couple travel favorites & lifesavers!

As I’m working on getting the family packed up for the next big adventure, thought I would point out a couple travel ESSENTIAL favorites!! I don’t think I could ever travel without either of these.

Aquaphor is a booty saver! The first time we traveled with Addie in a car, we drove to and from Tahoe, that’s 9 hours each way.  She was 9 months old and she got the worst diaper rash and yeast infection (didn’t even know that was possible!!).  I was horrified!  I was and am so diligent about getting the kids diapers changed frequently.  (Though at the time it was only Addie). This especially when we travel, whether car or plane, if there is an opportunity to change them, I do, as you don’t know when you’ll get the chance again.

So THIS?? THIS horrified me.  Then I talked to her pediatrician about it and he told me it was common when traveling as they are sitting in their diapers more, literally sitting in them. Ahhhh!  Light bulb went off.  They aren’t wearing their diapers and running around, they are SITTING in their cars eats.  Even if its the exact same amount of time between changes at home, they are not SITTING the whole time at home.

That’s when I started using AquaphorLOVE THIS STUFF!  (Plus it’s a multi-tasker, but I’ll get back to that).  When you’re traveling in the car or  on a plane, use it with EVERY DIAPER change, no need to see a rash, just slather that stuff on and you wont ever see one or have any trouble.  I have not seen a diaper rash or infection since I started doing this on any of our girls.

The second essential are the face wipes from Babies R Us, it’s the “Especially for Kids” brand. (Sorry – I can’t find a link online.  I buy mine at the store) I have no idea why, but these wipes can get any stain out.  I’m sure many of you have used baby wipes to clean up a spill or mess on your shirt.  It does help the problem, but usually doesn’t make it disappear.

These will.

I have yet to try it on something and not have it come out.

And trust me, when you travel, there will be

Oh, and I’m sure they are great on faces too, but I keep my stash for getting the grub off.

And that multitasking thing I mentioned with the Aquaphor??  GREAT for softening up mom’s tough heels from summer flip flops.  Throw it on at night with some socks and do your feet a favor!

wordless wednesday ~ chalk??

In the major overhaul over at our house, I’ve also been catching up on reading blogs that I love to follow, but have just gotten so behind!  One of the steps I took was to move most of them to an RSS subscription on my Google Reader and have been catching up on them when I give Piper her 4:00AM bottle.

Would you believe I had 231 posts from Apartment Therapy that I needed to catch up on!?!??!  And who knew, but May is national organization & cleaning month, guess I got the memo anyway. Regardless, I’ve finally caught up with all my Apartment Therapy posts and I loved this laundry trick with chalk. And since it went with my “Laundry Week” theme, I thought I would share it with you too….who knew chalk could help you get rid of grease stains???

Do you have a favorite trick to help with stains?

(Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy)