top; meanwhile the secret midsection panel is smoothing and shaping your middle, eliminating approximately five pounds off your appearance.

See some samples of how to wear your Yummie Tummie here.”

And as it happens, most of you have read now that I had an emergency C-section last year. I had a very different recovery with Hayden than I did with Addie.  And my Yummie Tummie tops were a godsend!  I purchased an original tank, a nursing tank and a T-shirt.  They are very light weight and easily layered under other shirts and tops, just as you would any other layering piece.  Difference is, the Yummie Tummie tops have extra length to keep the shirts from riding up, and their middle section is extra snug to help YOUR middle section stay sucked in, without anyone giving you a congrats hug and feeling anything different than your shirt!  I loved that it helped hold in the not so flattering muffin top and allowed me to feel cute, sooner, in my sundresses, and jeans.

And I am SOOOOO excited because this time around they have even more products available!  Which is great for new moms, or moms with grown kids, or women with NO KIDS.  Every girl loves to feel “put together” no matter your stage, there is a top for you!  I love that Yummie Tummie has selections with patterns as well as different styles that would look great under a little wrap for date night, or a suit for work.  I also love the new boyfriend tanks that make it easier to wear a good bra underneath.

Be sure to check out all the options available!  I honestly am so happy to be able to pull these out again from last year, its like welcoming a friend back!

ANNNNDDDDDD…..oh this is so fabulous…..

Yummie Tummie is giving away a shapewear top to one lucky My Favorite Everything Winner!!  A nursing tank or an original tank Yippee!

Here is everything you can do to win, the more you do the more chances you have to win!

  1. Visit the Yummie Tummie site and let us know what your favorite top is. (1 entry)
  2. Follow Yummie Tummie on Twitter (1 entry)
  3. Tweet this giveaway, “What girl doesn’t want a @YummieTummie ~ Check out the giveaway @MyFavEverything http://ow.ly/1gUaQ!” (1 entry)
  4. Check out the Yummie Tummie Facebook page (1 entry)
  5. Subscribe to the daily emails or RSS feed for My Favorite Everthing (1 entry)
  6. Vote for My Favorite Everything on Top Mommy Blogs, your click is your vote (1 entry. Comment each day and let me know voted again for an additional entry with each comment)

Giveaway ends Thursday, March 18th at 5:00pm PST and is open to US and Canadian residents.

Best of luck!  We all deserve a Yummie Tummie!

(Disclosure: I was not compensated to write this post.  I have been using Yummie Tummie products HAPPILY long before having any contact with the company.  I did receive a new skinny tank to try this pregnancy, and will most certainly let you know about this style as well! But would have written this review regardless.)

friday favorites

It was a crazy busy week again (What weeks aren’t for moms??  Do any of you have a new found respect for your mom?? I sure do!) And I can’t believe it’s just over 4 weeks until the newest babe is here!  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t make a showing any earlier!!!  I love ya and can’t wait to meet ya, but you just go ahead and stay nice and cozy until March 9th, Pretty Please!

OK, onto the fun things from this week.  I actually had to edit this a bit because I saw so many fun things to share and try!  Here is just a sampling….

These are just too darn cute! Sweetie Pies, from Williams Sonoma. YUM!!

“Pure edible nostalgia, our heart-shaped treats recall the whoopie pies beloved by kids but with a decidedly sophisticated twist. The sweet valentines come to us from a bakery in Maine that uses local butter and free-range eggs to make individual rich, moist red-velvet cakes that are filled with decadent buttercream in three delicious flavors: chocolate, raspberry and classic vanilla.”

I {HEART} whoopie pies!  If you live in the Orange County or Los Angeles area you might also try Susie Cake’s whoopie pies. I think they got me through Hayden’s pregnancy, PURE DECADENT HEAVEN!  But I love that these ones from Williams Sonoma are red velvet cakes and are in the shape of hearts for Valentine’s Day.  Yummy AND cute!

Every girl needs a “go to” pair of “Flips” (as they are called in our house) for Spring and Summer.  I’m personally addicted to Havaianas Gold Slim Flip Flop, they are SUPER comfortable, don’t need breaking in, they always look good, and a gold pair is JUST what your wardrobe ordered!  Gold goes with EVERYTHING, add this to your wardrobe and simplify your “what am I going to wear today” daily decision.  (I also recommend buying early as the slim gold Havaianas tend to sell out closer to late spring and summer.  I like to have them waiting for me when I need them. Just ordered mine this week from Amazon.)

