where is mommy’s brain…

Addie Glasses

Well, I have definitely been a little behind the game this week!
I kind of feel like Addie in this photo!

I WAS feeling pretty good about all the fun posts this week!  So many wonderful FAVORITES!
But then as I sat down to work on today’s post, it occurred to me that I never posted a menu, shopping list or December “to do” list last Friday!!!

HELLO – brain where have you gone and WHEN will you be back!!

‘Cuz I don’t have a clue where I left you…

Please forgive me – I’ll try to do better with future weeks – but I can’t make any promises it wont happen again…prego brain is REALLY starting to take over (Can’t believe #3 will be here in less than 3 months!!!!!  Hayden is almost walking and Addie is swinging from chandeliers…AAGHH!!).

However, I have managed to get the menu, shopping list and December “To Do” list posted this week! Woo-hoo!!

Few other housekeeping things:

Be sure to check out the 2 current giveaways:

An AWESOME HALSEA CLUTCH, one of my most favorite bags in their line of bags.
The Giveaway ends today, Friday December 4th at 9:00pm PST.
Don’t miss out on Sally’s great travel tips as well!

Halsea Clutch

And who can resist makeup??

MISHA at HOLIDAY SALON gave a great Sexy, Smoky Party Eyes tutorial this week.
I’m trying mine out this weekend.
Be sure to leave a comment to be entered to win the tools behind the tricks!
This Giveaway ends Sunday, December 6th at 9:00pm PST.

Holiday 32

Holiday 34

And if you’re tired of wrapping all those holiday gifts,
Mindy at Cotton Idea Studio can definitely help you out with that!
Love to MAGICALLY have it all finished!

Halsea Cotton Idea Window

Cotton Idea Gift 2

Last few things:

1. I’m going to try and do a few weekend posts through the rest of the month
as there are so many December FAVORITES to tell you all about,
so stay tuned and be sure to tell your friends to stop by!

2. Monday’s Giveaway is so FABULOUS, I wish I could enter myself!
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3. Lastly, enjoy your weekend!
Decorate your tree
and squeeze your Littles or gran-Littles or friend’s Littles!
They are only little once.  You will miss this.

Addie and Hay Car


gift wrap magic!

Halsea Cotton Idea Window

I love Cotton Idea Studio.

This darling little store shares a shoppe space with Halsea on Balboa Peninsula.

Here’s an idea for a great FAVORITE lunch time activity….

1. Load your car up with your Holiday gifts that you really WANT to wrap,
but know that you are going to run out of time
(and besides they kinda should look REALLY good – your boss, your mother-in-law, your mother….).

2. Drive down to:
409 31st Street
Newport Beach CA 92660.

3. Park next door at Bear Flag Fish Company and order yourself the BEST fish taco you have EVER eaten in your life! (I don’t even like fish and I’m in love with this taco AND they are only $2 on Tuesdays!!).

Bear Flag

4. While you wait for your lunch, go grab those gifts, and head next door to
Cotton Idea Studio (talk about a 2-for-1!).

5. Did I mention they share a shoppe with Halsea?? (I think we are 3-for-1 now!)

6. Wave hello to Sally as you pass through Halsea, and pick up 1 more gift,
that fabulous tote bag, for your sister.
(Ohhh are we 4-for-1 now??!!)
(Don’t forget to check in and enter to win the Halsea Giveaway!!)

Halsea Sally

Halsea Tote

7. Head to the back of the shoppe to see Mindy at Cotton Idea Studio.  And OOOHHH what a treat you are in for!  Mindy is darling!  Such a sweet person with a wonderful design flare…I truly LOVE her work!  Be sure to take a minute to look through her letterpress samples and pick up a card, or 2 or 3…well worth it! I absolutely adore her gift tags! (Check them out in the Holiday Favorites Gallery)

Cotton Idea Mindy

8. Be in awe of the fabulous niche of a space that Mindy has created as you see one of the most beautiful letterpress collections ever – card, gift tags, custom work, you name it!

