{local love} free weekend fun

Hilarious! This just goes to show, even when you try to be organized, you can still be way behind!!  In trying to catch up this week, I’ve been trying to clean out the closets of My Favorite Everything, and came across this post in my drafts.

I’m not even sure when these were taken, but I know it still stands true! If you need a little simple weekend fun (or anytime fun with a girlfriend) with Little Ones (who are up very early in the morning). Head to Fashion Island, before it opens.

Obviously we go rain or shine! What we love about it is that the stores are CLOSED early in the morning (which I’m sure stand true for any mall, I just love that Fashion Island is outdoors and pretty much contained). No Littles can dodge in and out of the stores.  Mom and Dad can grab a latte and a few treats for the kiddos at Starbucks, then walk behind those running, wild kids leisurely, knowing they can’t get into trouble.

I’m pretty this was in early January sometime (or at least I think it was). The kids love the Koi pond, but there are also lots of places to play hide and seek. As well as a lot of running back and forth between Build-a-Bear and Russo’s Pet Shop peaking in the windows in anticipation of them each opening. (Read lots of running between 2 stores = good naps later). We usually stop into each right after they open (and before they get too busy) before leaving.

If this was a Sunday when the stores open at 11:00, you would probably see me there at 10:00 running around with the kids for an hour, then heading to the pet store and a quick lunch after….and home for naps and quiet time.  No big crowds, kids got to run & play, mom & dad got a bit of a break. Perfect start to the day!

So what are you up to this weekend?

{local love} clean baby, CLEAN!!

I could just end this post now with …… I AM IN LOVE WITH CLEAN BEE BABY!!

But you probably want to know why….let’s start at the beginning.


Gross to the gazillionth degree!

I really wasn’t kidding when I mentioned how excited I was to see Xpecting’s newsletter a few weeks ago about Clean Bee Baby’s visit to clean the heck out of carseats and strollers.

Truthfully, I was counting down the SECONDS to my appointment.  Not to mention that we had the kids in the car for 20 hours of driving over the holidays…just the basic life of kids in the car had taken it’s toll.  To know there is a company out there that makes regular stops to local baby establishments (Xpecting, Bugaboo, Granola Babies, Milkilicious, Bel-Bambini, Giggle to name a few…) and who will clean your carseats to the most finite degree, without braking the bank is most certainly a favorite in my book. (Psssst ~ little secret, each new customer gets a free upgrade worth $20 from a basic to a standard cleaning on their first item!!)

The pictures really don’t do justice to how YUCK these seats were.

Maybe seeing the mats under the carseats helps make things a little clearer…

The stroller was in need of massive help too. It lives by our front door and makes daily visits to the park, more than often with a variety of snacks which inevitably end up all over the seat (and almost always end up with ants munching the leftover crumbs the following morning….yuck).

But to pull up to Xpecting and see this very happy Clean Bee Baby van and the super sweet girls that arrived in it, was a site for tired eyes!

See?!?  Super sweet girls! And I am not kidding when I say they pay meticulous attention to EVERY part of your stroller & carseat!

Down to the plyers that remove the gunk and yuck that’s collected in the velcro.

My car seats were like brand new!!!  I DID NOT RECOGNIZE THEM! I’ve been enjoying the crazy clean for a week now and they look just as good, and smell just as clean.  Heaven is waiting in my car for me each day.  LOVE!

Spotless! SPOTLESS!!

The clean surpassed anything I could have dreamed or imagined!

Seriously, can you believe this seat? And check out the cup holder??  The car wash doesn’t even get the grownup cup holders that clean!!

And don’t get me started on the stroller…it has a whole new lease on life now!


And then for the deal sealer, with a Standard package or higher, Clean Bee Baby will help you with installing all your carseats again.  Frankly, even if you are the Yoda of car seat installation, having it all double checked and a fresh pair of eyes never hurt anyone. They actually asked if I could leave my car manual so they could check where Piper’s seat was anchored…seriously, thank you!