I seriously love Make and Takes blog!  If you don’t subscribe, I would suggest doing so.  Not every daily email has something for me, but when it does, IT REALLY DOES.  I saw this tip for making  your own microwave popcorn bags last fall and LOVED IT! But then Make and Takes has to one up themselves and show us a fabulous Valentine snack….who doesn’t love white chocolate, M&Ms and popcorn!?!?  Check out their White Chocolate Valentine Candies….such an easy fun project for you and your Littles (or just you after the Littles go to bed and you’ve poured yourself a glass of wine to go along with your People magazine….not going to lie, eating this by myself on the sofa watching my DVR shows in peace and quite sounds REALLY good!)

OK this last Favorite of the week is DEFINITELY a FAVORITE.  You must know by now how much I love the work that family photographer Sandy Heit does.  If you don’t, check it out here and here.  And lucky us, Sandy is offering this great mini photo session (LOVE that they are only 30 minutes!) to celebrate her natural light studio.  Sandy is extremely talented and so amazing at catching those little “looks” and moments in your Littles that you will treasure foreverBe sure to check out her blog for more information. (Great way to get an early Mothers Day gift taken care of for the Grandma’s, or just for the fun of updating your wall photos).

WHAT: 30 minute photo session
WHEN: February Only – contact Sandy for available dates & times
COST: $250
INCLUDES: Session Fee, (1) 8×10, (2) 5×7s

Call 949.515.3905 or email sandy@sandyheit.com to reserve your spot

(Images: Sandy Heit)

Anyone want to know who won the Valentine appliques???
We have 2 winners that have each won 1 Valentine applique:

Tiffany Lockette and Chrystal @ Happy Mothering


Thank you so much for entering!  Please email me at shanna@myfavoriteeverything.com

And last, but not least here’s the meal plan and shopping list for next week. Don’t be too critical!  I’m trying to keep it real for us all.  What I give you for a meal plan is what my family is TRULY EATING. I used to make the menu ahead a week to test for you all, but it became too much of an extra step.  So now we eat the same thing in the same week  Next week has some challenges – it’s my birthday, I have bookclub, and I have a conference.  So hubby has the girls 2 nights on his own.  Therefore next week’s menu is how I’m planning for all of that.

Would love to hear any suggestions you all have for your regular easy week night meals. Or what you do for your family when you will be out! I tend to stick to the same things that just “work” for me to do quickly, would love to hear your easy favorites too!  Email me your recipes, shanna@myfavoriteeverything.com and I’ll try them out for including in the meal plans. Looking forward to reading and sharing them! Thanks!

Have a great weekend and we’ll see you back here on Monday!

what every girl wants…

A housekeeper 7 days a week, a chef and perfect swimsuit body a week after giving birth!!!!

OK, just kidding….


I am not a fashion expert.  I’m pretty good at getting you through a few years of pregnancy without having to buy that much, but regular fashion is not one of my SUPER strengths.  However, accessories have been my friend for the past 3 years.  As I lived in black, tan, white and denim – I wore LOTS of necklaces and bracelets for a few reasons:

They were economical.

They livened up any outfit.

They didn’t care what size I was!

But back to my lack of expertise in the fashion world….I have no problem admitting weakness in this area!  I heard about a company that I’m sure ALL of you will tell me you’ve known about for YEARS.

OK, well then, you no more than me.  But it’s new to me and quickly becoming a Favorite!

I recently spoke with Allison, a stylist for Stella & Dot, and was very impressed with what they have to offer!

She made some very good points about the collection, most true = WHO has time to shop anymore???

Stella & Dot offers  a few great resources to moms (or busy gals in general)!

  1. You can shop online from the comfort of your own home at any hour you choose.
  2. You can host a party and invite your girlfriends over.  Which is a two-fer in my book  – visiting with friends AND shopping. And you can try on as much as you want, without asking a sales person for help every 2 minutes. (It’s actually a three-fer because you earn free jewelry from sales so you could also knock out birthday gifts along with a fun diddy for yourself!) A stylist will help overwhelmed guests find just the right pieces for themselves and for gifts.
  3. My most FAVORITE option is that you can host an online party! So if you are like me and just can’t organize or go to one more event in a week, send out an Evite to your friends inviting them to join you for  a Stella & Dot Online party.  Not only is this easy for everyone, but you can also invite guests that live further away, there is not limit!!  You will be given a special link for “your party” and your friends and guests can shop at their leisure once the kids have gone to bed.  Win-win for everyone! Truly I love this option!
  4. And lastly, if fashion IS YOUR THING, then this can also be a great business for your as well.  Allison can explain more about this to those that want to know, so be sure to check in with her.

