{Home & Garden} Garden Update Part 5 ~ Almost there!

Time for the real work to begin on the garden.

In Part 1, we removed the old garden.

Part 2, we marked out where we needed the new boxes and moved out the old plants we were keeping.

Part 3 was more of a funny update, as I realized how many of the Little toys we were using in preparing for the new garden!

In Part 4, a WHOLE lotta dirt got dumped onto our driveway.

Which brings us to this update.

This is when we are REALLY glad we live near family!  Hubs went to work on the irrigation. We had sprinklers in this area for the grass (that was removed in In Part 1). Hubs did a little self teaching after speaking to a local John Deere supply warehouse on how to build a drip system, tapping into the current sprinkler lines. I’m honestly so lucky to be married to a “self-starter-gotta-figure-it-out-and-do-it-myself-guy”!

Grandpa (AKA “Farmer John” to us these days). Moved our exisiting artichoke plant to its new location.  I like this move for a number of reasons. For one, artichoke plants are HUGE, and it used to shade other plants a little too much.  In it’s new home, it has more room to grow. Also, the taller it gets, the more it hides the stuff on the wall!  Win-win!

Addie got busy with her digging.  This was a whole family affair (I particularly liked my jobs: Take photos & feed people.  DONE!)

Along with the irrigattion, Hubs was also tasked with moving the existing trees to their new locations.

Hi Honey!  Need any help with that??

These are citrus trees that we already owned. None of them had done very well in their old locations, but after seeing the lemons popping through the trellis in these photos, I was convinced we could do something to cover the ugly cinder block wall.  So these have all been moved against the wall and we are training them to grow along it. (AKA Espalier)

Hayden helped with the digging too.

And then the girls danced inside the new raised boxes.  Entertainment, I tell ya, pure entertainment around here 24 x 7!

Then it was time to place the new boxes.  We chose to make these a little taller than last year’s in hopes that caring for everything would be a little less back braking. I’ll let you know how that goes. (‘Cuz carrying around 3 little toddlers does NOTHING at all to my back already, nope, doesn’t bother it a bit…)

The girls tested the boxes out and thought they would work just fine.

Piper: “I’m Queen of the Woooooorld!”

Addie: “I can help! I can help!”

Though there were no plants in the boxes yet, watering the new soil helps to compact it and also makes sure that new plants and seeds will feel welcome in their new home. (Or so I’m told, remember, we’re only 2 years new to this…).

Then that big pile of dirt started finding it’s way back to the new garden. Thank goodness!!

Addie went around to all the boxes and double checked Dada’s work, tightening things up as she went along.

Hayden too. Hubs is so lucky we have these little helpers to keep him in check!

Piper?  Well she supervised!  She was part of my work detail. Entertain and keep everyone happy. We had a really tough job!

If you know my dad, then you KNOW his Farmer John outfit was in perfect form for the day. When my dad gets involved with a project, he researches things completely and then immerses himself in full detail!

Love ya Dad (AKA Grandpa, AKA Farmer John!)

Hayden followed up with Hubs and Grandpa and made sure the dirt was all transported from the driveway.

And soon it was time for a well earned Margarita!!  (I mean seriously folks I’m not sure about the work the rest of my family did, but taking pictures is EXHAUSTING!).

The next weekend we planted.  It was a HOT, HOT, HOT weekend, but the satisfaction of seeing the garden was awesome!

OHHHH, and then there was the fence. I saw it in a magazine. Strategically placed said magazine photo under Hubs nose. The next weekend we (read = HE) built a fence. Lord love that guy!!

Stay tuned!

{Home & Garden} Addie’s & Hay’s Room and Toddler Bunk Bed

So you saw Piper’s Room (though a week after showing you, I got the itch to rearrange…there will be another post soon…).  This is Addie & Hay’s room.  I wish I had taken photos when it was just Addie’s Nursery. Actually, I’m sure I did, it’s just they would have been taken prior to my writing this blog, therefore WHO KNOWS where they are….

The thing to know is that the furniture is the same. I’m big on rearranging and reusing everything and anything. I like to buy once and use it an infinite amount of times.

The table (orginaly purchased for my college kitchen table) was the changing table for Addie’s nursery (after I had it cut down to a narrow depth).  The skirt hides large plastic toys that I can’t bear to see daily. The pillows were all made for the queen bed that used to be in the nursery.  We had the new twin bed made for Addie by a dear friend.  I used existing Pottery Barn storage baskets to slide under the bed with toys.

There are a pair of bookcases that we found at a second hand store. The rug is from Ikea. Super cozy and soft.

The photos were all taken by Sandy Heit. They are from Addie’s 2 week photo shoot. Her crib used to sit directly below them, so they are a bit off center for the current setup….and um, kinda need to be updated now that it’s both Hay’s and Addie’s room.

This is a small little room, 10′ x 10′ so it’s definitely always had to be a perfect puzzle to make it all fit. Not that many inches to spare.

This is Hay’s side of the room.  The crib used to be Addie’s, but when Piper was born, Hayden became the new resident when she moved in with Addie. The stuffed animal collection is not my favorite, but it is the girls’ and each has a special meaning to them. The tissue poufs were leftover from their birthday party….we went for extra mileaege weeks with them!

Hayden is 2 years & 3 months.  She has been able to climb out of her crib for about 5 months. But she never really does, only if she really, really, really wants out and doesn’t want to wait (until after you’ve gone to the bathroom.) Then a few weeks ago, while Hay and Addie were playing “baby” in her crib, THIS happens.  Guessing she was trying to tell us she’s not a baby anymore.