I don’t even think my husband is this thorough when he’s helping me install the girls seats!

Can we just look at that clean cup holder and seat one more time???

I also highly recommend you sign up for their email newsletter to hear about specials and upcoming events in the Southern California area. Whether you become a regular (and you just might with the addiction to the clean!), or end up like me who manages to get her car washed maybe once every 6 months….do yourself a favor and have the car seats done at the same time. You (and your kids) will be so thankful you did!

{Nothing to disclose. I took advantage of the new customer deal and am a new super happy customer! Had to share the favorite!!}

{local love} got a dirty carseat or stroller??

So I’ve never tried this service before, BUT, it’s come highly recommended to me from 2 different sources that I really trust.

One of those sources is Xpecting Maternity (where CleanBeeBaby will be this month).  I’ve written about this awesome Maternity and Post Maternity store before because the owner Stephani is AMAZING! She knows what moms and moms-to-be need.  Stephani helped me get through 3 years of pregnancies before she was ever pregnant, that takes a very special person. The clothing she recommended to me was beyond perfect!  I’ll write more on Xpecting Maternity later, but for now I wanted to give you all a heads up on a newsletter I received from her store (because YES, she is always arranging fun things for both moms-to-be and moms at her store).

When I saw the email above that CleanBeeBaby would be at Xpecting Maternity on Friday, January 27th, I emailed immediately for an appointment.  Their services look incredible, the cleaning process pretty much sold me, and the prices (listed in services) were very reasonable. AND wouldn’t you know it, the owner and founder, Jennifer Beall is another special person that doesn’t have kids yet, but KNOWS what we need!

Plus as a new customer you get a free upgrade on one service. I have 3 carseats that have just traveled to the mountains and back, and a double stroller that needs some cleaning love.  When I checked out the CleanBeeBaby site I was more than impressed.

So stay tuned, I’ll let you know how it goes, but until them, I highly recommend you go out on a limb and book an appt!

I plan on taking before and after photos, and sharing with you all what my personal thoughts are on the service, BUT I also decided I didn’t want to deprive any So Cal locals of the service.

** Update 1.16.12: Just saw that there is a Plum District deal today as well $20 for $40 of service, for new customers. **

{oc local love} studio seaside, annual passes!

I’m a huge fan of Studio Seaside! It is honestly one of the best local deals for moms that I know. I’ve talked about it before, and you’ll most likely hear me talk about it again many times to come, because frankly I love it! I especially wanted to tell you about it today though, because their 2012 annual passes are on sale only until Monday, January 15th. (You can still do a monthly membership, or a punch pass after the 15th…so not to fear! It’s just that the annual pass is a great deal!)

Studio Seaside is a little boutique gym in Corona del Mar. Though not so much a gym (there is no equipment) but a studio with LOTS of amazing classes (Barre Burn, Bootcamps, Stroller Clases, Pilates, Yoga…even classes for your kids, just to name a few…).  And childcare for up to 2 children is included with every class!

Even more than being a studio, it truly feels like a supportive community.  The classes are not over packed, most of the teachers are moms as well, your kids are in the same building with you, playing with the most AWESOME childcare staff (in the CLEANEST childcare area I’ve ever seen).

The owners are constantly thinking about their members and offering fun date night studio babysitting, researching and introducing new fitness classes, supporting the community with charitable drives, organizing in-studio evening  classes (like how to designate your children’s legal guardians), helping you train for races with a runners club. Honestly, it’s amazing!

Bet you want to know MY FAVORITE classes? Well maybe you don’t, but this is a blog about favorite things….

To read more about each class, check out Studio Seaside’s class description page.  Here’s my thoughts:

Super Mom Strength Training ~ Basically, it will WORK YOU! This might be one of my most favorite all time classes they offer. I wish I could get to it more often! I especially love it because you do not need any coordination, and you see results quickly.