Their jewelry is so chic and cute.

Lots to mix and match, and a range of prices to satisfy everyone’s pocket book. I love that I found things for $40 that were really cute!

Being that I’m not the TOTAL fashion guru (I tend to go simple and classic, with a bit of edge, and anything that will hide the dried breakfast on my shoulder from the Littles)…

I reached out to my youngest sister who is ALWAYS pulling together great looks.

These are my sister’s Favorites from the Stella & Dot site:

“Favorite under $100
Stella Vintage Link Bracelet
(This was a favorite for me too!)

Joshephine Lariat
(BONUS POINTS for Versatility)

“Favorite Going out Tonight”
Natasha Embroidered Bib Necklace

“Favorite Lunch with the Ladies ~ Dressy”
Sayulita – Statement Necklace

“Favorite Lunch with the Ladies – Casual, Jeans & White T”
Boca Necklace with Bee Brooch
(This was another one of my Favorite’s too!)

“Favorite Awesome Update to Grandma Jewelry”
Happy Flower Necklace

(BONUS POINT for most Unique!)

And just because they are so wonderful…

we have a GIVEAWAY!!!

Stella & Dot is giving away a $75 Gift Certificate to pick something fun!

Here are the rules (please leave a comment for each).

  1. Leave a comment below telling us a Favorite Stella & Dot piece – 1 entry
  2. Become  a Fan of Stella & Dot on Facebook – 1 entry
  3. Become a Fan of My Favorite Everything on Facebook or Twitter – 1 entry
  4. Vote for My Favorite Everything at Top Mommy Blogs – Your click is your vote – 1 entry

Giveaway closes at 9PM PST on Tuesday, February 2nd.

(Disclosure – I was not paid for this review, nor am I affiliated with Stella & Dot.  These are my honest opinions about a super cute product!  Enjoy!)

who’s up for a little hanky panky?

Gotcha with that one, huh!!?

Well, I’m sure that I’m not telling you something you don’t already know, but seriously, Hanky Panky’s Original Signature Lace Thong are by far my favorite girlie undergarment (that sounds like I’m from “Little House and the Praire” days….) OK, I”ll say it, Favorite THONG! (Seriously, that was hard to type and not feel a little flush in the face…..).

They are listed in the Favorites Gallery both under Fashion as well as Expecting, reason being they are AWESOME for both.  Pre babes and Pre pregnancies, these were the only thongs I would wear.  They don’t ride, they don’t show lines, they have lots of cute colorsPERFECT!

When I was pregnant with Addie I wore them clear up to the end.  However, Hayden (remember I was pregnant 8 weeks after Addie was born) my rear was a littttttlllle wider than before.  I wasn’t able to wear them much past my 1st trimester, such a sad day.  I switched to Old Navy maternity thongs.  Not nearly as comfortable and there were definitely lines that I wasn’t happy people could see!  (However, I do like the Old Navy maternity undies after you have the baby, but that’s another post…)

So for Baby #3’s pregnancy, I resolved to SOLVE this problem and get back to the Hanky Pankys.  Not that I like to admit it, but I’ve promised to always be honest on this site, Hanky Panky’s introduced a Hanky Panky Original Signature Lace Thong Plus Size that ended up being an answer to my prayers.  (Typically their thongs are “1 size fits all” and I have to say, they are right, surprisingly!  UNLESS you are trying to wear them for maternity undies….)

So check them out, you wont be sorry!

They are a little pricey, but well worth it.  They hold up, they wash well, and most of all…

Bare Necessities

(Disclosure.  I am an affiliate with Bare Necessities.  However, I’ve been wearing Hanky Pankys for YEARS, and have been an avid shopper of Bare Necessities long before this blog.  Look for a future post as to why soon!)

where do your diapers go?

I hate carrying a diaper bag.  I’m always on the look out for any other possible bag that I can carry that will do the same job, but lets me feel like I’m still pre-kids (even though I love ’em to pieces!!).

