{Good Eats} RIDICULOUSLY good cookies!

I don’t even know what to say about these cookies, except that they are RIDICULOUSLY GOOD! I was in a bit of a cookie rut.  I’m not gonna lie, normally my cookies get some pretty positive reviews…however, I think the last 2 or 3 (12….) times I just kept missing the mark. Stupid things like doubling half the recipe and not the other half, using Tablespoons instead of teaspoons of salt, miss measuring the brown sugar….I mean this has gone on and on and on. I was certain my brain was telling me YOU SHOULD NOT BE EATING COOKIES, therefore I WILL MAKE IT IMPOSSIBLE for you to bake them.

But Sunday I had to give it a go again.  Jenny over at Picky Palate is pretty much a dessert goddess.  If it is coming out of her kitchen you just know it’s going to be good.  I had seen her Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookie weeks ago and it’s been haunting me to bake it.

Then last week Jenny did a post on ALL of the stuffed cookies she has come up with this year. HELLO!?!?  Now HOW am I supposed to resist THAT I ask you!?!?

But I’m lazy.

And with the track record I’ve had, I just figure “STUFFED” was not something I should attempt. These days, I would likely set the oven on fire. So instead I planned to just throw a sleeve of Oreos in the mixer and cut back the chocolate chips to 1/2 of what Jenny suggests.

But then…..

Yep, you know there had to be a “But then…..”

I was getting all the ingredients set up when Hubs walks in the kitchen.

Hubs: “Bummer, there were some kids selling candy bars out of a cooler, and I didn’t have any cash on me.”

Me: “What?  Where did they go?  I’ve got cash!!”

And out Miss Piper and I went running to the neighbor’s house to catch them on their route.  We scored 6 beautiful Caramello Bars!!!  That would be little pockets of caramel wrapped in milk chocolate. Oh YUM!

NOW I was going to have to make stuffed cookies.

I followed Jenny’s recipe making the following changes:

  1. I used 1/2 the chocolates chips (using only milk chocolate chips)
  2. I threw a sleeve of Oreos in the mixer. Just let the mixer break em up.
  3. I placed a scoop of cookie dough on my parchment lined cookie sheet, then placed a Caramello square on top of the dough, placed my second scoop of dough on top of the Caramello square, then pushed down the sides just a bit to seal.
  4. I baked mine 9-10 minutes. I also baked single scoop (unstuffed) cookies along side the big daddies. They baked in the same time without issue. Figured smaller cookies were better for the little Punks around here.

And YES, that is caramel DRIPPING down the cookie….oh.my.goodness.  RIDICULOUSLY GOOD!!! Enjoy!

(I also froze some of the little ones to add to ice cream later this week…just sayin’…)

Sharing some love….

I don’t even know HOW it can be Valentines Day in a week! This year is FLYING by so fast I can’t even say I’m barely keeping up…I’m not keeping up AT.ALL. I wonder if my kids will care if I serve their Valentine pancakes on their Santa plates? I’m pretty sure I have not put them away yet….and I know there aren’t any heart plates in the cupboard!

Maybe I’m more on my game when I’m pregnant?? Last year I was throwing a sock hop birthday for Addie & Hay, I had wrapped Valentines gifts with hand print paper, and the girls (including unborn Piper) each had a monogrammed heart blanket waiting for them….

Seriously, maybe my act works better pregnant???  Too bad my head might explode if I were….

This year??

Well this year I do have some cute heart pjs I bought during the Christmas sales, and a few little Valentine books…but that’s as close as I am…need to get it together this week and make some cute Valentine Cards. Oh wait. I think we are having a family Valentine party next Monday? Or was it Sunday? Oops. Guess I better get on that too…

Needless to say, I have not been making my usual visits to all my favorite blogs lately. Things have been a little hectic. But I did come across a few fun ideas to share…

Have you ever heard of One Charming Party? Love em. Great ideas for DIY Tutorials. Free Printables, and all around grand ideas. It’s always a stop for me for inspiration! Honestly, how could you not be inspired looking at a page like this?!?

A couple fun ideas that stood out for me this month are this D.A.R.L.I.N.G Gumball Necklace! I’m really hoping to make these this week…so dang cute!

