wordless wednesday ~ you can do anything…

I’m not sure I can really call this a Wordless Wednesday, how about WORDY Wednesday….I mean I didn’t EXACTLY take this photograph (does scanning into one’s computer count???) But I just had to share it!  This was inside of the recent Spanx package I opened…is this not HYSTERICAL!  Can you imagine doing ANY of those things in Spanx???  Not thinking I’m jumping from a burning building anytime soon, but I do love the message that we can do anything!

So shhhhhh, don’t tell anyone, but these are the BEST KEPT secret (or not so secret) thing out there for um “losing” a few inches.  And Spanx has new product that I pretty much live for with this post prego body…(I’ve tried others in the past, but Spanx outdid themselves with this one…)

OK…..ummmm…..this kinda feels like showing the world your underwear….wait, that is EXACTLY what I’m doing.  Goodness, the things a blog will make you do…

By gones…

Here’s what these Spanx will give ya….

  • Firm control high-waist shaper
  • Slims from bust to mid-thigh
  • Stretch nylon
  • Great tummy compression
  • NEW Sleek yarns won’t cling to clothes
  • Unique design lifts rear
  • Legband-free for a smooth look
  • No visible panty lines
  • Elastic waistband
  • Cotton double gusset

OK now that you know my undergarment secret (and my cheeks are as red as can be)….believe me, these are AMAZING!  I bought a pair last week and could not believe the difference in how my clothes fit!

Whether you have a “few” post prego pounds to lose like me, or just don’t want to feel any extra lumps and bumps at your next event….these are a great option (and because it comes up to your bra line there are NO PINCH LINES!!! And they don’t slip!)

Enough words for my wordless day….sheesh, even when I’m trying to be wordless I’m too wordy….

I’m done now.

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(Disclosure: nothing to disclose – I just wear these under dees-clothes!)