A very smart girlfriend (who is always in the know on new and fun things – she brought us the Sally Hansen Nail Finisher, and the Bandera Clone Cornbread.…bet you’re glad I have such cool friends!)  Anyway, she shuffles about her day with 1 darling little girl, so her bag options are a little different than mine.

This is her go-to bag from Le Sportsac:

Do you all remember Le Sportsac???  Kind of conjours up images of Member’s Only jackets and 80s fun…but in all seriousness, she was showing us this bag, and I was sold!  As she explained she could put her phone and keys in a pocket, money in a pocket, and a couple diapers with wipes in a pocket and then strap the whole bag over her head messenger style.  So when she is off chasing her daughter through Fashion Island or Pretend City, she isn’t also worried about her big diaper bag, or purse constantly slipping off her shoulder.

The 3 things I loved were:

  1. The color – a great gold/platinum that would work with any outfit (though there are lots of other color options).
  2. If you packed it right, you could fold it into thirds and pack it into a bigger bag when needed.
  3. The price, $68 – under $100 for a good functional, fashionable bag!

Great bag and great tip!  Good for all different stages of moms!  Thanks C for one more great tip!

all that glitters…is surely gold

Amy Anderson Rings

I love finding things that make me feel good.  I know this sounds lame, and trust me, I LOVE being a mom and I LOVE our darling Littles – but there are still more than a handful of times that I long to fit in my cute jeans from pre-pregnancy, or pop on that cute pair of heels that I know used to turn a few heads…but I just don’t seem to get the same reaction these days.  Not sure why.  Do you think having a Little gripping each leg, a bun in the oven and the morning’s breakfast dried to my shoulder along with the 3-day-no-washed-hair has anything to do with it???

Needless to say, when I find something that makes me feel cute and gives me a little jump in my step, I have to share it.  This past August I took a girls trip to Dallas and found this darling little ring made with gold wire and a wonderful warm-gold crystal.  It was a perfect take home gift for the trip.  A week later when I returned to California, I saw a bowl of the same ring at my hair salon and was shocked that they were under my nose the whole time!  Then this past November, the artist was actually at the salon and making custom pieces.  I had a pair of earrings made to match my ring and was thrilled!  Nothing like a little bling on your fingers and ears to make you feel pretty!  (Especially after you’ve just had your hair done!).

Meet Amy Anderson

Amy Anderson About

Amy is absolutely darling!  She proceeded to make me a perfect pair of earrings after carefully scrutinizing all of her stones to find just the right matching colors.  Her charm was infectious and you could tell she loved what she was doing.  I was shocked at the prices, $40 – $50 for rings and earrings.  I expected them to be higher…but her reply was:

“…that everyone deserved something pretty.”

Those are words to remember, and make you smile!

I really love Amy’s approach to her jewelry.  In her past life she was a colorist for world-renowned celebrity stylist Jose Eber.  But before long she started designing jewelry. And her eye for detail and talent for visualizing colors allows Amy to design specifically for each individuals skin tone and personal style.  Don’t you just love that your piece is made specifically for you, at an affordable price!

If you miss her in Orange County, you can also find her at the Colors Salon & Boutique in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas once a month or Amp Salon in the Palms Resort and Casino.  She designs custom pieces, as well as meets with brides to do bride’s jewelry and bridesmaids gifts.  What a beautiful keepsake!  And a great price for a bride’s difficult to contain budget.  Amy will work with you to pick colors and styles that best suit your dresses and design.  I think these are FABULOUS Holiday presents for your sister, girlfriend, etc.

Check out these beautiful little babbles….

Amy Anderson Earrings

Amy Anderson Ring 2

(The earrings above are identical to the ones I bought from Amy).

Amy will be at Hamptons Salon this Friday and Saturday,
December 18th & 19th from 9am – 5pm and will be taking custom orders.

301 Bayview Circle
Newport Beach, California 92660


You can also visit her online shop.  Such beautiful things!

And GUESS WHAT!!!  It’s another fabulous holiday giveaway!
Amy is giving 1 lucky winner their choice of a pair of earrings or a ring!

Here are the rules, please leave a separate comment for each:

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Giveaway ends Friday, December 18th at 9:00pm PST ~ GOOD LUCK!!

Amy Anderson Rings 3

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