{home & garden} home tour ~ the kids bathroom

Next up on the Home Tour, the Kids Bathroom. Isn’t it pretty?  It’s about as pretty as the rest of the house was before we got started on our super fast overhaul.  So far we’ve toured the Kitchen and Piper’s Room, and of course there was the post on the entire “Before” House. I gave you my cheater post on the Kids Bath, but that was mostly about the towels (since I was lazy).  I dug deep today and sifted through a ton more photos…these are what I came up with for your viewing pleasure.  (And no, I have no clue who the towels belong to in the photo above. No one had lived here for 8 years or so…).

Beautiful lights…..

Lovely linoleum.

Doesn’t everyone need a fan like this in their bathroom. Wait….don’t answer that please.

Again I have to say this, because this is how we attacked the entire house project. We never really knew how much we would be able to do until almost the day we were doing it., and we only had 11 weeks before we needed to move in.  We were hunting for deals, keeping on eye on sales and making trades all over the place. Such was the case with the bathrooms.  If I remember correctly, my mom and I were at Home Depot picking up some supplies Hubs needed when I got a call to “pick up some sinks and toilets, we’re going ahead with the bathrooms…..you might want to check the tile while you’re there”.

Frankly, that kinda call stresses me out (remember I’m type A and always nervous about making the “right” desicion) but when it means you’re going to get a new (and clean) bathroom, you go for it!

There was a lot of scribbling on the walls.   My brain was a little fried at the time. Addie was 5 month old, I was pregnant with Hayden, project managing a resort for my real life job, and stopping in to the house to give instruction during lunch breaks, while packing up our rental in the evenings.

But the point is, if you’re going to paint, tile, wallpaper, or tear down a wall, WRITE ON IT. I’m visual, so the best, and most unofficial & fastest way, I could give instruction was to put it up on the wall so I could see it and tell someone what to do.  Sometimes they were just notes for me, sometimes they were to someone else. And I always took a photo. That way I could remember what my brain could not.  Helps for answering questions when you’re not there.

In came the cabinets.  The same person that helped us with the Kitchen, helped build these for us.  Because both Hubs & I are tall (and expect our children will be too), we choose to go taller with or counter heights (35-1/2″ tall).  I hate to lean over.  We also chose two sets of smaller cabinet doors (rather than singles as the cabinet maker suggested). Yes our way made the design busier, but the space between the bathtub and counter is VERY narrow. I would never be able to access them without totally clearing out of the way. The other thing I ALWAYS like to do, is make tall bathroom drawers (12-1/2″ tall). I love to be able to stand bottles up tall, and also stack towels inside.

In went the vanity counter.  The counters in this bathroom and our master bath are both  leftover Carrera Marble remnants. Meaning they were salvaged from other bigger jobs.  Our installer was able to piece them together for the sizes we needed. BIG dollar saver! Helps to ask the question of the person helping you on ways to save money.

We chose to go with the much loved (and inexpensive) white subway tile. Frankly, I love white. It represents clean to me.  So we just used the basic Home Depot DalTile along with very basic trim peices.

You might also notice that the window is new. I forgot to mention this in Piper’s Room Tour. But all of the windows in the house were in desperate need of replacement.  Hubs did a bit of research and learned that window companies have something called a “Boneyard Sale” to sell brand new windows that didn’t work for a customer. Maybe a measurment wasn’t right, maybe they didn’t like it and wanted a different style. Whatever the reason, a new one was ordered and the unused one goes back. But because it’s not a standard size (remember it was originally ordered custom) it can’t go to regular stock, so they are sold at “Boneyard Sales” for SIGNIFICANT discounts! As in more than 1/2 off.

In the end we were able to buy some beautiful Anderson windows…then the game of where to install them came next as we picked where the “sightly off sized” windows would look best. Thankfully this little one in the bathroom was a perfect fit!

Ahhhhh clean and white!  The floor is probably my biggest mistake of our bathrooms. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE that floor. It was our only splurge, a penny round from Ann Saks. But there are 2 things we could have done that would have made it perfect. One, not ordered white. There is another color that has a dark ring around the outside of each “penny” and the center is white. Much better than white. OR used a dark gray grout. The problem with the floor as it is, is that you can’t ever get the white grout perfectly clean and white again. So even when it’s clean, it looks dirty. You’ll see in the photos below. Either of the other options would have given us our white floor, but also hidden the”dirt” stains in the grout. I’ll talk about that more in another post….for now I’m just going to enjoy this lovely white Before photo!

Soap niches. These I prefer to put on or near the shower head wall, rather that your view as you enter the bathroom. But with our house we were working with existing (albeit opened up) walls, so I didn’t have a lot of options on where to put them (there were plumbing pipes in that wall). I like to have a nice tall one for oversize shampoo bottles, and a smaller wide shelf for soap and razors.

Now onto what it looks like now.  It’s a small bathroom so somewhat difficult to photograph.  This is standing next to the counter and looking in the mirror back at the toilet area.

The bathtub. It’s an amazingly deep tub perfect for the kids, and perfect for a grown adult to soak in! It was also a salvage purchase. A tub that was ordered for, but not used on another job, that we were able to purchase at a reduced cost.

And yes that’s a no slip mat like you’ve seen at your grandmothers house. I use it in the tub with the little punks and their bums stay in place, no accidental slipping under water!

The new vanity area. Very simple and basic. The sinks are Kohler Memoir from Home Depot.  Step stools are from Ikea.  Knobs are from Home Depot, Pulls are from Restoration Hardware. Sink fixtures are Kohler (I don’t remember the style, let me know in the comments if anyone needs it…).  Bamboo Kleenex box and plastic soap bottles from Target, light fixtures and towel bars from Restoration Hardware during the lighting sale and then the bath sale (and using the Restoration Hardware credit card with a discount for first time purchases, that could be paid over a year at no interest).

I chose to put one plug in the center and had it installed horizontally to visually go with the subway tile. Then had it installed between the sinks where the counter was the widest for functionality.

I always look for hidden storage. While I could have added a cabinet above the toilet. I   preferred to keep the space looking open. So I added a shelf. Sometime sthere are stacks of towels, sometimes glass jars with soap or bath toys, sometimes a big basket with white toilet paper rolls.

Below is the Made by Girl print that I based all the colors for the towels on. I mentioned it in the earlier Kids Bath post.

Yes, that is a pink tin of big girl panties, why do you ask??? OK, truthfully, it makes it a lot more fun in the potty training department!!  All about the choices my friends.

And of course the towels I talked about before. They hang across from the toilet, behind the door, and next to the vanity area.

Best I can do at showing you the whole room. (See the sad dirty, but clean, floor in the photo below? *sigh*). For the record, there is normally a pink Ikea towel like the one with Addie’s name on it hanging on the far towel bar. I quickly ran out of my office to grab these 2 shots so you got the current condition photos!

So there you have it! The Kids Bathroom. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer them!

Thanks for touring!!