{Me Time} House Beautiful ~ A Favorite For Sure!

I love House Beautiful. (and I love that you can also look at it online)

I do a little happy jig when I see it in my mailbox.

Being that I don’t really have tons of time for magazines these days (months? years?) I really only get a couple, and I LOVE the mini vaca when I read them over a cup of coffee (while also checking emails, locked in my bathroom ~ the only free 5 minutes in a day…) Ok, maybe not exactly like that, but you get my drift.

So when the June House Beautiful issue arrived last week, it made my day. I thought I would share a few favorite finds I saw….

Great find at West Elm.  It’s tough to find cute drink containers. We have a stainless steel one I found at Costco years ago that doesn’t “sweat”, which is the only thing I wish the West Elm option had. But as far as looks, I’m sold!

{And unfortunately, it looks sold out…oh well, it sure is cute though!}

And of course you know I have a not so secret love affair with Juliska.  Have you seen their new flatware??  So fun!

This looked interesting. iPhone Apps that let you control things in your home…such as A/C, and alarm systems…I have friends that control their TVs and stereos too.  We have not tried any yet. But when I showed to Hubs he said he was already checking into it. Guess we need to stay tuned…

Do you use any home Apps? Would love to know what works and doesn’t for you!

Great little spot in the House Beautiful reader photos.

The reader “took a set of sepai Grand Tour postcards from 1896, framed them in a modern way with wide white mats and skinny white frames…” This is TOTALLY doable!  Pottery Barn sells great modern wood gallery frames that you can often catch on sale.

And how easy is using a postcard set??!? (Or you could use your kids artwork cut to a postcard size…ORRR what about all of your children’s hand prints, one in each frame??  I might need to work on that little project!)

Fabulous idea that gives the kitchen nook SO MUCH character and really defines that space! A great weekend project.

Fun party idea. I love the use of paper lanterns since they add such an easy punch of color to a party…how fun to see them on the end of bamboo stick!

And what about Tyler Florence’s salad below??  It looks so interesting.  I’m not sure how my kids would do with the calamari, but they might just think it was a mini onion ring and go for it!  It’s worth a shot I think…and if not, well then I think onion rings would work perfectly.

Not gonna lie ~ I’m kinda in love with his kitchen too

The article on decorating with color just sucked me in, thank goodness it’s online too. I’m a very visual person and am drawn mostly to using “lights and darks”. Our house is basically all white with dark ebony hardwood flooring. So pops of color really take center stage and define a room. I loved this  home!

Wonderful mix of colors.

Each room really stood out with it’s own personality. Very warm, friendly and inviting.

You can easily see a family living here.

So inspired by the blue painted ceiling! Though I think painted ceilings look best when there is a texture of some form, like the tongue & groove wood pattern (or wainscoting) in the photo. But that’s just personal preference.

And this reading nook is awesome!  It doubles as a sleeping space for guests, but can’t you just imagine curling up in their with your kids??  I would be just as happy to take my mini-vaca here too!  The article says it’s a space in a hallway that they carved out to be a special reading spot. Love it!

I also really like when people use their everyday life in unique ways to decorate their homes. In this case, the books on the wall. No need for a major bookshelf, a ledge will do just fine for displaying (and storing) favorite books. Ikea often has simple book ledges.

(Image: Source)

I forgot to add this when I was reading the article, but I REALLY loved the wallpaper in the office shelves. GREAT way to add more personality to your office space!  And not that tough to change out. You could do these as cork board to.  Definitely read the article and look through the rest of the house images. I’d move in tomorrow (or today if they would take me ~ and my small circus!)

Then this little idea about chicken wire in the cabinets looks cool too.

Love open cabinets since they really seem to “open up” a kitchen visually. I know that all sounded redundant, but you know what I mean, right? It makes the space FEEL bigger.

I’m really into character in spaces, so I think the chicken wire is a fun idea. It wont help with keeping the dust build up inside the cabinets to a minimum, but your cabinets will look cute and your kitchen will look bigger! Sacrifices in the name of design, right!?

OK, so this next space is where my heart has been leading me lately.  We have an all white kitchen, somewhat similar to the photo above, but for some reason I’m leaning towards gray these days.

This is the second kitchen I’ve seen recently with a lighter wood floor and wonderful gray cabinets. It may be our next kitchen.  Now I just need another house to put it in….

What do you think of color in the kitchen?  I’m of the opinion that if it looks classic and is well done in neutral colors, that almost anything works.

Doesn’t it look inviting??  It just makes me want to cook in it all day.

The hallway below?? I always love this look!  It is similar to what our hallway looks like ~ sans light wood floor, sans light fixtures, sans one side of the hall.

OK, so this is SORTA what my hallway looks like. We have wainscoting on the bottom half, but the top half is filled with frames in the same kind of random pattern. I love it, I love how it makes the hall feel, and I love that our kids constantly name the people in the photos. Catch the Arron Brothers 1 cent sale and you’re in business.

The last photo looked so fun to me.  While a green bathroom would not be my first pick, I love the pattern they created from the tiles.  Really, basic & simple tiles are just a giant puzzle. Don’t be afraid to mix it up and create something fun from them!

If you’ve never checked out House Beautiful online, you definitely should. I love “walking” through their site and getting inspired to try new things!

What are your favorite design inspiring magazines??

{Disclosure: Nothing to disclose. HB doesn’t know me, I just love their magazine}

incorporating good design into family living

Let’s go with a little design today.  I meant to share this article AGES ago.  The back log of posts I need to write is overwhelming to say the least, but I’m trucking through one day at a time.  Today I thought I would share a space I saw in House Beautiful in their August issue I believe (And BTW, I love when the article is also online!  So easy to refer back to).  While the home isn’t my exact style, it is still impressively decorated.

I really love 2 things about it…

  1. They have made a small space EXTREMELY FUNCTIONAL for a family of 3.
  2. They have kept their style while incorporating a place for their child to feel at home too.

I’ve said it before, and I will stand by this until the day I roll over and stop breathing, it IS possible to have a comfortable home, that is family friendly, without losing your sense style and design.  I’m not saying it’s easy to do, just that with a little thought, it is more than possible.

The use of the Stokke Tripp Trapp® Highchair in their dining area is brilliant.  While not an inexpensive chair, it’s many lives make the investment worth it.  It can go from high chair, to child’s chair / booster chair, even an adult chair.  I personally LOVE the red color.  And though I love our Phil and Ted’s MeToo Chair to keep a modern look around the table, had I seen the Stokke Chair when my 2 yo was a babe, I would have purchased for sure.  The chair can work in a traditional or modern home.  Great design, great function.  Perfect choice for this home!

Coat racks are always helpful and great use of space.  Love the little coat hanging there as well as the little chair.  My daughters LOVE to hang their coats up.  I think it gives them a feeling of belonging to this house too.  The yellow chair is darling, and again my 2 yo and 1 yo LOVE having their own little chairs.  Ikea has a lot of great options for kids chairs, here (could be painted too), and here (could add small throw pillow).  Also, the critter chair very similar to the chair in this home (we have them in black in ours).  Can’t beat $12.99

But this.

This is just awesome!

I’ve lived in some small spaces.  I’ve prided myself on the ability of being able to make almost anything fit and still remain functional.

But this tops anything I’ve ever tried to do.  For the record this bedroom is 8′ x 8′

Where oh where do you think their daughter sleeps???

But in a darling little trundle bed of course! Awesome!

Be sure to check out the article online for more fabulous photos from this fantastic LITTLE home!

(Disclosure: House Beautiful doesn’t know me, nor does this designer, nor does Stokke.  Just a cool Favorite space that I wanted to share.)