So I did a bunch of research on beds. My problem was 2 twin beds would swallow the room. But my little girls are 2 and 3 years old!!  HOW could I put them in full bunk beds?? Then I found this toddler size bunk bed at Ikea. And it occurred to me I could paint it black. It was perfect.

So I bought it.

My mom and I partially assembled it. My husband handed me his electric sander, and then I painted it.

It took me about a week of 20 minute windows. But it wasn’t too hard. I used a Behr paint and primer combo to try and minimize steps. Then Hay helped us carry it all into their room.

We dismantled their old room.

And we put the puzzle together.

And now they have a bunk bed (please don’t look too closely at my paint job….we had a bit of a rain storm while it was out on the driveway…I kinda have a few touch ups.)

I’ve reused all the same pillows again. The bedding on the top was Addie’s twin bedding. And the comforter on the bottom is from Addie’s nursery queen bed.

Now both bookcases flank the window again as they did when it was Addie’s nursery.

And here’s their little bunk bed.

The room actually has sooo much more play space now.  We all pile on their rug and read books and watch them play dress up.

Hay (our 2 year old) sleeps in the top bunk.  She is good at climbing the ladder which is not tall at all.  The sides are perfect since she still moves around quite a bit when she’s sleeping and I think it reminds her just enough of her crib, but also let’s her feel like a big girl. Addie (our 3 year old) sleeps on the bottom bunk (basically the mattress is on the floor). She is awesome about getting up in the middle of the night to go potty when she needs to, but she is normally half asleep….love that there is no fear of hurting herself.

I think it’s working for Hayden.

And Addie is pretty cozy too!

2011 Garden Update ~ Part II

So this is where we left off in my last garden post with our little project.  Kind of left us wondering what we had gotten into when we went to bed that Saturday.

But then on Sunday we headed back out to the crime scene. Grabbed a can of marking paint and traced out the new bodies….errr, raised veggie beds, that might fit. (Forgive me, I’ve watched to many late nights of Castle…)

We did this for a couple of reasons…

1. For Hubs to know what size boxes he would need to build

2. And to help us watch the sun on the “new boxes”

With the crime scene laid out, Pipes and Addie double checked the supplies for the coffins. We opted to go with a thicker 2″ x 8″ so that the beds would stand 16″ tall when 2 boards were stacked, making it a little easier on our backs when tending to the new garden.

Then Hay helped dad move the old beds….

And all the Littles and their friends very happily looked for more bodies…thankfully not dead. Signs of a happy & healthy garden ~ BUGS! And it was exciting! (for them…).

We moved the strawberry plants to a temporary location.

Well, those that we didn’t eat.

They were red. They were ripe. They were delicious.

There were a few lone Romain heads left where one of the raised beds once stood. They didn’t last long though.  Few salads, few green smoothies, and they were gone.

That just left the artichoke plants.  They needed a prop up to stay in place until they could be moved.  But they waited patiently for the next weekend when they next big installment would happen….

Remember this artichoke I said I found? Yeah, there were a few of them. We cooked those up this past Saturday. They were YUUUUUMMMMMY!

Stay tuned…

2011 Garden Update ~ Part I

So it has begun.

I mentioned back in January that we might be tackling a little gardening project.  “WE” to this point mostly means me photographing and Hubs and Grandpa doing A LOT of work ~ while Grandma helps me wrangle in the Littles. FULL team, FULL family effort!

This is where we started a few a few weekends ago…

Then the Littles helped Hubs bring in a sod cutter (did you know you can do day rentals for most home improvement equipment?) We used Home Depot ~ they don’t know us from Adam. I take that back, we are there so much, they totally know us…but our projects are all our own doing. Darn it.

Addie thought the wheel barrel made for a good necklace holder…and the Home Depot bag made a good purse too.

Hubs gave the sod cutter a trial run. Who knew it would be such a cinch? Cut it, roll it, load it and go.

Then life got a little interesting. The girls noticed when rolling back sod, it brought LOADS of “cute” little worms to the surface!

“WHOA! Mom, did you see these!!??”

I did, I did. I’m focusing on them being a sign of a healthy garden and not on how slimy they are…

While Hubs tackled the sod removal…

Grandpa (who I’ve nicknamed “Farmer John” for this little garden project…even though “John” has nothing to do with his name.  The Littles like to call him “Ole McDonald” sometimes too….hee, hee!) Anyway, Grandpa took on the ugly cinder brick wall that our neighbors built before we moved in.

We are planning on growing our current citrus trees, and the new avocados, beans, cucumbers, apples….loads of goodness, along this wall. So Grandpa set out drilling screws and running wire to espalier (meaning train the trees, etc. to grow along the wall).

Still looking ugly, but I have high hopes!

I took on photographing, pointing out things they might not have thought about, and proclaiming the obvious…..

“Look! one of the artichoke plants from last year has an artichoke!!”

And then photographing it. They are all so lucky I was there.

OK, kidding aside, I might have actually helped a bit on this particular project day. I might have rolled about 20 of these sod loads to our driveway for Hubs. This after I had finished Erica’s boot camp for Team Tiny Oranges in the morning. Oh, and Piper came with me to boot camp because it had been a rough night for all of us. Didn’t feel right leaving Hubs with all 3 Littles. So Pipe’s came and I did the boot camp with her on my back.  Then I came home and rolled a billion of these to our driveway.

And then my body ceased to function for all of Sunday.

Literally, I could not move and would have taken the ENTIRE bottle of Advil had it been legal (or if there had been more than 6 pills in the whole bottles…).

OK, enough about me.

But by the end of the day, I was wondering what on earth we had gotten ourselves into….

Stay tuned….