The Littles

Where to begin with our babies…

Well, they are affectionately called two names in our house. “The Littles”, which is the nickname given to all the nieces and nephews in our family by my youngest sister, and I think pretty self explanatory. They are also known as our “Punks” which started when Addie was born with flaming red hair. She was our little Punkin’ which of course became, “Hey Lil’ Punks” and so forth and so on. As each of her sisters has been born, they too have miraculously had the same wonderful strawberry blonde coloring. So we now have a house full of “Little Punks!”

There are days that I look at all 3 baby girls and wonder HOW could we be so blessed???

And in the very same moment, I also think WHEN are they coming to commit us? Because in about 2.5 seconds we’re gonna lose our minds!

Then I remember those cute little babes (punks…) and realize life may be nuts-o and crazy, but it’s also one heck of an adventure and I’m so glad I’ve got my little girls and their awesome dad with me to share it all.

Let’s start at the beginning….Addie is our first daughter (March ’08). She is almost 3. Sure to be the fastest human being on this planet either on foot or in the water. You think I’m kidding?? Truly, I’m not. As they say in Forrest Gump, “From that moment on (she) was running….” And she is FAST! I really don’t think she knows how to walk.  Nor that she is not a fish. By 2 1/2 she was jumping off the diving board and swimming laps with her mom. Addie loves to be a big sister, she is SUPER excited about all things that she discovers. Trying to figure out the world, and love everyone along the way.  Our little girlie-girl dressed to the nines in mama’s shoes & makeup, and a princess dress while playing with trucks and swinging a light saber.  Addie is most certainly her Daddy’s daughter. Athletic and bound to rule, well…everything.

Next up is sweet Hayden, our little Hay-Hay (February ’09).  At almost 2, our second daughter has freckles that will melt your heart, pig tails that will make your cheeks hurt from smiling, and the sweetest little disposition. (Although, I wouldn’t suggest crossing her…just sayin’).  Hay wants to be a helper soooo badly! It’s easy to be quick to tell her no, but when you stop to watch, you realize, she’s not casually throwing diapers out of the drawer you just put them in, she is systematically moving and stacking them into the closet in little neat piles. At almost 2 she can put a puzzle together faster than you can say Peanut Butter & Jelly. This one’s got her mama in her. Everything has its place, and she’s gonna to put it there! My little organizer, making mama proud!

And then there’s little Piper (March ’10). The happiest kid on the block. No book needed, she just is. I’m sure a lot of that comes from being the third and having to go with the flow 24 x 7, but she does it in spades. Always a smile on her face, always a snuggle to give, always a giggle to squeeze out of her, always a loving fascination with her sisters. Piper is just perfectly Piper. Most that spend a few hours with her usually ask in fascination “Is she always this happy/content/sweet??” The answer is yes!  God knew we need one that was calm!!

There you have it…The Littles!

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