“I just wanted to tell you how much I love your website!  I think you have fantastic taste and super helpful suggestions AND a beautiful family!  You are amazing and I don’t know how you manage to do it all.  You are such an inspiration.  Keep up the good work!!!”
Mimi G.

“I’ve followed a few blogs over the last year that review products, but always seem to eventually stop following for one reason or another. Often the ones focused on moms have products that are very pricey. My Favorite Everything is different. She (Shanna Coady) shows great products that are financially accessible for almost anyone. I highly recommend following Shanna’s blog.”
Becky Pearce,
On My Mind

“Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your blog! Love your honest style! I have two young daughters too and I appreciate that your blog is peppered with fun things about your family AND fashion, health, organization!  thanks again.”

“I hate to say that underwear has changed my life, but it has :)  Thanks for the recommendation on the Hanky Pankies – they are awesome!”

“I just wanted to say thanks for all your time and effort to create a great blog! I don’t have any sisters so your blog gives to me in a way a sister would be sharing ideas with me! Anyways, I went to the Holiday salon the other day to get my hair done by Meghan.  You were right fantastic stylist.  In 48 hours I have had, count them 10 people compliment my hair! What?  I even got my brows done and never looked better.  Anyway I just wanted you to know I so  appreciate it.  Your blog has brought drops of joy from all the little things into my life and home!”

“Just a note to say I really enjoyed your website!  I was on the Klatch coffee roaster website and one link led to another…loved looking at your “favorites”.  When do you sleep?? Thanks for the tips, Have a Happy New Year.”

“Okay..I am addicted to your site! Somehow I stumbled onto it while googling. You are a very inspiring wonder mom. :) Love all your ideas and passions. Will definitely be adding some of your passions to my list for 2010 and getting our lives in order via your direction. Thank you for taking the blog adventure and sharing your everything with us. Happy New Year! have such a beautiful family!”

“Hi there Shanna. Can I just say you have a really great blog and I’m so glad I found it! You seem very witty, and funny and your blog reflects that. Thanks for the great tips, and something awesome to read once my little one goes to bed!”

“Just became a fan of your blog and Love it!!!:

“What a great blog! Thank you!”

“My sister-in-law passed along your website to me.  When I read through it the first time I was so amazed to read that you have “littles” (love your word) 11 months apart.  I found out this summer I will be having “littles” 12 months apart.  I was very encouraged to hear your “surviving”-I’m sure some days better than others.  Plus I’m amazed at all the other things you tackle!  It’s been an encouragement that I’ll too have crazy days but it helps knowing others have gone through it too and survived!  I’ve gotten so much out of your website and passed it along to other Mommy friends.  The plane tips were HUGE & timely as I’m flying by myself with my 6 month old to see my brother and sister-in-law in Nov.  Love the everyday tips of how you manage your life with your little ones, meal plans and favorite things (esp Costco).  Thank you for adding one more thing to your life in order to encourage other Moms.  Keep it coming!”