Beach Bootcamp ~ The description says “Finally! Get the results your bodies have been craving!” They are sooo not kidding! A friend and I took this class last winter  when it first started.  We were both BEYOND impressed. The instructor is very good at gaging what each person is capable of and structuring the hour accordingly. Advanced and beginners get exactly what they need…..You will be beach bikini ready in no time! I especially love that there is a 6A and 8A class.

Pilates Sculpt ~ I’m a huge believer in Pilates. All the things they say it does, IT DOES! And as a mom, I especially love that I’m being worked out, but also gaining flexibility. Helps so much when your kids pull you in 3 directions! And truly, I could have written down any of the Pilates classes because they offer a few different ones. No matter which one I take, my ab muscles (or lack there of) ache for DAYS.

As for the kids classes, there are two that I especially love, love, love!

Pre-Ballet ~ Ms Rachele rocks this class for your kids! (Those are my punks above) It’s a very free spirited, go with the flow class with lots of gentle instruction and loads of fun. All 3 of our girls have attended this all last year – 1, 2, and 3 year olds – and all of them loved it. SUPER relaxed. SUPER fun! We’re heading back for more this year.

Passport to World Art, Culture & Literature ~ This class is out of this world! There are not enough good words to say.  Each week as the mom’s gather to pick up their kids we sit outside the window in amazement as Ms Kelly calmly and skillfully runs the class. The kids read books and do an art project based on the book. And they learn about world cultures ~ Addie is still singing the “continent song” she learned. It could quite possibly be my most favorite hour of the week Addie has. The bonus for me is you drop your kids off. (ages 3-7). I can go for a walk with my other 2, take them to a nearby park, or run a quick errand. LOVE THIS CLASS!

Be sure to check out the schedule though, because there are many, many others. There’s bound to be something that fits in your schedule, and there are loads of classes I have yet to try. WORTH IT is all I have to say! Don’t forget, the 2012 annual passes are only avaiable until Monday, January 15th. Contact Studio Seaside with any questions you may have, or leave a comment below.

{oc love} lights on oc

Now before you close this post because I’m writing it BEFORE Thanksgiving, hear me out.

Thanksgiving is this week, but can anyone tell me when December is??

Let me give you a hint, it’s exactly 1 week after Thanksgiving.  Which means the holidays are in FULL FORCE. This week I saw people all over our neighborhood getting their holiday lights out.

Before we had our little punks, I felt like we could casually roll into these things more easily, but now?? No, NOW life just hits ya from the left, then the right, and then the left again.  There are so many things on the “To Do” list, that being able to delegate one out  kind of feels nice.

We (read = Hubs) have always put up our own Holiday lights.  He pretty much has it down to a science. But this year, having someone else install them was just.so.nice. I can’t show you our own house, but the lights are quite similar to these other homes from the Lights on OC site, except single story, and I love them!!

I prefer our exterior holiday lights classic and white (though we may add a colorful “gum drop” tree). In the past, we’ve used the ceramic white lights, but we also knew we would eventually want to move to LED lights.  Now that you can get some really nice “warm white” LEDs, it seemed like a good year to make the switch.

So I was super excited when Lights on OC contacted us to help with our installation. I loved that Hubs could take this off the list this year. The Lights on OC team was so helpful and able to give us a quote over the phone by looking at Google Earth (and they happily meet in person for those that prefer).

We were emailed a quote that I was able to pay online with a credit card (they can also take checks day of). Lights on OC confirmed all the install information and questions over the phone with me before they arrived on installation day and I didn’t even need to be home when then installed them!

There were lots of options I had not thought about as far as where to run the lights, so I was glad that we had talked about it. Did you know there are all sorts of new easy clips that can be installed to put your lights up just about everywhere??!  We have lights on our roof ridge line for the first time, and they look so nice!

The other thing I love is that Lights on OC can either install your current lights for you, or add to them, or supply new lights.  We choose to update our lights to clear LED warm white.  Lights on OC provided all new LED lights for us, custom cut to the correct lengths for our house (which meant no stringing together 100 sets).  They were provided all the extra extension cords needed, and quietly tucked them away so no one sees how it is all installed.  Our trees are wrapped and look beautiful, and we even added a few “lighted ornament balls” in our front tree.