And see that sweet Valentine next to the necklace? You can use it too, and you don’t have to lift a finger (well maybe just one…). It’s one of the free printables.

On the healthy side of things, I thought this was a really cute sticker idea from The Kitchen. Who says Valentines day has to be just about candy?? Fruit is just as sweet (sometimes…).

Of course never, to be forgotten are the stunning Amy Atlas Setups. Always awesome!

Jenny at Picky Palate NEVER disappoints with her desserts! It may not be a Valentine cookie, but I’m pretty sure you would make a heart smile if you made these…HELLO brownie inside of a cookie! Where have you been all my life??

Lastly, here are a couple ideas that I did last year. Neither took a lot of effort and both were really fun and yummy…

Addie and I made Valentine Cookies (the easy way!)

And this Chocolate Fondue is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. And really, really easy!! I’m not sure whether to love or hate my sister for introducing it to me! (I’m gonna go with love BTW as it’s always a hit!)

Happy Hearts Day to you and yours!  Hugs and love to you all!

s’more Brownies – gimme some more!!!

(Image: Picky Palate – And please note, how amazingly PERFECT this looks!! Not so much for ours!)

I am on such a recipe kick these days!  Must have been that Thermador event last week!!!  It actually IS because of the Thermador event…I was surrounded by some of the BEST food bloggers in the country, along with some of the BEST cooking appliances in the country…how could I NOT be inspired to do more cooking???  That post is coming soon, very soon….but until I wrap my brain around it all….I just have to share some of the fun I’ve been having. (Feel free to check out the Tomato Jam, Buttermilk Syrup, and Goat Cheese & Strawberry Salad while you’re waiting on that post…you wont be sorry!)

I need to explain though that I’m not a trained culinary chef, nor an expert chef, nor even a semi expert home chef.  Yes, I do still call both my mom and dad (who ARE great cooks) to refresh my memory on many of the basics (How long do I boil an egg??)

BUT, I do have instinct when I cook and I follow instruction well.  In my past life, prior to marriage and prior to kids I cooked a lot, and a lot from scratch, still never an expert, but I enjoyed being in the kitchen.  As the years have gone by I’ve had to simplify.  My cooking days are still flavorful, just not as complicated.  A REALLY good meal comes from a date night out or eating at mom and dads.

But after my Thermador visit, I’ve been inspired again to find simple recipes that let me be the cook I used to enjoy being, in the short amount of time I now have each day.

On top of all that, to be able to incorporate something fun with the kiddos, well that’s just priceless!  And sometimes you have to just do something fun.

This particular recipe doesn’t have a whole lot to do with cooking, but it does with baking…

Don’t you have fond memories of cooking and baking with your family growing up?  Good news is, it doesn’t always need to be perfect, in the end it all tastes the same.  I currently have a baking love affair going with Picky Palate’s site.  Did you see her Ice Cream Cookies we made last week?  Well this week we made her S’more Stuffed Brownies….and we had fun!

Yep, pretty sure Jenny had her graham crackers a little more lined up than ours.

Can you stand this chubby little hand??? I had to include this photo for the little squishy arm alone!

And I couldn’t find the Hershey Bars (later they were found in the back of my SUV, slipped out of the grocery bag and ended up chocolate soup!) But we scrounged around and found more birthday candy in the freezer.  Hayden thought we should use them still wrapped….

1 chocolate kiss for Hayden….1 for the pan…

1 chocolate kiss for Addie…1 for the pan.  I think this ACTUAL kiss made it into the pan after that bite.

Looking gooooooood!

Many hands = less work (isn’t that how the saying goes?  I may have to talk to the author about that…)

Oh Mama!  This looks good!

Here Mama, Addie do it!  Like dis Mama!

See Mama!?  Yum!

No!  We’re not eating chocolate AT ALL!

What you talking about, Mama!??

There’s PLENTY of chocolate in the brownie pan!

(And PLEASE scroll back up to the top to see Jenny’s and then look at ours..HAAAA!)

Can we do it again Mama??

Yeah Mama!  Can we, can we!!!?!?

And see, in the end they look the same (almost).  And they sure tasted good!!!

Be sure to have your glass of milk or Vanilla Ice Cream waiting!

(Image: Picky Palate)

For the recipe and a perfect set of step by step photos, check out Picky Palate.