Cotton Idea Shoppe

Cotton Idea Cards

Cotton Idea Pencils

9. Drop ALL of your gifts (including the tote you just bought) with Mindy to be
beautifully and magically
gift wrapped.
($12 small, $16 medium, $20 large)

Cotton Idea Gift 1Cotton Idea Gift 3Cotton Idea Gift 2

10. Realize that you just got your holiday photos back from Sandy Heit (more on Sandy here) and see that Cotton Idea and Sandy Heit work together on Holiday cards and OMG you just might have a 5-for-1 on your hands….

Sandy Heit Addie and Hayden

11. Skip empty handed next door and pick up your now ready yummy tacos!

12. Sit outside at the tables to enjoy your lunch, and answer emails on your phone before heading on to the rest of your busy, hectic day!

What could be a more FAVORITE afternoon than that!!!!

(Maybe it would be picking it ALL up the next day magically complete!)

FAVORITE thing??
Crossing multiple things off my list at one time! AMEN!

Cotton Idea also sells their gift wrap for $4/sheet and the ribbon for $1.50 yd if you are still feeling compelled to wrap everything yourself. And did I mention they sell darling gift tags, etc in their online shoppe. Just in case those readers not in Orange County are feeling a little envious at the moment….

Cotton Idea Wrap

And in case you missed it, here are a few of my favorite tips for gift wrapping yourself.

Happy Thursday!
(22 more shopping wrapping days left!!!!)

last minute halloween thoughts

A few last minute Halloween things to think about….

Holiday Halloween

FIRST – have you ever thought about doing something, but are totally “spooked” at what it might cost that you rule it out before you try?  I’m usually pleasantly surprised when I actually ASK what it might cost.   That being said – how about having someone else do you’re eye makeup and  fake lashes for Halloween? (Feel like a celebrity for minute without the billion dollar price tag). Holiday Salon in Costa Mesa charges $50 for eyes and lashes – not bad!  And it adds the perfect umph your costume needs!  You could even forget the costume and just wear the makeup and look good!  Come to think of it, I might do this myself (I’m not much of a costume girl – I’ve been pregnant now for 3 Halloweens – but the make-up is ALWAYS fun!) Call and make an appointment while space lasts and for further pricing!  (If you don’t live nearby, definitely check with your favorite salon or makeup counter).

SECOND: My Dad actually gave me this cookie recipe (both of my parents put Martha Stewart to shame – it’s crazy).   A couple weekends ago my middle sister and I took our younger sister away for the weekend before her wedding.  So my parents  took the opportunity to fly up north to stay with my nephews for the weekend (my husband is still trying to recover from this as this meant the poor guy ended up with no help with our kids…by gones!)  Anyhow, the part that you need to know is that when we all got home to my sister’s house on Sunday night, we walked into a dark room filled with about 8 small pumpkins glowing, carved to artistic PERFECTION and a tray of the most amazing Halloween cookies.  I sooooo wish we had gotten a picture of it all.  Dad said that he and my 2 1/2 year old nephew had a ton of fun making the cookies. If you held them up to the light, their eyes glowed from the butterscotch candy – I felt like I was 5 again!   Check out Epicurious for other fun Halloween baking ideas your kids will love!

LASTLY, since I tend to go crazy if I don’t hear “adult noise” throughout the day – call it my version of necessary white noise.  I keep the Food Epicurious Halloween CupcakesNetwork on TV.  It’s not playing very loudly but I find as I pass by the TV a million times a day putting laundry away, chasing kids, picking up toys – that I pick up a thing or two that can be helpful.  Last week I heard a fun cupcake recipe for Halloween on The Everyday Italian, Chocolate Orange Cupcakes with Limoncello Frosting...but as I went online to get the recipe, I also found Mini Halloween Pumpkin Cupcakes from Epicurious.  So I’m giving you two cupcake recipes.  One is great because you can use a store bought mix and just add a few things to it; but the other doesn’t really call for anything too challenging and who can resist mini cupcakes???  Plus the pumpkin pie part sounds intriguing!  (I think to simplify my life I would omit the crystalized ginger, pumpkin pie spice and just use canned pumpkin pie mix).

Have a crazy and horrifying week!  (Wait, that sounds like every week…ok, just have a spooky Halloween week!

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