I love that they have install only packages starting at $150, that you can choose any add on’s you want (with no pressure one way or the other), that the install went so smoothly, that there was no debris left behind, and that all the extension cords were neatly hidden.

I also love that Lights on OC will return to remove everything!

But most of all, I loved that it wasn’t nearly as expensive as I thought it would be. One of those times when it doesn’t hurt to ask the question and get a quote…you’ll probably be surprised at the answer!

ANNNNNNND Lights on OC is offering our fabulous readers 10% off for anyone that books an install by Monday, November 28th (the appointment doesn’t need to occur by then, but you need to schedule your appointment by then.)  They are almost fully booked over the next few weeks, so call now to grab a spot 949.874.3800, or contact them via their site Lights on OC (and get that discount!!!) PROMO CODE: MFE10

Happy Holidays everyone!!

{Disclosure: We purchased all of our new exterior lights, but were given the install in order to facilitate this post. These opinions are my own, and I am so thankful to have the holiday lights task off our list!!}

{oc love} xpecting maternity & uppababy CRUZ

While I can’t really talk about the CRUZ Stroller, as I’ve never owned one (but I have not doubt it’s awesome!). I most certainly need to tell you about the very cool Launch Party this Saturday from 1:00-3:00om because of where it is…Xpecting Maternity.

I was pregnant for almost 3 years straight. There were only 5 months that I wasn’t an oven (but still felt it as those months were the months just after having my little punks).  In those 3 years, Xpecting Maternity was my go to store.  I don’t just mean for the occasional thing, I mean my GO TO store! My most favorite pieces (long black flowing skirt, comfy black pants, jeans, Michael Stars shirts, sweater wrap, wrap dress…..) all came from Xpecting. Stefani Clymer, the owner, started the store waayyyyy before she ever had a baby. She just knew there was a need, and knew she had her finger on the pulse.  The mere fact that Stefani KNEW what would work best for me and KNEW what I would fall madly and inlove with, and in fact LOVE wearing every day, without ever being pregnant herself, speaks volumes.

So when I heard Xpecting Maternity was co-hosting a Launch Party for UppaBaby’s newest stroller, CRUZ, I knew I needed to share it with you.  Stefani is now also a wonderful mommy to a sweet little boy, so along with knowing what your pregant self needs, she also knows what your mommy self needs! It needs this stroller…

Here’s why UppaBaby CRUZ may just become a new favorite stroller….

“Designed for today’s savvy family, the CRUZ combines the lightweight features of an umbrella stroller and the functionality of a more robust stroller.  Whether strolling down city sidewalks or suburban roads, the CRUZ handles the terrain with ease.

Launching in late October, the CRUZ delivers a versatile stroller that is lightweight, agile, stylish, and functional.  Features of the CRUZ include a reversible seat, one-hand recline with multiple positions, a generous basket for storage, and a large canopy to protect little ones from the sun.  The CRUZ can fold with the toddler seat on, ensuring ease of use and travel.  In addition, the stroller is compatible with the Graco, Maxi-Cosi, Peg Perego, and Chicco infant car seats and can be used from birth through toddler years.”

Definitely worth stopping by Xpecting Maternity this Saturday, from 1:00 – 3:00pm ~ 369 E. 17th Street, Costa Mesa, California. (Bring the little punks ~ Balloon artist, sweet treats, face painting, coloring, temporay tattoos!  Lots of fun for everyone!!)

{local love} milk ~ real seal appeal

Our schools need our help.

Our schools in California need our help.

Our California schools need financial support.

Do you drink milk, eat yogurt, enjoy ice cream, eat cheese?? Is dairy in your life? YOU CAN HELP CALIFORNIA SCHOOLS by doing what your already doing and adding JUST ONE MORE STEP, take the seal to your school.

How easy is that?

