{Me Time} Viceroy Santa Monica


It has taken me forever to write this post. That silly thing, you know, LIFE, just keeps throwing me little curve balls. But every time I’m about ready to jump out of my one story office window…..I think back to these wonderful 2 days.

They were Blissful.


No stress.

Simply said….PERFECT.

To start at the beginning. Hubs and I had decided that although we’ve done our fair share of traveling with the Little Punks, been on countless planes, & loads of time zones. And even though they all have airline frequent flier numbers and passports, that this summer was going to be all about local love. If we couldn’t drive there within 2 hours, then it was not  going to happen. We wanted chill, calm, stress free. STAYCATIONS here we come!

Then I thought there might be a lot of other families out there that could be thinking the same thing. So I put on my “Sharing Hat” and decided I would blog about all the fun spots we went to, to show you how easy and fun it could be not to get on an airplane this summer.

See, this is my “Sharing Hat”! I love ya so much, I straddle toilets for better photos (of course this picture was only taken to prove my point, nothing actually good to share here…)

Then that thing, LIFE, yeah that, happened.

We took our first trip away to Palm Desert with my husbands WHOLE family (trust me, it’s a lot of people ~ kind of too much for me to have kid duty and camera duty and blog duty, and there was very spotty Internet).

The day after we returned, we dropped the punks with my parents and headed out for a couple days by ourselves at the Viceroy, Santa Monica. HEAVEN.

The week after we returned from that, I took Hayden for a little trip up north (more to come on this later…). Um, a little trip that required 6 hours of driving. Each way. 2 days after the Mother’s Day from Hades.

THEN Hubs and I  decided it would be a good year to take our kids to my family’s lake house. In Canada. For 3o days, at the end of the summer.

Huh?!?!  How did that just happen?? Did we really just do all of this to ourselves?

So as I approach the time when I need to have a bazillion suitcases packed, punks ready for lots of flying and driving, and my sanity in check….I think back to this perfect 2 day trip to the Viceroy, Santa Monica....

Why was it perfect, you ask?

Because it was 2 days and 1 night of no stress and peaceful adult “just us time”.

Because it only required 2 very small overnight bags.

Because it was only an hour drive, and no one asked for a DVD, screamed, or dropped a sippy cup 1 million times along the way.

Because the hotel staff was amazing & couldn’t have been nicer and more attentive.

Because the decor is as refreshing and amazing as their Palm Springs Resort. (And an update is coming to Santa Monica soon too…)

Because we were welcomed with a glass of champagne as we checked in.

Because I learned that they like to think outside of the box and will use ANY AREA of the hotel for your event or function. You are not limited to just the restaurant or special event space. But they certainly are not shabby!

Because we were able to take a leisurely walk along the boardwalk enjoying the amazing beach and pier and all that it had to offer.

Because we ate lunch in comfy wing back chairs that you would think belonged in a formal dining room, but were in fact on an outdoor patio around the pool. And because they served their fries in a lopped of brown paper bag and it was the best idea ever (or at least for serving fries!)

Because they have a fab happy hour “7 Before 7” with the tastiest little treats! The meatballs??….I die!

Because the dinner at Whist was so out.of.this.world we didn’t want it to EVER end.

Because the Chef  uses locally grown organic produce, and shops the local farmers market before planning the menu each week.

Because the bed was soft and firm and smelled so wonderful (crazy I know, but I love the smell of uber clean sheets!) and no one woke us up with teething, nightmares or potty breaks during the night.

Because I woke up at 6:30am and was able to lazily stay in bed reading magazines until 9:30am.

Because the hotel is so wonderfully luxurious, but intimate and comfortable that a food network star and host called it home for a month while he filmed local episodes, and had left the day before we arrived.

Because there was a beach and shops and the new Santa Monica outdoor mall all within easy walking distance so we never had to drive (or fasten a bazillion car seats, 80 bazillion times).

Because I was able to Tweet the restaurant staff for a recommendation for a cocktail and lunch idea, and THEY TWEETED BACK THE PERFECT SUGGESTION!! How fun to be a guest at a hotel and have DIRECT ACCESS to the CHEF and his staff!?!? And I can’t even share a great photo of it, because it was so good WE INHALED it! (In case you are wondering, it WAS the Picnic Chicken Sandwich and Cadillac Margarita).

Because the last time I was there I was 4 months pregnant with Addie, my sister was with me and 5 months pregnant, we had her toddler too and we arrived at 10p straight from LAX. The hotel was in full night time party mode, and yet we were quickly set up in our room with a pack & play, ordered delicious room service and never heard a thing.

Why was it perfect? Because it was EXACTLY what we needed!

Both the Viceroy Palm Springs and Viceroy Santa Monica are true Favorites. I can’t recommend them enough! Be sure to check out the special offers for both resorts! HERE/Santa Monica and HERE/Palm Springs.

{Disclosure: We were very grateful to be guests of the Viceroy.  This post is completely 120% my own opinion, and we would have treated ourselves to this staycation regardless. I encourage you to treat yourselves too!)