incorporating good design into family living

Let’s go with a little design today.  I meant to share this article AGES ago.  The back log of posts I need to write is overwhelming to say the least, but I’m trucking through one day at a time.  Today I thought I would share a space I saw in House Beautiful in their August issue I believe (And BTW, I love when the article is also online!  So easy to refer back to).  While the home isn’t my exact style, it is still impressively decorated.

I really love 2 things about it…

  1. They have made a small space EXTREMELY FUNCTIONAL for a family of 3.
  2. They have kept their style while incorporating a place for their child to feel at home too.

I’ve said it before, and I will stand by this until the day I roll over and stop breathing, it IS possible to have a comfortable home, that is family friendly, without losing your sense style and design.  I’m not saying it’s easy to do, just that with a little thought, it is more than possible.

The use of the Stokke Tripp Trapp® Highchair in their dining area is brilliant.  While not an inexpensive chair, it’s many lives make the investment worth it.  It can go from high chair, to child’s chair / booster chair, even an adult chair.  I personally LOVE the red color.  And though I love our Phil and Ted’s MeToo Chair to keep a modern look around the table, had I seen the Stokke Chair when my 2 yo was a babe, I would have purchased for sure.  The chair can work in a traditional or modern home.  Great design, great function.  Perfect choice for this home!

Coat racks are always helpful and great use of space.  Love the little coat hanging there as well as the little chair.  My daughters LOVE to hang their coats up.  I think it gives them a feeling of belonging to this house too.  The yellow chair is darling, and again my 2 yo and 1 yo LOVE having their own little chairs.  Ikea has a lot of great options for kids chairs, here (could be painted too), and here (could add small throw pillow).  Also, the critter chair very similar to the chair in this home (we have them in black in ours).  Can’t beat $12.99

But this.

This is just awesome!

I’ve lived in some small spaces.  I’ve prided myself on the ability of being able to make almost anything fit and still remain functional.

But this tops anything I’ve ever tried to do.  For the record this bedroom is 8′ x 8′

Where oh where do you think their daughter sleeps???

But in a darling little trundle bed of course! Awesome!

Be sure to check out the article online for more fabulous photos from this fantastic LITTLE home!

(Disclosure: House Beautiful doesn’t know me, nor does this designer, nor does Stokke.  Just a cool Favorite space that I wanted to share.)

ashley ann…a wonderful new favorite!

I’ve said it before, that I love using Google Reader as it pulls the RSS Feeds from all my favorite blogs to one nice neat place.  This made is easy for me to read in the middle of the night from bed while I was giving Piper her bottle, and now read when I wake up and can’t for some unknown horrid reason, go back to sleep.  But when I look down the list of feeds that have been pulled for each blog, I’m always a little overwhelmed by Apartment Therapy.  Along with Apartment Therapy (blog ~ awesome design tips), I also subscribe to a few of their other blogs…The Kitchen (great kitchen and cooking tips), Re-Nest (green inspired & style), and Ohdeedoh (kids). I LOVE all of them!

But when I scan my reader and see that I have 100+ posts in each to catch up on, I start to sweat a little. If you miss a day, you’re pretty much 10 feet under water with no ability to tread….this is when I think I’ll unsubscribe to alleviate the anxiety.

But then I read a post that leads me to a new wonderfully inspiring and amazing find, and once again they continue to hold my heart strings.

Pretty much sure I will never unsubscribe.

They just introduce you to too many good things!

If I HAD unsubscribed a few months ago, then I never would have seen Ashley’s Boys’ Bedroom on Ohdeedoh

That would be BOYS, as in a 6, 4 and 2 years old!

I love the orange and steel, and I’m always a sucker for black and white.

(Be sure to check out the post for sourcing…)

Who knew such a simple thing as pencils could add so much…

Did you see the ruler on the wall as a pin up for keepsakes?

Or the cute orange chair?

And if I hadn’t read the post on her boys’ bedroom and been so impressed, then I wouldn’t have clicked through to see her new baby girl’s nursery. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. I’m a HUGE fan of kid spaces that are practical and kid friendly, but are beautfuly and creatively designed as well. Having kids, does not mean you have to lose your style!

Check out Ashley’s site for the DIY on the fabulous reading pallet bed….

I’ve always been a fan of this chair.  Almost used it in Addie’s room.

This was my favorite photo from the nursery series. It’s like waking up to a party everyday!!  It is OK to hang things besides mobiles in your baby’s room.  I promise.

The nursery post led me to Ashley’s blog, Under the Sycamore. Where I saw she had been featured as well on Apartment Therapy for her Kitchen Remodel. Love the mixed chairs.

Throwing in a little vintage always gives a space character.

What a fun idea!  Rulers for the backsplash! Ha!!

Then her blog led me to her photography site, Ashley Ann Photography

You have to love this woman if not for her design sense, then for her 3 boys and a little lady!

So glad that I did not unsubscibe!  I love to find things and people as fabulous as Ashley Ann!

Enjoy this new favorite!

(Photo Credits: All images are Ashley Ann Photography from Apartment Therapy or Under the Sycamore).