Real California Milk is supporting California schools by launching the Real Seal Program. From October 1, 2011-December 31, 2011, the California Milk Advisory Board will be challenging Southern California elementary classrooms, schools and students to collect Real California Milk seals from milk and dairy products for a chance to win up to $2 million in cash, Scholastic books and other prizes (No, SERIOUSLY, A LOT of money can be won for your California school!!) Top prizes being $20,000, $10,000 and $5,000 for three schools each – and 2,595 other schools will be awarded $500. To know that just by collecting a little seal from October 31st to December 31st, that looks like this:
And giving it to your schools teacher, who will then turn all collected seals in, your school could win THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. This is such a fabulous opportunity, I’m pretty sure every California school district is participating!

Parents, what to know how to help your school’s teachers? Read this.
Want to know how to enter? Read this.
For official Rules? Read this.

Want to hear more? Check out Twitter @RealCalifMilk with hashtag #CASealAppeal, & Facebook on November 1st

I love hearing about companies that are giving back, and this is another great example of a California organization coming together with other California businesses to help our schools. And think of the good that could be done ~ any organization can help you collect for your school…mom’s groups, churches, synagogues, your neighbors.

So what are your dairy favorites? Here are a few of mine:

To die for Mac & Cheese
Easy Mac & Cheese
Morning protein shakes with milk
Smoothies with yogurt
and of course, a good old cheese, fruit and crackers plate!

Let’s get our school the funding they need! Start collecting Real California Seals today!!

(Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. I am truly excited to see California companies joining forces to help California schools.)

{oc local love} little stylings for your little punks

What I want to know is if there are any moms out there like me….

…..lots of little kids, quickly growing through clothes, budding fashionistas, slim budget….

Do I see a few hands?

WHOA…that’s a lot of hands!

So then you can see why a sweet find like Little Stylings makes my heart go pitter-patter! A few days ago I mentioned a little treasure of stores, better known as The Cove….and at the end of that post I promised a little more info on a new favorite.

That new little favorite is Little Stylings.

“Little Stylings is a high-end consignment shop specializing in children’s clothing and maternity.  Founded by Melinda Hovee-Harlan, a budget-friendly and environmentally conscious mother of two girls, Little Styling’s philosophy is simple – Reduce. Reuse. Rewear.”

When asked why Melinda started Little Stylings:

“As a mother of two girls, I have become, like many moms today, an increasingly budget minded and environmentally conscious consumer. I imagined that others shared my love for quality, designer clothing but didn’t want to shop (and pay for) retail. So, Little Stylings became my idea for moms to be economical, fashionable, and live a little lighter on the planet.”

I love the thought of “living a little lighter on the planet” and also on the pocket book.  I think you can walk into consignment stores at times and be overwhelmed at all the stuff you need to sort through, but walking into Little Stylings is like walking into a specialized boutique store. Having someone like Melinda to help “style” your child’s wardrobe just makes the whole expereince iceing on the cake!

But there’s another part we have not even touched on.

Yes, the store is darling.

Yes, the brands they sell are awesome {i.e. Lily Pultizer, Ralph Lauren, Neige, Kingsley, Volcom, Flowers by Zoe, Pink Chicken, Crewcuts, Volcom, Splendid baby, Petit Bateau baby, Neige dresses, Quiksilver hoodies, Kinglsey tee’s, Catimini skirts & tops}.

Yes, the fashion and styling is fantastic.

Yes, customers of Little Stylings are helping to reduce, reuse, & rewear.

But did you pick up on the part that this is a consignment store???  So people like me (and you) with (VERY) quickly growing kids can do a little one stop shoping by selling our kids cute things, and picking up a few fun pieces to go forward with. That’s just a win-win for everyone!

So do a quick looksie at your kids clothes, fold a few things neatly in a bag, and stop by Little Stylings. You don’t need an appointment to drop off anything, and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you find!

Little Stylings:
410 W. Coast Hwy. Suite D
Newport Beach, CA
Facebook ~ Little Stylings

{Disclosure: Got nothing. Little Stylings does not know me, I just think the shop is darling and offers much to Orange County moms with Little Punks. Over and out.}

{OC Local Love} Join me Saturday! Playhouse fun!

