{Good Eats} Bacon & Burgers! FAVORITES!

Earlier this week, The Pioneer Woman published this post about wrapping hamburger sliders in bacon. (This is the printable recipe on Tasty Kitchen).

Can I say that first part again??

Literally, WRAPPING BACON AROUND A BURGER, and then cooking them.  I’m just going to go right out and say it, GENIUS!

So here’s the thing. I had defrosted some ground turkey and planned to make our favorite Turkey Burger Sliders this week, but then when I read that post, I KNEW I needed to kick things up a notch.  I basically did my exact recipe, then wrapped my sliders in bacon as Ree suggests, and baked them in the oven.

2 simple little changes that quite simply, rocked my world!

I strongly urge you to do the same this weekend. SUPER EASY, NO STRESS, CROWD PLEASER!! I didn’t even have all our usual fixings, and honestly they were amazing as is!!

What I also liked about Ree’s recipe is that she bakes her sliders in the oven on a broiler pan.  GENIUS again!  I always use a grill pan on the stove top for our turkey burger sliders. But one of the ingredients that makes them so yummy is the grated cheese IN the burgers. Since there is A LOT of cheese, I find that they dont work well on the grill and the oozing cheese can sometimes burn a bit in the pan.  WHY OH WHY have I never thought to make these in the oven?  So easy and less complicated!

I ended up doing some with the wrapped bacon, and some without to see how the oven method would work.

At 400 degrees, the unwrapped were perfectly cooked at 25 minutes.  The bacon wrapped were perfect at 30 minutes.

I will forever and ever, from last night forward, make my sliders this way. Amen.

A few things I didn’t do:

  1. I did not return the bacon wrapped patties to the fridge. (But I had prepared my ground turkey mixture earlier in the day and just pulled it from the fridge).
  2. I did not try the jalapenos, because I didn’t have any, but I know Hubs would have loved this.
  3. I did not try the BBQ sauce, well, because I forgot about it.

I few things I did do:

  1. I did use Sweet Hawaiian Rolls as we always do for sliders…the best!
  2. I did eat 3 sliders all by myself.
  3. I did serve them with watermelon and Trader Joe’s Sweet Onion Rings
  4. And my kids and Hubs did gobble them all up.

And one more thing.  You know the old story about being able to cancel out calories…you know, diet coke & chocolate cake??  How they don’t count when eaten together??  I think the same is true for ground turkey and bacon.

At least that’s what I’m going to keep telling myself!!