How many of you have kids or grandkids?

How many of your kids or grandkids like to dress up and pretend to be princesses, pirates, cowboys…or basically anything under the moon??

How many of them like to pretend they are you and play in “their house”.

Yeah, mine too.

Have you ever visited the AMAZING playhouses from Project Playhouse?? Seriously check these out,  I’ll wait for ya below the photos…..

(Photo Source: Project Playhouse, 2010 Houses)

What did I tell you? Incredible huh??!

I’ve been visiting them in Fashion Island for years now, and most recently at their new display location in Edwards Court in Irvine Spectrum.

Let me tell you, the design of these little homes is beyond awe inspiring! I would move in to most of them!!

This year Project Playhouse will be displaying:





Can you stand it!?!?

OK here’s the thing though, while the playhouses will be on display through November 11, there is only ONE DAY that you can actually go inside them, THIS SATURDAY, OCTOBER 8th. On this special OPEN HOUSE day, along with playing INSIDE the playhouses, visitors will also receive goody bags, samples from Rubio’s, and enjoy the fun of face painters and balloon twisters!

Tickets are $10, children 3 and under are free.

Not to worry, if you can’t make it Saturday, the playhouse village will be on display and available to tour on Fridays 12-4, & Saturdays & Sundays 12-6 through November 11. Tickets for these dates are $2, children 3 and under are free.

To me this is a PERFECT weekend activity with the kiddos, and since I’m flying solo with mine on Saturday, it quickly became the FAVORITE activity for us! (And yes, I’m taking the girls ~ they are 3 & under after all!)

Check out the Project Playhouse for more information on HomeAid OC ~ the nonprofit organization benefiting homeless families in Southern California. You will also find more event info ~ dates, times, ticket prices…oh, and this AWESOME raffle prize of an EXTREME MAKEOVER for your KITCHEN. As well as info on the auction for the playhouses and 20th Anniversary Celebration.

{Psssss….if you can’t make it to the auction, pre-bidding for the playhouses will be hosted at www.FRE.com/HomeAid beginning on October 7 at 5 pm through November 11 at 12 noon….can you imagine THAT Holiday gift for your kids!?!?}

Want to know more about these incredible and over the top little houses, see below (heavy reading, but such amazing details)…Addie is most excited about the rainbow house!

“Dedicated home builders throughout Orange County have donated their talents and resources to construct these imaginative playhouses with working electrical systems, flat screen televisions, and state-of-the-art video game systems. The 2011Project Playhouse® Village will include:”

Little Diamond Head by Nicholson Companies Aloha!  Step into the style of Hawaii and let stories of wind, waves and adventure inspire the spirit of your Keiki (child).  Bright and beachy within, your keiki is sure to be entertained with images of the surf and sand. Complete with an accompanying deck to enjoy lazy days hangin’ in the hammock and Tiki torches to excite the night.   Features include:  Disappearing Walls of Pocketing Glass Doors, Hardwood Flooring, Beamed Ceiling, Built-In Entertainment Wall, Flat Screen TV, DVD Player, Grass Cloth Covered Walls, Black Walnut Hanging lamp, Custom Designer Furnishings, and Removable Exterior Decking.

Tradepartners® Tribute in honor of Chuck Dreyer by Shea Homes Get a little taste of Italy with this lovely Tuscan style playhouse built by Shea Homes in partnership with Tradepartners. The playhouse is a tribute to Chuck Dryer who was our auctioneer for many years and passed away in December 2010. Let your kids curl up next to a warm stone fireplace with a mug of hot cocoa in hand. The little home also has a porch where children can play games or just sit and relax.  Features include: open beam ceilings, wood floors, granite countertops, and a tile roof.

Over the Rainbow Cottage by Team HomeAid Captivate yourself in the Land of Oz from the outside in with this magical playhouse inspired by the famous farmhouse that fell on the Wicked Witch of the East.  Designed and crafted to be a comfortable retreat for your friends made out of tin, straw or fur, this playhouse features a loft, table and chairs, custom window seat, hand painted mural, window treatments, games, books and costumes so everyone can play out their favorite fantasy.  The exterior siding is reclaimed barn wood from the Midwest, perhaps even Kansas, with three porches and a rooster weathervane.

Sir Lyon’s Castle by William Lyon Homes Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there was a mighty fortress big enough to protect and shelter an entire kingdom…. Inspired by the castle lore of yester year, William Lyon Homes, Inc. has designed a playhouse that will captivate children and adults with the essence of royalty. Every little detail embraces the stately atmosphere within. It’s the ultimate space for your budding knights and princesses. Features include: elegant counter tops, a working sink with an attractive rustic faucet, dynamic wood beam ceilings, enchanting light fixtures and charming custom crafted woodwork and cabinetry. A Flat screen TV with DVD and an indoor/outdoor speaker system provide hours of entertainment, while the majestic thrones and electric fireplace invite the young royals to unwind.   William Lyon Homes is proud to be participating in its 20th Annual Project Playhouse.

{Disclosure: The little punks and I will be playing at the playhouse village this Saturday, but we would have gone whether I wrote the story or not…I’m still flying solo, and I truly LOVE these little homes!!  Come play with us!}

{OC Local Love} The Cove is a year old!

Do you love a party? Cuz parties are fun in my book….especially ones that involve “cocktails, nibbles, polish changes, & shopping”!


and parties that include a food truck…a food truck makes my day!

So what’s the party for??

The Cove, a hip and newly re-purposed shopping destination on Newport Beach’s Mariner’s Mile, is celebrating it’s One Year Anniversary with a “Sunset Soiree” party on Friday, October 7 from 6-9pm. During the day, each boutique will be hosting special deals and offers, while the Seabird Truck will be in the parking lot from 11am-2:30pm making food that made them famous on Food Network’s Great Food Truck Race“.

Have you ever been to The Cove?? It’s on Coast Highway, a very cool spot…

Recently named one of OC’s hottest shopping spots in Orange Coast MagazineThe Cove kind of makes me feel like we have a little vintage LA  shopping spot right here in our backyard.

And what might you find there?

Well what does one normally find hidden in a beach cove?  A TREASURE! And this little treasure chest of gold is filled with a wonderful and unique collection of shops. “local designers and lifestyle and retail brands focused on women, children, home décor, jewelry, beauty and fashion”

Blend – Contemporary women’s clothing with a focus on easy to wear weekday to weekend clothes for the gal on the go.

Clarity RX Skin Wellness Boutique – Skin wellness boutique featuring the owner’s unique, patented line of high quality cosmeceuticals, which  have been formulated for results-driven benefits to the skin, resulting in a smooth, youthful, supple, toned and radiant appearance.

Laura Matthews Designs – Original, handmade jewelry with a funky edge, designer handbags, belts and accessories.

Little Relics – Antique Jewelry and Found Objects; based jewelry line Of recycled repurposed antique pieces.

Little Stylings – Newborn – 16 years plus maternity, Little Stylings is a high end children’s consignment for moms to be economical, fashionable, and live a little lighter on the planet.

MerMade Designs – Sea inspired home décor and gifts – Coral, seashells, handmade treasures.

Posey Couture – Pearls, Vintage & “Haute” Costume Jewelry, Sugar Factory Couture Lollipops, and all things bling.

Studio Fringe – A full service interior design studio, unique linen pillow collection, home furnishings, fine art and textiles.

The Hat Loft – Designer hats, caps and fine millinery.

Be sure to stop by on Friday (and stay tuned for a post next week on one of my new favorite shops…can you guess which one?)

Friday, October 7 from 6-9pm.  The Seabird Truck will be in the parking lot from 11am-2:30pm.

The Cove
410 West Coast Highway
Newport Beach, CA 92663
Retail hours Tuesday – Saturday 11am-5pm